LinkedIn Working on New Hiring Tool: Talent Insights

LinkedIn new hiring tool

Hiring for your company can be quite a task. You want to attract the best available talent to your company and then choose from the options on your desk. However, you cannot do so because you don’t really know the sources of the kind of talent you need. It may also be the case that there are some pre-conceived notions about your company that is discouraging candidates from applying for a position in your company.

The picture is hazy on both sides of the coin: from the employer’s as well as candidate’s perspective.

This picture is going to change when LinkedIn launches its new hiring tool called Talent Insights. The idea behind this new tool is quite simple: make it possible for an employer to pick from the best available talent pool. Its second function is to hold up a mirror to you to find out what potential candidates are thinking about your company and the job openings you are offering.

As you can understand, LinkedIn is the leading professional networking platform with more than 500 million members and about 11 million job listings, growing every second. It is in a unique position to develop a tool that will cut through the barriers that are hindering you from hiring the best talent. With its access to a talent pool across the geographical and professional spectrum, it can throw up lists of candidates that are best suited for your job opening.

LinkedIn will offer data in a user friendly format that will help you make an informed decision about hiring talent. Among other functions of Talent Insights, you also get to see the various schools which are producing the kind of talent you need!
This is surely a tool that will empower employers across the globe.

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