The New Website Retargeting & Pin Engagement by Pinterest


Pinterest entered the world of visitor retargeting in June this year. Advertisers can now retarget the users who already engaged with this social sharing site with saved and clicked pins. The advertisers on this social network can create an audience group based on their previous actions on the site, including their pins. Check out the steps to effective retargeting of users on Pinterest.

Create Engagement Audience on Pinterest:

The major five actions that the advertisers can take for audience retargeting include,

  2. Clicks
  3. Saves
  4. Closeups

The advertiser can target special interest of an audience on a specific Pin that links him to his website. This targets people who are already engaged with a specific Pin and keeps hope alive about convincing him to convert.

Creating a fresh action-based campaign for targeting users who have already saved your Pins and then connecting him with that campaign is the idea. People who have already clicked on a Pin have a 4.4 times bigger chance of taking action on that Pin later. There is no doubt that retargeting lights hope about the future of online marketing.

The Visitor Audience:

In August this year Pinterest launched a new tag, adding which to your site can track nine particular actions of users on the site. Page visits, signup, add to cart are among the actions of users that you can track after adding the tag to your site.

The process is on for adding a method for retargeting recently visited users of Pinterest. People visiting certain pages of the site like, confirmation page, checkout, etc. An user browsing for a particular category on the site, or making a purchase of a specific amount makes it easier to find out relevant Promoted Pins for them.

So, what do you say about this new retargeting process? Does it make sense? Feel free to let us know.

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