The Consolidation of Google’s Ad World

Google rebranding its adwords and doubleclick

Google is consolidating its world of ads to make it easier for small businesses to take advantage of its entire ad platform. Due to this amalgamation, enterprise level advertisers will also stand to gain immensely. What are the changes happening to this effect? Let’s find out!

For starters, Google AdWords is being rebranded as Google Ads. All of the advertising products that it owns will be stitched into the fabric of Google Ad Manager and Google Marketing Platform. What this would mean for advertisers is that they can leverage the benefit of better technology in understanding the mind of their targeted audience through artificial intelligence and forecasting.

There are additional steps being taken to woo small businesses so that they get online more often, especially the owners of brick and mortar stores. Through a campaign titled Smart Campaigns, Google will help them advertise their products and services across online platforms through content including videos and searches. Potential customers can call up, buy online or simply walk down to the physical store for their purchase.

This will help businesses to go beyond the potential of the search box. The ad word or the marketing message will be spread out over a wider net online, casting its shadow over a wider network of consumers, something that business owners will love to have.

Google Ad Manager will also see a revamp in the process. Its new features will include providing intelligence of advertising inventories and offering algorithms that will suggest potential growth opportunities for businesses. It will also integrate the data collated through an overview of Google Analytics, BigQuery Data and Data Studio.

This is a step in the right direction for Google. The purpose is clear: it wants to expand its market to include businesses that were outside its orbit. Businesses can gain a lot through this association as well.   

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