All Types of Content May Not Yield Same Results


It is too much of an expectation to demand similar results from all sorts of content. Different verticals can have their own standards. Every individual of it can offer realistic results over a period of time. An infographic on tax law can be informative, yet it cannot attract a higher amount of attention than a video on BuzzFeed Tasty. It’s important to have realistic goals about the kind of content of a particular niche can have.

After researching on hundreds of verticals, experienced marketers have finally been able to figure out what to be expected from content marketing for a particular vertical. Brands follow the same over a period of time. The results are acquired based on available data collected from clients of every individual industry. There is no specific benchmark and mileage might vary over different verticals.

Number of social media shares for every project, placement, content characteristics such as, formatting and type of visual assets are all deciding factors of how well a content marketing campaign performs. ‘Placement’ refers to every individual time when the campaign of that brand is mentioned on an online platform. The term also includes links of cocitation, dofollow, text attribution, nofollow, etc. Content on certain verticals like Health & Fitness always outperforms to cross the usual benchmark. Niche verticals like automotive campaigns often manage to attract lesser number of social shares or placements.

What performs the best?

In search of the right tactics to project content in the perfect manner that can draw the attention of many more readers and social media users, we narrowed down the list of industries to focus on only a handful of them. Just check out the strategies that worked for them.

Health & Fitness: Content related to this genre often carry images of stark difference placed side by side. Such images convey a million messages that there is no need to have a look back on data and statistics. For example, the images of beauty pageant winners of the twentieth century and that of the last decade help people understand the difference in overall change that has occurred in the criteria to be judged beautiful. On the other side, such images also focus on the diversity of contestants and changing couture prevalent in such contests.

Drugs/ Alcohol: Controversial and emotional issues tend to attract people 2.2 times more, while such issues strike a conversation in around 1.4 times more cases than usual. Visualisation of the reader is one way of communication in discussing such controversies that both the publisher and writer depend on to explain complex concepts. Usually, there is no need for a huge amount of data in such cases.

Travel: This is one social behavior that naturally brings groups closer to involve more and more people in the discussion. A travel related post is never complete without the perfect image. Campaigns, data help sharing such content on social media 30% more than posts of any other vertical.

What can make other verticals perform better?

Industries in which, expectations are too low can also focus on effective content marketing through focus on workable strategies.

  • Automotive: Data from social network is one element that works wonder in this case.
  • Finance/ Business: Ranks of finance campaigns attract more readers to be involved in discussions related to this vertical.
  • Education: Interactive features are the most luring elements to strike a discussion on this topic.
  • Fashion: Problem-solution discussion matters are the most effective in this case.
  • Pets: Social aspects of pet ownership, high performance data, information related to differences in characteristics of popular dog breeds make more people consider about pet related content.
  • Home & Garden:  The content should be focused to the right strain of plants and prevalent style of decoration to work with.
  • Crime, Safety, Politics: No extra effort is required in case of promoting content on these verticals provided you exploit your available social media platform effectively.
  • Relationship/Sex: Scandal piques interest quite easily. Data available on social media is enough to strike a discussion after effective placement and share of content.

If you have effective suggestions about striking conversation about content on certain verticals, feel free to share them with us. 

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