Bing Ads Open LinkedIn Door for B2B Community

bing and linkedin ads

For the uninitiated, Bing and LinkedIn are both owned by Microsoft.

A casual user put forth a suggestion on the official Bing ads forum about pooling the resources of both Bing and LinkedIn together. There was enough merit in the suggestion because LinkedIn is the breeding ground of professional networking.

As a result, there is a lot of business talk and deals happening on the platform. If Bing Ads were made available to this network, businesses, especially the B2B community, will be immensely benefited.

This is where Bing can cut a score above Google. Google does not have any stakes in LinkedIn and that gives Bing exclusive access to the data and users networking through LinkedIn.

As of now, only the larger B2B owners are able to put up ads on LinkedIn because the cost is too high for smaller B2Bs. With Bing Ads integrating with LinkedIn, the scene opens up as a win-win situation for all.

Bing Ads recognized the merit of the suggestion on the forum board. In a needlessly quiet manner, Bing Ads have announced on this same board that the suggestion was picked up and the collation of data will be done by the end of this year.

In other words, Bing Ads will show up on LinkedIn, opening up the gateway for more business to happen on the number one professional networking site of the world. Bing will surely benefit from this as a search engine as well.

This idea is not entirely novel. Microsoft was already integrating its resourced through a product called Microsoft Audience Network. This brought together data culled from LinkedIn profiles, Bing searches, web activities on Microsoft-owned browsers and Microsoft’s own consumer data. Now Bing advertisers will have access to all of that! 

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