Remarketing can Prove Beneficial for Your Business

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Remarketing is a great process to bring back lost visitors who did not convert. However, not many marketers are making full use of this never-failing tool yet. In this post, we would try to find out the reason and discuss the better way of exploiting this procedure to the fullest in campaigns and how to test its results. Mind it, we do not need to always think about cheaper conversion through this method.

How to use mass personalization in remarketing:

Mass personalization is combining a huge amount of data and targeting a large group of people through it. People usually move towards Facebook for targeting and segmenting the audience. Remarketing is more like tagging people online with your product or a particular kind of behaviour.

You can create a custom audience based on data available to you and the behaviour of this audience. After someone visits your website, you can hit them with the remarketing code. You can do segmentation on Facebook on the basis of your remarketing list with very specific messaging.

Often property dealers look for off-market leads and fail to zero in on the right market segment. This seems to be difficult because there can be people from diverse economic background, different age, trying to sell their houses. It is not easy to determine the right reason for them to sell a particular property. Once you mange to filter the right segment, it becomes easier reaching out to them through Facebook. You can target them with very specific ad campaign based on their specific interest.

If they like pets, you can use puppies in the ad. If the target group is young, you can show them how easy it is to sell a house. In fact, it consumes less time compared to that for fighting with a member in their family about listing the property. Mass personalisation helps creating remarketing lists to target individual behaviour that helps in higher click through rate and increased conversion rate at a lower expense. Reminding people of what they are looking for is a real success, especially when they get special offers they did not expect.

Remarketing: Is it for all industries or just for a few?

Usually remarketing works for any product or service unless there is an emergency situation to handle. In case of immediate hospitalization or urgent need of some plumbing services, remarketing cannot be expected to pay off well. It is surely not a strategy when a choice is needed to be made right away.

What are the important parameters to decide the length of Remarketing?

According to general consensus a 30, 90 or 180 days cookie length is decided for effective remarketing efforts. The initial ad campaign can say, “Sell your house now” or “Get a buyer fast”. However, after 30 days are past, the message of the ad should change into “You should have sold your house by now”. Your cookie length can be manipulated in that way. Your cookie length or message depends on the buying cycle that is fit for your product.

It is better when you stick to the usual 30, 90, 180 format provided you are not sure of the right formula to do marketing for your product. It is continuous testing through which you can find the right cookie length after which the conversion happens. Ideally, it should not exceed 1 and half years. It is only you who can decide on the right cookie length for your product. 

What should the change of your message for campaign depend on?

There are a number of factors on which it might depend on. Every campaign should do its testing before deciding on the right matter. Change of the message depends largely on the product. If you are selling shoes or clothes that are not quite highly priced, it is a good idea to go for a push after a 30 days cycle. You need to step into the shoes of your customers. Certain sellers know their customers better than others. As a result, they can decide on the right message for campaign after 30 or 90 days cookies. Offering a bit of discount can make success come easier through the process.

The idea is not to waste any opportunity of remarketing. The way to approach it can be found out through a bit of testing.   

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