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Web development services, website development agency, web development company in Kolkata, India
Website development services by Seven Boats

Seven Boats is a professional website development company in India, based in Kolkata. Our expert web development services include WordPress development, Landing page design, Mobile responsive website development, ecommerce development and more.

Build Your Online Address.

Your website is your online address and so right strategy for web development is a crucial thing for it. Business firms and startups that want to make their online presence strong need quality websites. These websites can be used for various purposes:

  • Informing the online consumers about your products and services
  • As a bed for online lead generation
  • Providing an opportunity for online buyers to purchase easily

Online users have a wide array of choices when it comes to websites. There are so many competing websites working in the same domain, all vying for attention. These websites are taking on SEO and social media efforts to grab eyeballs and bring online visitors to the website, just like you are doing.

But, what happens next? You need a quality website to welcome these visitors, a website that will convert these visits into leads and finally, sales. To make that successful transition, you need excellent website development services, something that 7boats.com in Kolkata specializes in. 

Our expert Web development kolkata team takes care of your requirement and implement them well keeping an eye on latest SEO and digital marketing techniques. Premium WordPress themes, Mobile responsive design, HTML 5 and more.

What We Do for Your Website

The main task of the website development team in Kolkata is simple: we develop websites for online businesses based in Kolkata, India and beyond. Our website development team led by experts with distinctions in this field. With experience and international exposure, our website development team can work well for your website.

Before coming up with blueprints for your website, we take into account your needs and demands. We analyse your business thoroughly. Websites are so intrinsic to the brand value of your company. We consider that factor and deliver quality websites that are liked and enjoyed by online visitors.

Our Prime Areas of Focus

The point of website development that we believe holds the key to successful and impactful websites is paying attention to user experience. Online users are always running out of time or getting distracted to other options. That will hit your sales badly, if users are repelled by the quality of website development and user experience.

We seal those loopholes with a website that is packed on all fronts with features and information. We have easy navigation and inform the user always about their position in the context of the website. Such easy fixes endears your website to users so that they come back to your site again and again! Simplicity is our primary focus.

For any website development in Kolkata, 7boats.com is a reliable and trusted name. We have handled local and international website development project with ease and élan. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can develop your website and make it so much better in a simplistic  & minimalist way.

AACRO™ model of website development

Activation: Grabbing the attention

 Attractive responsive UI/UX design.                         

  • Premium theme framework.
  • Logo design/customization.    
  • Banner/slider designs.                                                                    
  • Customization flexibility. 
  • Content management system (CMS)    
  • Mobile responsive design.  

  Acquisition: Getting the traffic    

Techniques for engaging your target audience.            

  • Landing Page Content development/Tweaking
  • Site architecture design.
  • User flow design/suggestions.   
  • Social sharing buttons & social page integrations

   Conversion: Making the transaction

Turn your potential leads into paying customers.

  • Contact form/ Google Form & Drive integration.
  • Designing /Recommending Lead magnet.** 
  • Payment gateway provision/integration.**
  • Ecommerce funnel setup**
  • Chat setup & misc. Other activities.**

 Retention: Keeping the business

Methods to engage your customers.

  • Blog set up       
  • blog writing**                          
  • Email newsletter integration**       
  • Offers & promo setup.
  • Push notification **
  • SMS API integration**

Optimization: Improving the experience

Tools to measure the results and improve the performance

  • Google analytics Search console integration
  • Keywords inclusion  & one time on-page SEO setup
  • Content addition/optimization**
  • Security & Spam protection.
  • Backup/Transfer/Migration & AMC**

Types of Website Development

  • Blog / Magazine websites
  • Landing Page Development
  • Buddypress sites (Membership)
  • Corporate websites
  • Creative websites
  • Directory & Listing Sites
  • eCommrce
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Mobile
  • Non Profit
  • Real estate
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Wedding
  • Miscellaneous

Domain Registration & Web Hosting Services

Web-Hosting-and-Domain-registration Services Kolkata
Web Development Services - Website Development Company 1

Whenever you think of having a website for your business, think of us. We at 7Boats in Kolkata will take all the responsibility to put your website right on track, starting with Domain Name Registration to Web Hosting and more.

We have various types of domain registration services & web hosting packages to meet your requirement and budget. We offer very competitive and affordable pricing for all our Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting packages.

So, why do I need a Domain Name or a Web Hosting at the first place? If that is the question you are asking yourself, let’s take this as an opportunity to explain you what-is and what-is-not quickly.

Domain Name is like giving a name to your online realty in a way much similar to having a name for your residential plot. Your online plot is addressed with a series of numbers called IP address, which can be compared with your physical residential address.

One can recall your residential address easily but given a situation to remember millions of people’s addresses, one will require some method to easily retrieve information. Domain Name Registration is what you do to log a unique name for your virtual plot.

You then attach this name to a server you buy to give a physical entity(also known as website) to your Domain Name. This is what you know as Web Hosting. You assign Domain Name against the IP address of your server, so that there is no difficulty in remembering your numerical address. When this much is done, you proceed to upload your webpages to the physical server.

So only buying a Domain Name will not solve your purpose. You will have to register it and then can choose a facilitator to do the hosting for you when you are ready with your webpages.

