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Business Owner’s Videos Added to Google My Business Page

google my business video upload

Last year, a feature was added to Google My Business dashboard: videos could be uploaded alongside photos. The hitch was that these videos could be uploaded only on a different business listing. In other words, a digital marketer, signing in as a user, could not upload videos on their own page. They could do so only on someone’s page other than their own. This will change now. Users can upload videos on their own pages on Google My Business.

Digital marketers are looking at this new modification on the features as a great opportunity. Though the videos can be of 30 seconds length only, they still give you a chance to showcase your marketing pitch. The new feature not just allows business owners to upload their own videos, but also view videos uploaded by their customers.

On the Google My Business dashboard, the videos uploaded by the business owners will show up on the ‘by owner’ tab. Videos uploaded by customers can be viewed under the tab marked ‘customer’. Both these videos are grouped under a single head, labelled ‘Videos’. You should note that it will take some time, usually 24 hours for the videos to turn up on the dashboard. So, wait awhile for the videos to be uploaded on the dashboard, once you have done things from your end.

There’s a reason for this delay. Google My Business wants to crosscheck the videos before publishing them. Inappropriate videos are screened out. In the pipeline: Google My Dashboard will bring in notifications for each customer video uploaded on the page.

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