Interview with our student Litesh Singh

litesh-singh - Student at Seven Boats Academy

Litesh Singh – Litesh is the Founder and CEO at Webizzoo – a trusted website design and development company in Kolkata.

Q1.Hi Litesh! Hope you are enjoying life as a Digital Marketing Professional. How does it feel like being trained in Digital Marketing from Seven Boats?

I have been in to web services for 5 years now. Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug since the start of my career. It’s been a year i started my web development agency. The main impulsion behind joining Digital Marketing training program from Seven Boats was to accelerate my business and to achieve a sustainable growth. Being trained from Seven Boats i now feel more confident about my digital capabilities. To be able to apply all the skills I’ve learned and implement it into all my projects and even on my own website makes me feel very optimistic. This has also allowed me to win more business and expand the range of services that I offer.

Q2. Share what all Digital Marketing activities you are doing currently as a Digital Marketer?

Just after few initial classes i was able learn about the mistakes and fix them which I did while marketing my services. I already had clients asking me to help them with their online presence and marketing their websites, so I’m now able to serve those clients. I’m currently working with few startups on their digital marketing strategies. And off course, a personal blog coming soon.. 😉

Q3. Truly you are a role model for our new students! Any suggestion for them regarding how to approach companies with your acquired knowledge? Or, for that matter how to start something of their own?

Firstly I would say don’t be just depended on the tools you learn. Digital marketing is more about your creativity, how you strategize and implement the tools and skills you learned.
Secondly keep yourself updated, research as much as you can and read as much as can, make some time and work for yourself-like write a blog or work on some freelancing projects.
And lastly a blog for yourself is a must, it help you sharing your thoughts and more over no best place for experimentation.

Q4. How’s life after doing our course buddy? What all responsibilities are you handling now?

Ohh, A lot of things changed after the course. I can now brag about my even better marketing skills. My associates are now looking at me for the expert opinion on digital marketing and enhancing their online presence. I’m now more exposed to the full compass of opportunities of digital marketing – and in particular the opportunities that exist for my business. I have now proper plan growth of my own business. And off course acquiring new skills makes me feel more confident.

Q5. How big your current initiative is? Inspire our students with your golden words.
Being trained from seven boats, i already have an edge over any other professionals due to the high standards of the training imparted from well experienced trainer. I’m currently using all my digital marketing skills learned in updating and marketing my website. As I said earlier I have a blog coming soon which is also taking a bit of my time. Lastly trying to squeeze a bit my time into a ecommerce startup.

Q6. Great! We are glad to have initiated you on this path. Why have you not chosen any other field, by the way?
Being in the business of Website development services I had to be in the field. To be more competitive and equipped with ever-changing nature of the business it was best for me to be trained in Digital marketing. Also with thousands of businesses coming online every day and with the affluence of the ecommerce and other online startups, I could see a huge place for me in the digital marekting spectrum.

Q7. We expect you will give some rating of our Digital Marketing Training. What’s that?
5stars is lot less I can rate.. Being very to close to digital marketing environment for a long time I already access to any other trainers or Digital Marketing academy in the city. The major advantage that any student of 7boats have are the trainers, along with plenty of experience they are also current industry professionals which makes them well informed and updated with all the trends and practices of present digital marketing scene, which is very hard to find any other training academy. Also the exposure to their on-going projects makes the students of the 7boats academy ready compete with any other digital marketing professionals. I would strongly recommend 7boats to anyone who wants a career in digital marketing.

Q8. Thank you so much! It feels really great to have you as our alumni. Before you sign off, any note for your juniors?
If you’re looking to make a career in the digital marketing industry, there’s no better time than now and no better place than seven boats academy. The industry being both fast growing and incredibly competitive It’s very important to be on top of industry news and all major digital marketing trends. Also its very important to work for yourself and try out ideas, as it enables you to test your theories and try out your hand at multiple channels (SEO, PPC, Social Media etc.).

November 26, 2022

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