The New Ranking Parameter of Facebook Video

Check into your Facebook page once before reading this post. How many videos do you see? Now make a mental recall on how many videos on this platform you found even 6 months back. Hasn’t the number shot up drastically in these last few months? The organic search methods are on the wane today and videos are the new marketing tools. Facebook videos are at the very top of the heap when it comes to content marketing trends of 2017.

More brands are uploading videos on Facebook so there has to be a ranking parameter to ensure that the best video comes up on the search results. As with everything else, Facebook gives a clear thumbs-up to videos that rule on the user engagement quotient. The foremost among these parameters is the number of complete views registered by a video. If a video has been watched in full or most of it, it is granted that the user has enjoyed watching the video. That is a clear indicator about the user engagement of a video.

Till date, the ranking parameters for Facebook videos were different. They included data like number of likes, comments and shares. Videos were also rated on stats like if the sound was on while watching it or it was watched in full screen mode. These were definite indications about the engagement. However, today, there are so many videos vying for attention, not just on Facebook, users need to have the best on their screens. The new ranking parameter, percent completion, is surely a step in the desired direction.

This is also a lesson for digital marketers: if your video is not engaging enough, you might as well not put it up! The length of the video, remarkably, does not matter anymore! Shorter or longer, it must be watched in full or as close to the end as possible. Check out your completion rates and rethink of videos that do not pass this litmus test.   

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