Facebook will Penalize Engagement Baiting


How often have you found posts on Facebook asking you to ‘like’ or ‘share’ a particular post or even an external link?

The number of ‘like’ and ‘share’ on a Facebook post is the validation of its popularity. While regular users of Facebook often get likes and shares on their status updates and pictures, digital marketers using this social media platform often end up playing hardball in the engagement game. As a result, they end up directly asking other users to ‘like’ or ‘share’ posts to increase its popularity forcibly. Facebook is not okay with this.

In the next few weeks, the social media giant will take steps to penalize these posts that bait engagement from regular users through dubious means. Facebook wants to promote regular, healthy conversations among its users. It does not want digital marketers and online brands to abuse its popularity as the world’s best online zone for billions across the globe.

So, if your posts as a digital marketer are asking people to engage with videos or post comments, or ask people to tag their friends into the mix, you are a likely candidate for censure. The censure will make it difficult for your posts to pass the litmus test of the algorithms working for Facebook search. Your posts will not show up on the top of the heap and as a result, will take a serious hit on how many people have access to the posts you put up.

Facebook isn’t pulling the plug on these posts immediately. It is giving you some time. Go through your posts for engagement baiting and tweak them. Also, stay away from such posts moving ahead.

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