Live Audio on Facebook: An Exciting Listening Feature

Facebook Live Audio feature
Facebook Live Audio Feature

In its constant attempt to enhance user experience, Facebook keeps coming up with innovative utilitarian tools that bring brands even closer to the target audience. The Facebook management has always had a special interest in enhanced live experience offered to the users. The new Live Audio to be introduced by this social media giant is a new milestone it is about to cross. This is definitely a unique way of connecting to the Facebook users.

The Facebook team firmly believes that all publishers want to tell a story to the users. However, all stories might not be in video format. Many people would like to tell their tales in audio format. Some pages might want to reach their audiences through the audio files of Facebook Live API. Adding a still image can complete the story in the broadcast format. The publisher will select that process to go live only when it is their preferred format. This new Live Audio tool will also provide a broadcast process for areas with low connectivity or weak network.

How does the Facebook Live Audio work?

The process is not much different from Live video streaming. The moment a Live Audio broadcast gets started, the page will be seen as news feed and the Live subscribers, followers of that page will receive notifications. The cover image of that page will be seen on Facebook as the default image for the Audio broadcast. All listeners can leave comments while the broadcast is still going on. One broadcast can be stretched up to four hours.

While listening to the Facebook Live video, Android users can use other apps or lock the mobile if required. This Live Audio can prove to be a potential platform for,

  • Podcasts
  • Radio broadcasts
  • Q&A sessions, Interviews
  • Book breading and Interviewing the authors
  • News streaming from conflict areas or disaster sites
  • Recordings of live bands and musicians playing on stage

Facebook users are looking forward to making the most of this new feature being launched soon.

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