A Travel to The Search History with “Your Timeline” on iOS

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Google has brought “Your Timeline” for the Google Maps of the unmindful iPhone users. This particular feature allows users to retrace the places they have been and things they have done. “Your Timeline” can be accessed from the main navigation menu on the left. This facility, previously available only to the Android users, can now be useful for the iPhone users too, provided they carry their mobile along. So, this helps you find out the restaurant that served you delicious Pecan Pie on your last visit. There is no need to wreck your brain over the name of it, if you fail to remember.

Added Features:

Customization: Google introduces a few features to the new iOS “Your Timeline” for better usability on the customer’s end. A user enjoys the liberty to change or customize information if any inaccuracy is found. Moreover, they can delete dates, date ranges or an entire timeline depending on necessity or for cleansing timeline.

Place card for Timeline Info: Bringing up a place card on the device will help a user seeing information about a place you have visited previously.

Monthly Recaps: Google will send you monthly report of the “Your Timeline” usage on your device. After every 30 days, it will send the iOS users, a recapitulation document about every city, state or country that the user has been in the last 30 days.

In order to get the “Your Timeline” and start using it, you need to update the Google Maps app on your iPhone and start using it.

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