How Machine Learning can Boost Digital Marketing

Machine learning and digital marketing

The world of technology is changing rapidly every single day. The most obvious change has been the use of automation as opposed to human labour. This is true not just for the digital marketing industry but in every sector, so to speak. Human labour calls for errors and working with a limited pool of resources. However, when you unleash machines to do the job instead of human being, the possibilities and horizons expand exponentially. Like it did when computers took over several tasks from human beings.

In the world of digital marketing, where technology and tools rule anyway, there is a surge in the use of machines to cut down on wastage of untapped resources. Technology driven by digital marketers can cover only a certain amount of data and internet arena. But with the use of machines to work on behalf of digital marketers, or at least to assist them like never before, more data can be parsed and used for better targeting of customer bases. That will, in turn, plug leaks in the marketing funnel because the use of precise data will cut down on losses.

Machine Learning in Digital Marketing

Let’s now look at what machine learning is all about. This is the use of technology to process more amount of data, almost infinite, to help businesses segment their market and target specific customers for better sales. The data may contain buying trends of individual customers, previous purchases and correlate them with the business model of a particular brand. When all of this processes and simulated with the digital marketing process, the composite becomes a more potent tool in the hands of a skilled and experienced digital marketer.

For example, in the field of search engine optimization (SEO), the use of keywords is still the building block of the whole setup. With the use of machine learning, a digital marketer can figure out the algorithms of Google and how they are favouring particular user intents when they are searching for something. Keywords will take a backseat in such cases because Google is more focused on providing searchers with relevant content, even if the content is not optimized with the keywords used by the searcher. When you as a digital marketer can get a grip on this with the use of machine learning, you will be able to enrich your content with what is needed to attract the bots of Google.

Now, here are some reasons why machine learning will boost your digital marketing drive:

  • Infinite pool of data to use as a platform for customer identification, targeting and profiling
  • Customer segmentation on the basis of buying behaviour and patterns for precise marketing messages
  • Hold on customer loyalty by stitching their previous purchases, search histories and the like to improve their current association with a brand

The use of machine learning can only equip digital marketing to deal with steeper challenges ahead. 

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