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Adobe Photoshop CC Training Course in Kolkata, Graphic Designing Training, Web Design Training

Adobe Photoshop CC Training Course in Kolkata, Graphic Designing Training in Kolkata, Web Design Training in Kolkata. Learn graphics designing and become expert web designer today.

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most interesting software to learn, which is world’s number one image-editing software in today’s date. You can convert your imagination into graphics, the way you want, be it professionally or in person as per your choice and requirements. This course shall prove to be an added advantage to your career, if you are an artist, painter or if you have a better knack of creativity or have a creative sense within yourself or even if you have a better sense of colour and colour-combination.

Even if you don’t possess any creative sense, your interest, determination and dedication can make you a “creative person” and on the process, you can come across “great ideas” which you can implement in your career.

After successful completion of this course, you can be a good Graphic Designer and can get into Advertising Industry, Media or any Creative Agency.


This course consists of 20-Sections to be covered in a span of 3-6 months course duration. (Check Module & Unit Details as given below)

Adobe Photoshop Course Module

Course Type: Graphic / Web Designing Course

Course Duration: 3 Months or 6 Months

Schedule: Weekly 2 (for 6 months course) or weekly 3 (for 3 months course)

Class Timing: 2 -2.5 hours practical class)

Sections covered

  1. About Adobe Photoshop & it’s use.

  2. Basic tools

  3. Advanced tools

  4. Navigation & Customization

  5. Layer concept

  6. Canvas/ Image Selection, Cropping & Rotation

  7. Dimension, Resolution & Pixel

  8. Aesthetic sense, Visualization & Colour combination

  9. Image Selection, Sizing, Cutting & Editing

  10. Letter-type, Font Selection, Paragraph & Alignments

  11. Masking

  12. Usage of Brushes & Shapes

  13. Drawing & sketching

  14. Digital Art creation

  15. Cloning, touching & re-touching

  16. Super-imposition

  17. Synchronization of Text & Graphics

  18. Implementation on Web & Print Graphics

  19. File Extension, File Size, Crunching, Compatibility & QC

  20. Getting into Profession: Creative Artwork Demonstration


Web Design Course Objective

In this Adobe Photoshop course / graphic designing course, learn about all the tools, features and functionality of the adobe Photoshop CC for designing, editing, simulation & Manipulation.

Graphic Designing Course Outline

  • Introduction to Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Photo Corrections & improvisation / manipulation
  • Photoshop Typography
  • Design art-work in Adobe Photoshop
  • Digital Painting.
  • Matte painting and compositing
  • Prepare files for Web & Print.
  • 3D Images & Animation
  • Color Control

Graphic & Web Designing Course Breakdown

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop CC

  • Photoshop tools
  • Panels and work space
  • Layers- Layer styles, Layer effects and Adjustment layers
  • Selections- Quick selections and Selection Manipulation
  • Masks
  • Channels
  • Window Options

Basic Photo Correction and Editing

  • Resolutions and Image Size
  • Photo Retouching
  • Camera Raw
  • Image distortion
  • Image color Correction
  • Depth of Field


  • Creating Clipping mask from type
  • Creating type on a path
  • Warping point type
  • Designing Paragraphs of type

Creative art-work with Adobe Photoshop

  • Bitmap and Vector Images
  • Use of Pen tool
  • The use of Path with artwork
  • Working with custom shapes and smart objects

Digital Painting

  • The use of Mixer Brush
  • Brush settings
  • Use of Custom Brush Preset
  • Mixing Colors with Photographs

Matte painting and compositing

  • Montage of Images
  • How to apply Filters and Smart Filters
  • Use of Color Schemes
  • Use of Drop Shadows and Border

Preparing files for Web/Print.

  • Exporting HTML and Images
  • Web Gallery Creation
  • Creating Slices

3D Images & Animation

  • Creating 3D shape from Layers
  • 3D Object editing
  • Merging 3D Layers
  • Positioning of 3D layers in a Scene
  • Lighting a 3D scene
  • Rendering a 3D scene
  • Creating effects
  • Adding transitions
  • Animating text with keyframes

Color Management, File formats and workflow

  • Color Management
  • Gamut colors
  • CMYK EPS Files

Module J

Work on premiere pro, videoscribe, iclone. Blender basic

After completing the photoshop course, students can be able to do the following things –

  • Image Editing and Enhancement
  • Photo manipulation
  • Logos and brand identity design
  • Graphic design
  • Web design
  • UI/UX design
  • GIF Animations
  • Social Posts, banners, Memes
  • Print stationary designs

Software Used

  • ADOBE Photoshop CC

Career Options after Graphic Designing Course

After successful completion of the course, students can work as –

  • Graphic Designers
  • Graphic Teachers
  • Photo Editors with Print, Media or Fashion companies
  • Compositing Editor
  • Industrial Designers
  • Web Designers
  • Fine art Photographers

A few sample artworks

If you want to learn Graphics Design plus Web development training to become an expert web developer, you can opt for our combined course. For details, contact us.