Interview with our student Arnab Ray

arnab ray - digital marketing student at Seven Boats Arnab Ray -Owner, Founder of Avighna Property Solutions

Q1.Hi Arnab! Hope you are enjoying life as a Digital Marketing Professional. How does it feel like being trained in Digital Marketing from Seven Boats?

Ans1: It feels really great after completing the training from 7boats. Real life practical experience and faculty from experienced digital marketer makes the whole training part very interesting and enjoyable. All the concepts of Digital marketing got cleared after the in-depth knowledge sharing by the faculties.

Q2. Share what all Digital Marketing activities you are doing currently as a Digital Marketer?

Ans2: Currently I am doing various digital marketing activities for the website – Digital Marketing includes activities like SEO, SMM, Classified ad postings, SMS marketing, Email marketing, Blogs writing etc.

Q3. Truly you are a role model for our new students! Any suggestion for them regarding how to approach companies with your acquired knowledge? Or, for that matter how to start something of their own?

Ans3: First thing should be one must posses learn-ability. Before starting own venture or working for any company, judge and value self what and how much am I going to give.

Q4. How’s life after doing our course buddy? What all responsibilities are you handling now?

Ans4: It is really good after the training from 7boats. As a marketing and tech guy, became confident in different aspect.

Q5. How big your current initiative is? Inspire our students with your golden words.

Ans5: The picture behind the mind should be huge and start with a small. Not to show off any thing to anyone.

Q6. Great! We are glad to have initiated you on this path. Why have you not chosen any other field, by the way?

Ans6: The world has become digital. More digital storms are yet to come. There will be one day in future when no one has to go to office and work, no requirement to go for shopping or paying bills etc. This is the time to enter into digital world.

Q7. We expect you will give some rating of our Digital Marketing Training. What’s that?
Ans7: If anyone wants to learn digital marketing practically, 7boats is the place. I would give a rating of 8.5 out of 10.

Q8. Thank you so much! It feels really great to have you as our alumni. Before you sign off, any note for your juniors?
Ans8: Forget about the outcome of the course, forget about the certificate. When you enter 7boats, just learn and learn. This is the place of learning.

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