New Backup Tool for Instagram Content

New Backup Tool for Instagram Content 1 - Back Up Your Instagram Images

Do you share your life’s previous moments on Instagram as you move along? If the answer is yes, you must be having a treasure trove of photos, videos and other paraphernalia online. This content is invaluable to you, mainly because most of this material has no other copy. In other words, the moments you have captured through the Instagram camera and shared online directly, without a copy saved in the phone gallery, is in a very vulnerable position!

Due to umpteen variety of reasons, if you suddenly lose control of your Instagram account, or get locked out of it, you will lose all this content that is so precious to you.

Wait, don’t panic just yet!

Instagram is offering you the chance to keep a backup of everything that you have shared online through Instagram. With this tool, you can salvage photos, archived stories, comments, direct messages, contacts and virtually everything that is currently loaded to your profile. You can save them on your desktop or laptop computer. This feature is not available on Android or iOS just yet, so you can’t use your smartphone to get this data backup.

What you have to do is send over your request for backup and Instagram assures that they will email the backup content within a time frame of 48 hours. The email will comprise of a link that allows you to download the desired content. The only catch is that you can make only one request per profile at a time. So, you can’t send an edited request before your initial request is delivered to your email.

Access to this backup through smartphones will be added in the near future. As of now, get your backup through a laptop or desktop computer.

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