Our Team

7Boats has a team of young, enthusiastic and professional team members. They are all qualified and experienced to take on their jobs. A wonderful sense of team spirit permeates through our work. The coordination between departments is pitch-perfect as well. Debajyoti (MBA, BE -Computer Engineering) leads the team, with Biplab (Ex IIPM Sr. Manager) & Vijay handling the Project Management & SEO/Marketing wing with Mads (M.Sc Economics) at the analysis desk. Dip handles the designing part, CRC handles content, Vivek (Department of Management Studies, IIT DELHI Alumni) handles branding /Planning and the several other names complete our core team. Basically 7Boats wants to be known by the umbrella name 7Boats rather than dwell on personal attributes and achievements. And for those of our team members who join up fresh out of college, we attune them to the internet marketing world with an on-the-job learning program.