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Social media marketing course. Online certification course and also classroom training Kolkata. Facebook Marketing, Facebook Ads, Twitter promotion, Linkedin Ads, Linkedin marketing, Instagram stories promotion, Pinterest & more. Enrol now.

With the growing popularity of social media, it is very essential to make sure that being a Digital Marketing Professional you should be aware about all the aspects of social media. It is considered as one of the most crucial aspect for online branding and promotion for every product and service to stay in limelight.

Before getting into details you have to have the overview of Social Media. So this chapter would start with explaining what social media is all about. After that we would share the wide popular social channels and explain what are the guidelines for social brand building. It is also very important to know the various types of Social Media Marketing, so we would explain that. Before working on various social media platform, you have to know the best practices for Social Media Marketing. Our chapter would also include the Social KPI & Engagement Metrics.

In social media, you also have to know how various softwares can be used. We would also explain how Cross Platform integration,social logins etc can be created and managed.


So to start with the first platform that we would explain, is Facebook. So the basic would start with, what is the difference between fan page and personal profile. It is very important to know what should be there in the Page. The next important aspect would be about the post frequency and time. After that we would explain the concepts of Hashtag, Mention, Links, Photos, Tagging, Offers, Notes, Events on Facebook. Its very important to know how you can promote offers & Events, how to Invite people and Admin Role. An expert social media manager has to know about the Facebook Trends, Custom Tabs & application, how to get Reviews. After understand all these aspects, you have to also know about the the Facebook Ads and basic differentiation between, Stamp ads/ boost ads/ page likes.


We all know, how a simple tweet can become a talk of the town. So this platform also has a lot to offer, in terms of social media publicity to create buzz about anything. Initailly we would start with the with the overview of Twitter, then we would explain the best practices. After that we you let you know how to increase your follower also  identify & take advantage of the trending tweets, hashtags and retweet.


Its very evident that Linkedin is very important from the aspect of increasing the professional networking. So now a days it has become one of the most important aspect of brand building. Here also, we would start with the overview and then explain the variation of profile and company page. We would also explain how to increase your connection, share updates and the significance of pulse messages and the benefits of joining groups and how the job postings work.

Google Plus:-

We all know that google is the most popular search engine and so your presence on Google + is very important. We would start with the basic overview & then would explain the difference between the profile and company page. One of the most important aspect of Google+ is Google Local Listing i.e GLL so you would be explain how you can do that. We would also explain the concepts of Hashtag, +1, Reviews, Videos, Circles.


Youtube is undoubtedly a very integral part of social media. So it is also important to know about that. So we would explain how you have to create a profile and channel on YouTube. How SEO can be used to optimize your video circulation. Also the best practices etc would be explained.

We would also explain the overview of other Social Medias like Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram etc.

After completion of this chapter you would be able to work as a social media manager. You would be able to promote a brand on social media  and keep visitors constantly engaged in your brand and ultimately direct traffic to the website.

