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Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends of 2018


With more than half of the year gone by, it’s that time of the year when you start to notice some emerging trends. When the year draws to a close, there will be scores of predictions online about what’s in store for digital marketers in 2019. But as of now, there are some trends in digital marketing that have made a mark in 2018. Yes, the trends may not be something that you heard about only in 2018, but they are surely among trends that were duly noted and followed by almost every brand on the planet.

Going Mobile

This is definitely a trend that sounds so much like yesteryear but this is surely something that has stood out and got noticed. You will be amazed to note how many multi-national brands were still toying with the idea of taking their business online. After all, many of them jumped to an online business scenario only recently, so you couldn’t really blame them for being reluctant about adding another dimension to the marketing of their business! But, look around you! Everyone has their faces buried in a mobile phone or tablet. That’s the potential, so get cracking!

Rise of Chatbots

You cannot let your customers, potential or existing, stew in their cauldron of problems, whatever may be the time on the clock. You let them unattended and they are likely to think about switching to another brand! You need to solve their problems right then and there. Chatbots have become wonderfully popular to serve this purpose. You can have chatbots to take care of customer issues in real time. If you sync the chatbots well, the experience is near perfect, right next to having an actual person chatting over texts.

Invest on Digital Media

What digital marketers like us had to repeatedly ask brand owners to do is something that they are willingly doing now: invest on digital media, marketing and promotions. The world of the internet is constantly talking and sharing their views with a global audience. News cycles may have become shorter due to the expanded entry roads of more news into the online stream, but while they are around, they are sucking in more people to discuss and offer opinions. News items control conversation and you need to have a handle on this conversation in your own circle. Using podcasts, blogs and other media means more investment and brands are waking up to this requirement.  

Other than these major trends, there are minor ones like videos and podcasts taking over the written word because they are more engaging, thanks to their audio-visual nature. However, whatever trend you may wish to follow, you have to be invested and engaged to see it through in a thorough manner. That, alone, can bring success.

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