LinkedIn Offers Self-Service Ads

linkedin self service ads

As they say, no one knows about your brand better than you do. What if you got the option to create your own ads, like writing the copy and designing it, and then being able to customize it for your target audience? That’s a win-win situation that will lure any advertiser towards its platform.

Linkedin Self Service Ads

LinkedIn is offering self-service dynamic ads through a feature called Campaign Manager. As an advertiser, you can create dynamic ads through tools and options offered through Campaign Manager. These ads are visible on the desktop edition of LinkedIn.

It’s not just about having the control of creating and throwing out ads online for customers. It is also about having the handle to monitor the performance of these ads through Campaign Manager. In fact, you can carry out A/B testing of these dynamic ads with the help of this feature.

The question is, on what basis will you be customizing ads so that you get the maximum benefit out of them? LinkedIn offers a lot of information online on public platforms. This information is available for every advertiser. Gleaning this information for analyses and then using it for customization is a good way to optimize resources available to you.

With the ability to now create ads on your own, you can now personalize them, scale them according to your requirement (there are pre-set templates in different languages) and then create brand awareness with the help of ‘spotlight ads’ and ‘follower ads’. 

Till date, dynamic ads were the only option that was not available through the self-service feature. Check out what LinkedIn itself has to say:

“LinkedIn Marketing Solutions has now made all key formats available via self service, making it easy for all online marketers — regardless of size — to leverage LinkedIn’s advertising tools, so they can achieve their marketing goals. Dynamic Ads is the final native ad unit to become available on a self service basis.”

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