YouTube Knocking Off Spam Subscribers


Yes, you read that right! YouTube has started knocking off spam accounts from the 13 or 14th of December last year. As a result, many YouTube channels may find that their number of subscribers have shot down substantially. There is little to worry about this anyway, because these spam subscribers were not adding any value to the YouTube channels they were attached with, neither were they engaging in any sort of value exchange.

The reason for YouTube to take this step is exactly that: they want the YouTube channel owners to understand what the actual subscriber base of their channels is. With inflated number of subscribers made up of spam accounts, the clear picture was never going to emerge. There are some digital marketers to blame as well. They inflate numbers of YouTube subscribers to particular channels because of the theory that more brings even more. People subscribe to YouTube channels which already has a large chunk of subscribers. To make that visual cue possible, spam accounts are created and added as subscribers. Now YouTube is cutting that pie out of the picture.

There are times when a particular YouTube channel has not actively added spam accounts to inflate numbers but have picked them up along the way for whatever reasons. The most obvious among them was stated by the YouTube press release itself: spam services add several competitive channels to the mix in addition to the channel paying for their spamming work. So, competitive channels get the spam accounts in their subscriber base as a sort of collateral damage.

YouTube has assured that the other metrics like watch time will be unaffected because these spam accounts were not engaging with the channel in any manner. If spam subscribers are removed from your channel, you will find notifications under Classic Creator Studio or YouTube Studio. However, if your subscriber count falls below 1000 after this purge, according to the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) rules, your channel will be knocked off the program.

It’s time to get some real YouTube subscribers now, for those who played the spammy game till this date. 

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