LinkedIn Eyes Revenue from Autoplay Videos


Some time back, you had read on this blog about LinkedIn, the numero uno professional networking platform, introducing LinkedIn videos to its page for users. As a result, anyone could upload a video resume or a self-pitch video for potential recruiters. This move by LinkedIn played out beautifully with more users taking advantage of this feature.

In fact, videos on this platform became so popular that stats showed them to be shared about 20 times more than a text piece. This is clearly the most popular content format on this platform. Microsoft, who owns LinkedIn, does not want to squander away this advantage. To cash in on this model, they are launching the new feature of autoplay videos that advertisers can use.

Anyone on other social networks like Facebook or YouTube knows that autoplay videos start off on mute mode. Unless you stop it manually, it keeps playing till the end. Advertisers expect the marketing message to be noticed before a user can hit the pause button. Interested users, of course, can wilfully watch the entire video, by opting for the sound mode. This format of advertising is very popular today.

LinkedIn expects the popularity of its own video feature to be an indicator that this autoplay video model can be gold for advertising revenue. As of now, it relies on recruiting subscriptions and other premium features to generate earnings. When these video spots sell and more advertisers come onboard, their revenues will hike up.

Initially, the feature will be available for a select group of advertisers before throwing it open for everyone. Advertisers can develop their ad campaigns and upload them on this feature segment. Advertisers can also use their existing campaign material to run on LinkedIn as well.

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