Interview with our ex-student Kanchan Mitra

Kanchan Mitra - Student of Seven Boats Digital Marketing AcademyKanchan Mitra – Presently an entrepreneur involved in developing business in the Private Franchising Industry. Involved in developing Business Leaders in the industry, with the help of an International Entrepreneur Developing Organization , which trains Professionals Globally ,to develop Businesses based on the Private Franchising Model,through a System of Books, Education CDs, Seminars & Mentor-ship Programme

Q1.Hi Kanchan! Hope you are enjoying life as a Digital Marketing entrepreneur. How does it feel like being trained in Digital Marketing from Seven Boats?

As you would know that prior to my stint at Digital Marketing, I was working as a Banking professional, and had the opportunity to serve both Private Sector as well as Public Sector Banks for more than 14 Years. Following this, I decided to take up Digital Marketing. Have chosen Digital Marketing, I am absolutely sure that this is the Right Profession to be in especially considering the future. The fact that I was trained and continue to trained at Seven Boats, I know for certain that this is best thing, particularly given their immense knowledge and experience in the field. So I have thoroughly enjoyed myself, as a Digital Marketing entrepreneur, following my training from the very best in the industry.


Q2. Share what all Digital Marketing activities you are doing currently as a self starter?
Following the completion of my training and certification from Seven Boats, I approached them for giving me a practical exposure to the field. I was very happy to note that in spite of having such a high repute in Digital Marketing, without any hesitation, they assigned me with several content writing works for their top projects. I also gathered that a practical insight into the field which is extremely essential. Knowing full well that Seven Boats has many big Digital Marketing projects, I requested them to give me an opportunity to work on live projects. They most willingly obliged. I am presently engaged in various Digital Marketing Projects through them and working on both the on page and off page fronts and also engaged Web and Blog Content writing.

Q3. Truly you are a role model for our new students! Any suggestion for them regarding how to approach companies with your acquired knowledge? Or, for that matter how to start something of their own?
Though I am very new to this field, it is a true privilege for me to be given such a high regard by a company who are undoubtedly leaders in their field. From whatever little knowledge I have gathered, a humble suggestion to any new student would be to be in close touch with the Seven Boats Team, at all times, even after completion of the course. The reason is that “Digital Marketing” is very dynamic, and the Seven Boats Team is always updated on the latest trends and best people to guide you.

If one is looking to something of one’s own, then my observation has been that, very few are aware of the tremendous potential of Digital Marketing. Surprisingly, this even includes people from the IT background, thus there is a great scope for work in the field. If one is able to communicate this in the market, then sky is the limit. I am very confident that with the high level of training imparted at Seven Boats the student would definitely be properly equipped to deliver the results.

Q4.How’s life after doing our course buddy? What all responsibilities are you handling now?
As mentioned in my reply to the above question, life has been very exciting after the course. I am writing Blog and web content for the Projects of Seven Boats and also engaged in Digital Marketing jobs for them. I have also been approaching potential clients who are looking for Digital Marketing. Everything put together it’s indeed been GREAT!

Q5. How big your current initiative is? Inspire our students with your golden words.
With the high standard of the Digital Marketing Training imparted by Seven Boats, any one who absorbs it can be the very best in the Industry. Besides “ Digital Marketing” is the New Profession to be in, especially in India since it is at it’s very initial stage. So be in the Best Profession with the Best trainers in the Industry and have a flying career.

Q6. Great! We are glad to have initiated you on this path. Why have you not chosen any other field, by the way?
I was into Banking and Finance for more than 14 long years. Having switched to Digital Marketing, I know that I have made the right choice, because it offers immense potential. I also take this opportunity to deeply thank Seven Boats for kick starting me in this profession. Also for providing the right platform.

Q7. We expect you will give some rating of our Digital Marketing training. What’s that?
To be honest I would give rating of 5 out 5. I am totally satisfied with the Digital Marketing training provided by Seven Boats and recommend the same to anyone who is earnestly looking to excel in this new career.

Q8. Thank you so much! It feels really great to have you as our alumni. Before you sign off, any note for your juniors?
As already mentioned earlier if one is looking to start one’s career, or wanting to make a shift in one;s career, Digital Marketing is the Profession for the future! So why not be trained from the very Best in the Industry -Seven Boats!

February 11, 2016

4 responses on "Interview with our ex-student Kanchan Mitra"

  1. Avatar of Prayami Saha

    inspirationa and very motivated by this interview..

  2. Avatar of Prayami Saha

    inspirational and very motivated by this interview..

  3. Avatar of Kanchan Mitra

    Thank You ! I really hope that it Helps anyone who is looking to really grow in Digital Marketing

  4. Avatar of Debajyoti Banerjee

    @kanchanmitra – Thank you for sharing your experience. If you need any assistance, feel free to contact us. @prayami – Glad that you find it inspirational. Carry on with learning the course well.

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