Facebook Search Ads begin Journey

Facebook Search Ads

Google search ads have serious competition now. 

Facebook Search Ads started rolling out in North America & Canada

Facebook search ads have begun operating in a small way. The launch has taken off in the North America circuit for a select number of businesses in the retail, automotive and e-commerce category. When things start to fall into place and creases are smoothed over, this launch will fan out over larger areas. As of now, the businesses that opt for Facebook search ads will be visible to the users of Canada and USA

Business owners have to make a choice now: will they be paying for ads on Google or Facebook. Though brands with deep pockets may choose both, many startups or small enterprises will have to make a choice. By studying the market dynamics of both Google and Facebook, they will have to pick one. The point of difference is that Facebook search ads don’t allow you to customize your ads for certain keywords, like you could do with Google search ads. 

Let’s now look at how you can opt for Facebook search ads when it comes to territories relevant to your business. To create an ad campaign on Facebook, you have to go to Facebook Ads Manager and select ‘ Search Results’ as an option for placing your ads. The search ads have to be a sort of additional placement along with news feed ads. You have to opt for both or nothing. 

The content of the ad in the search results needs to be similar to that of the ads for news feeds. It can have a headline, a body text and an image. The ads will come with the word ‘Sponsored’ written clearly on the copy. The ads will appear for both the main search function of Facebook and Facebook Marketplace. If you are already interested in this development, you should start thinking of how to use this better when it finally comes to you.  

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