What to Consider about Google Update in March, 2019

The entire digital marketing sector is in teeters when Google announces its updates! This is primarily because SEO still plays a central role in digital marketing, especially for the small and mid level companies or brands. In the last month, March 2019, Google has come up with another update and this has to do with content primarily. In this post, you can get a quick glimpse of what to consider about the Google Update with respect to your website or blog’s content.

Key Pointers of Google Update of March 2019

Firstly, the trick employed by most content publishers in the last year and a half was to break up a low or non performing website into multiple smaller websites. Then these smaller units were launched again with change in domain names but similar content. With the Google update of March 2019, this kind of content remodeling will not get you benefits. In fact, you may be hardly hit if you don’t tweak your ways.

Secondly, the Google update hit hard the websites which have poorly updated content. Even if your content has worked better than what you expected in the days gone by, you need to update them regularly. Without these regular updates to provide meaningful content, Google’s latest update will have a strong impact. The impact of the update on such websites was telling.

The third point borrows from the second one: if your content has a regular schedule of publishing fresh content, your website will perform better against the March 2019 update of Google. The rationale behind this thinking is that users show more interest in reading websites or blogs which are regularly publishing content. As a result, Google shows more respect to these websites which help improve user experience, a key factor that dictates everything done by the search engine giant.

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