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Lately, product sellers have a lot of reason to be happy with Google My Business!

A new feature Google my business product catalog is rolling out of the stable of Google My Business (GMB). With this feature, product sellers can upload information about their product in a 1000-word description, along with a photo and name of the product. This can be done alongside their GMB listing.

Previously, you could only write about your services as a brand or company. For those who primarily sell products, this was of little value because they had to describe their products and showcase a photo here and then. You can also upload the price. But this was not possible due to the format of GMB. Thinking about this inconvenience to product sellers, GMB has started rolling out this new product on a case to case basis.

So businesses which are primarily product sellers have got this new feature on their GMB account. In the same vein, service providers are yet to find this option available on their GMB page. Of course, they are less likely to use this new feature because they are already getting what they want by being allowed to write about their services on the listing.

There is talk about both features being open for service and product sellers. That way, you can take your pick according to your requirement. This roll out is still in its initial stages and it make take some time to reach you. But be ready for it, if you are a product seller, by keeping the material ready for uploading on your listing. As soon as you get the option for your GMB listing, jump in! 

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    i want to ad in GMB pls call.

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