Podcasts taking Control over Blogosphere


The thumb rule of digital marketing, as I have discovered in my years in this field, is that you have to be where your customers are.

It is the customer who sets the trends that you follow. There are times, yes, when you show your customers the way by attracting them something that was not in their path initially. But those are few and far in between. More often than not, you have to change your plans to accommodate the customers.

The story of podcasts taking over blogosphere is the same. There was a time when blogs were exceedingly popular and a chief marketing tool. Guest blog posts were also quite fashionable in those days. With changing times, the concept of blogging gave way to Web 2.0 blogs. Now podcasts are set to wrestle control of the internet.

Why podcasts?

Podcasts are easier for the customers to consume. They can watch podcasts on the go, especially when there is scarcity of time at every level. Blogs take time to read and a little more to digest. Podcasts are better capsuled for instant gratification, something that quickly sticks and stays, when you hurl it against the wall. Digital marketers have to realize the power of podcasts in order to make them handy tools, just as they did with blogs once upon a time.

Blogs aren’t really passé yet, as you might be tempted to believe. But Google Trends, the metric that shows what is hot online, show a clear inclination of searchers toward podcasts instead of blogs. There are more searches for podcasts as well.

It’s time to for digital marketers to think about this new monster in the room. Otherwise they may be playing catch up till a new trend emerges. 

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