YouTube Analytics Streamlining User Data

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Google is moving significantly in a direction where you have to be a serious player before you can count on it for analytical data.

For smaller YouTube channels and video content producers, the Analytics division of YouTube has lesser to offer in the coming days. To put it plainly, the thumb rule is that your video channel must have a strong viewership before you can count on YouTube to show you substantial demographic data. YouTube is not interested in wasting resources on culling data for content channels that don’t have a steady viewership.

The other plank picked up by YouTube in the Analytics segment revamp is the protection of the viewer’s privacy. For private videos, or even unlisted ones, demographic data will not be available on the Analytics panel. There is an exception here. If the unlisted video happens to be an advertisement, demographic data will be picked up by Analytics and you can check the data on AdWords for Video.

Finally, YouTube is aggregating the different YouTube products like YouTube Gaming, YouTube and YouTube Kids into a single platform when it comes to Analytics. Content producers will not be able to have segregated data according to the different products of YouTube.

The official release from YouTube is that these new changes will not mean anything for users and content creators unless they have a steady viewership. So, if you don’t make the cut, none of the data chopped off in the new format will make any difference to you anyway!

Here’s hoping the new format of YouTube Analytics will help you streamline your data for effective video marketing.

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