Facebook Native Videos Vs. YouTube Videos

facebook video vs youtube video

According to latest researches, native videos on Facebook are shared and commented on more than any other video format like the ones on YouTube or any other site. Quintly, the social analytics provider analyzed around 167,000 Facebook profiles and 6.2 million posts between July 1st and December 31st in 2016. The analytics provider browsed through the pages with less than 1,000 followers and also the ones having over 10 million followers. Check out what they found out.

Dominance of Facebook Native Videos:

Facebook videos, surprisingly are dominating not only its own platform but on 90 percent of all profiles that Quintly browsed through, while YouTube videos managed to land on only 30% of them. So Facebook native videos beat YouTube videos by a clear 3x.

Facebook vs. YouTube Video

The number of YouTube video share on Facebook has declined by 5.83% from the number of share on the first half of 2016. Figures show that Facebook is a clear winner as its native videos accounted for almost 84.50% of all videos on Facebook, which is over 5 million posts while YouTube accounted for only 10.22%, which is just above 600,000 posts.

Better Engagement of Facebook Native Videos

The Quintly team compared Facebook native videos with YouTube ones to find out which format actually attracts maximum engagement. Facebook turned out to be the clear winner.

Even on the scale of engagement, (comprising factors like reactions, comments, shares) of Facebook videos turned out to be 109 percent higher in comparison with YouTube videos. Facebook native videos are shared 4.5 times more frequently compared to YouTube videos.

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