Course Curriculum

Social Media Marketing
What is Social Media Marketing 00:30:00
Social media marketing, to put it simply, is the use of these social media networks for the purpose of online marketing. Products and services are promoted on these networks for the users who are registered there. There is a division of online marketing that is dedicated to promoting, branding and selling commodities through these social media networks. The requirements of this marketing domain is different from the others.
Social KPI and Engagement Metrics 00:40:00
KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator. On the surface, social media marketing may look vague and the results may seem intangible. For example, a key purpose of social networking for brands is to create brand awareness. There is no single metric or indicator that you can apply and measure awareness. There has to be a combination of more than metrics that will help you understand how much awareness your brand is able to create.
Types of Social Media Marketing 00:30:00
Here are the different types of social media marketing
Social and Brand Building Guidelines 00:40:00
Just like any other form of media, social networks can become vehicles of brand building exercises. However, just like it was mentioned in the earlier module, social media has its own set of guidelines that every brand has to follow. It offers certain advantages that no other form of media can, but brands have to use these judiciously. Social media networks can be reactionary.
Best Practices for Social Media Marketing 00:20:00
Social media networks have that edge to give brands and companies an opportunity to establish relationships with the customer. However, social media networks require some best practices. Without these, brands will fall foul not just for the users of these networks but also against the rules of the platforms.
Cross Platform Integration, Social Logins, etc 00:40:00
There are many tools available online that allow brands to correlate between social networks and bring them all under one umbrella. The advantage for brands is that through this method, they will be able to keep track of different social profiles and gain leverage from all of them. For example, a piece of content may not get much viewership on Facebook but it may become a rage on Twitter. It is very difficult to predict what will work on social media. The same is true for what will go ‘viral’. There is no formula and that makes it necessary that brands have all their fingers in different pies. That is where cross platform integration becomes so important for social media marketing.
Software Used in Social Media Marketing 00:22:00
social media marketing is a vast field. It is difficult and even impossible to track and develop this field manually. You need the help of software and automations to take care of this work. It will save time and effort and enable you to get the right stats for your consideration. Some of the software are free while the others are paid, some even quite expensive. It is the decision of the social media marketer to pick whichever software they want.
Facebook Marketing: Use of Positive & Negative Emotion Words 00:20:00
Facebook Marketing: Use of Positive & Negative Emotion Words (Infographic)
Get the most out of Twitter 00:20:00
How to get the most out of Twitter
Sharing Avalanche of Social Media 00:30:00
Sharing avalanche of social media
How to grow your business using content marketing 00:15:00
Learn how to grow your business using content marketing
The Content Grid 00:20:00
The content marketing grid!
Social Media Marketing Handbook by SEJ 02:00:00
Social Media Marketing Handbook by Search Engine Journal
100 Killer Ideas for your Social Media Content 00:30:00
Facebook Post Samples & Ideas 00:20:00
Some social media image post samples
Facebook Profile 00:15:00
Some important discussions about Facebook profile
Facebook Blueprint Certification 01:00:00
FACEBOOK BLUEPRINT - The tools you need to learn how Facebook can help grow your business
All About Facebook Ads 00:45:00
New uploads
Social Media Marketing Plan: How toFREE 00:04:00
Social Media Content idea generationFREE 00:04:00
Hash TagsFREE 00:02:00
Industry based hashtags and how to find themFREE 00:03:00
Right number of hashtags for your Facebook postFREE 00:03:00
Social Media Marketing – Goals & ObjectivesFREE 00:04:00
Video Marketing 00:15:00
Video marketing fundamentals
2 Most Important Things That You Should Know For Social Media and SEO 00:10:00
Social media audit 00:20:00
Add pages to watch on Facebook 00:05:00
Beat Algorithm Issues on Facebook With These Tips 00:05:00
Best Social Media Platform When Target Group is Female 00:03:00
Check Insights-of Facebook Page – Pageviews 00:05:00
Create Brand Page on Google Plus 00:05:00
How Many Characters are Right For Facebook Post 00:05:00
How to bookmark a page on Diigo 00:05:00
How to bookmark on stumbleupon 00:05:00
How to change Facebook Page Layout 00:05:00
How to create company page on LinkedIn 00:05:00
How to create fb brand page 00:05:00
How to create perfect post for Fb 00:05:00
How to Create Twitter Profile 00:05:00
How to 00:05:00
How to Set Preferred page audience for brand page – Facebook 00:05:00
Selecting Audience For Facebook Post 00:05:00
FB Message Reply & Auto Responder 00:05:00
Social Media Content Research 00:10:00
Social Bookmarking 00:10:00
Facebook Lead Generation Ad 00:30:00
Upload product in Facebook Shopping Section 00:15:00
Social Media Content Calendar 00:10:00
Social Creatives Designing 00:05:00
What to post on social media – basic content ideas 00:05:00
Instagram Shadowban 00:05:00
Social Media Overview 00:15:00
Facebook Overview 00:05:00
Facebook Best Practices 00:10:00
How to make your Facebook Page? 00:10:00
LinkedIn Overview 00:10:00
LinkedIn best practices 00:10:00
Instagram Overview 00:05:00
Instagram best practices 00:10:00
Twitter overview 00:10:00
Twitter best practices 00:10:00
How to create custom look-alike audience in Facebook ads 00:10:00
Learn how to create custom look-alike audience for your facebook ads for better campaign targeting and better ROI.
Facebook Pixel 00:20:00
How to setup Facebook Base Pixel & Event pixel for lead conversion tracking 00:10:00
step by step guide to install Facebook conversion tracking ad (lead) with base pixel code and event pixel code
Retargeting 00:10:00
Youtube overview 00:10:00
Youtube Best Practices 00:10:00
Youtube hacks and tricks 00:15:00
Google+ 00:10:00
Story Triangle Theory for Facebook Ads 00:10:00
How to add billing in Facebook Ad manager 00:05:00
Facebook Retargeting Ads 01:00:00
Twitter Ads 00:45:00
LinkedIn Ads 00:30:00

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