No Ads for YouTube Channels under 10k Views

YouTubers Will No Longer Make Money Until They Hit 10,000 Lifetime Views

As you know, YouTube video marketing is the future of digital marketing. Most brands are working tirelessly on tapping this medium and no one knows this better than the parent of YouTube, Google.

Recently, it has decided to disallow ads for dubious YouTube channels which have less than 10k views. There are so many channels on this video sharing platform which plagiarize content and earn ad revenues, depriving the bona fide video channels off their revenue share. Google has pulled the plug on such methods of exploiting the medium.

In the recent past, there is another alarming trend that has forced the hand of Google. Top brands have pulled out ads from Google because they found that their ads were appearing with videos with questionable content.

Such ad displays fiddles badly with the brand value of advertisers. They don’t want to have any truck with such dubious YouTube channels and objectionable content. Google wants to protect brands from this ludicrous position and in turn, protect its own earnings from ads.

Before this new directive came up, it was quite easy for ads to get displayed on YouTube. Any video channel could have ads and that has led to this problem. The 10k threshold is designed to ensure that ads appear only on popular video channels.

Google is assuming that channels with more than 10k views will not have any questionable or plagiarized content. Whether it stems big brands from pulling out of Google ads will remain to be seen but this is definitely a step in the right direction.

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April 16, 2017

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