Instagram Stories Turn Over New Leaf

Instagram, the numero uno photo sharing social network launched their unique story-telling feature, titled Instagram Stories. The purpose was simple: allowing the user to tell a story through the use of photos and videos. You could tell the story of your dating phase to marriage or from college life to a thoroughbred professional. Needless to say, the favourable response from users across the globe has turned Instagram ambitious about this feature.

Instagram Stories Ads

Now, Instagram is thinking of making some money from Stories. It is already generating 150 million users daily. Moreover, brands and businesses are using Stories to tell stories about their business, products and services.

With ad features and business insights, Stories will turn over a new leaf this New Year. Full-screen ads will appear on Stories in spans of 15 seconds. The format is likely to be sound-on video. Giant brands like Qantas, Maybelline and Netflix have teamed up with Instagram to try out this new ad feature.

Brands will be able to measure the audience reach through in-built features. Instagram Business Tools will help brands quantify their importance on Instagram. You can measure reach, impressions and exits of users on this social networking site.

Thanks to these measuring and quantifying tools, brands and businesses will figure out which type of content and ad sticks on for their users and which don’t. They will be able to create more user-friendly and effective content this way.

In the next few weeks, this feature of Instagram Stories will roll out in phases. If you are already looking to pump up ad revenue through social networks, especially Instagram, now is your chance to explore new opportunities.

Start off your plans today so that you can quickly get into the flow once the feature rolls out completely. After all, first movers always have an advantage in the social networking scenario.


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