We at 7Boats Info-System Private Limited, give you various sorts of very attractively packaged solution suitable for all kinds of domain hosting requirements of an individual or a corporate house, no ifs and buts attached! The top of the line professionalism and efficiency in handling any kind assignments from our business repertoire comes just naturally at 7Boats to meet our client’s satisfaction.

So we use Domain Names to identify sites. When you choose Domain Name, first you identify what exactly you are going to do with your website. If this is for a business try to identify the keywords for your maximum focus product. What people might be searching to find out products similar to yours?

When that is done, try to keep your Domain Name carrying one focused keyword or your name or the brand name you intend to create, not essential though it helps sometimes to develop a recall in your visitors, thereby helping in your marketing strategy.

But people buy a lot of Domain Names in advance; anticipating popularity of certain keywords will make them richer someday. That will make things difficult for you to have a Domain Name of your choice at the first place.

But we at 7Boats, do not put much weight on that as Digital Marketing is our forte and we can proudly assert to put any webpage on the first page of Google by our advanced SEO techniques.

Web Design

Keeping the above aims in mind, we build up your websites. We have a team of creative web designers who pay a lot of attention to your concept and marketing plan. You can depend on our experienced web designers to come up with something that will serve the purposes of a growing online business and set up and set up your website so that is ready to launch to your linux vps hosting server. 

These web designers follow the basics of web designing and also add the benefits of modern technology. Our web programmers and software developers work on your websites by understanding your marketing plan. We are keen to establish a synergy between what you want and what we deliver.

Easy navigation, low downloading/uploading time and a classy design – these are the hallmarks of the websites that we create. We do not believe in replicating web designs of competitive websites or similar ones in the same domain. Our web development team believes in originality, both in terms of images and conception. You can expect fresh ideas, creative thinking and professional handling of websites from our team.

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Web Development Services - Website Development Company 2


Another aspect of our web development services department is the use of WordPress. With the help of MYSQL and PHP, we will develop an excellent content management system for your website. WordPress will help you develop blogs to reach out to your online clientele through quality content. Here are some of the advantages of using WordPress in web development:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Convenient to use
  • Immediate implementation
  • Time saving
  • Low cost
  • Easy to customize themes and administration
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eCommerce Website Development

We also develop eCommerce website with WordPress WooCommerce or Shopify. Set up your ecommerce store in reasonable time at affordable price. Shopify, Woocommerce with CCAvenue, PayU & Paypal payment gateway integration. SEO ready

The Best eCommerce Solutions for You

Seven Boats – Ecommerce Development Company in Kolkata, India

The number of options for ecommerce designing and development only makes the choice harder. You want to be at the cutting edge of technology and ahead of the competition curve. In order to do that, you need more than just a platform.

You need a launch pad for your ecommerce venture. We are here to help you with the best ecommerce solutions that you can get for your online business. With Seven Boats, you can be sure of your ecommerce platforms being in the right hands.

How We Help You Choose the Right eCommerce Platform

Some of the ways in which we help you in picking the perfect ecommerce solution for your business:

  • The Programming Language: It matters greatly, more so if you intend to do a lot of customizing for your business. Also, the web host that you will use will feel the impact of the programming language that the platform will provide you. Our technicians guide you on what is the best choice for you.
  • The Price Factor: eCommerce solutions can be both free and paid. If you have the budget for it, paid services are a shade better than the free ones. But the difference is not much and both are considerably rich in features. At Seven Boats, you can be sure of getting the more competitive prices.
  • The Product Profile: The ecommerce platform choice is often dictated by what kind of products you are going to sell. For example, it can be digital products like ebooks or physical ones like a cell phone. The platform choice becomes important here. We help you understand the pros and cons of each platform as per the demand of your product.
  • The Payment Gateway: This is pivotal to the platform that you will ultimately choose. Payment gateways like PayPal or CCAvenue, or PayUMoney or RazorPay have to be integrated to the ecommerce site. You need to know which platforms will offer seamless blending with the payment gateway of your choice. There are some very talented experts in helping you develop a safe payment option for your ecommerce business.

Our experts can answer your queries and resolve doubts about what is best for your website through phone calls or emails as per your convenience.

Some Popular eCommerce Platforms that We Assist On

We offer support and assistance for some popular ecommerce platforms for your website:

  • Magento Community Edition: A very popular choice and used by upwards of 240,000 businesses across the globe, the Magento Community Edition has a special feature. It is developed to grow with your company by scaling up. There is technical knowhow available for your technical hands and you can expect a hassle-free experience. The number of extensions available is also quite high.
  • Woocommerce/WordPress: Another very popular platform to develop your ecommerce website. Premium woocommerce themes are available for customization and plenty of nice plugins to shape up your ecommerce store.  This can easily be integrated with CCavenue or paypal or any other popular payment gateways.
  • PrestaShop: Free in every sense of the term, PrestaShop boasts of more than 300 features. That will include product support documents which are ready for download, website service integration, inventory management and single-page checkouts. The other high point is that there are enough documentations to get you started and remain updated on all fronts. You can also avail the paid modules and themes to save the effort of building up a website yourself.
  • Spree Commerce: Another open source material like PrestaShop, you will get a ton of features that include paid and free ones. You can assume full control of the website through customization. On Spree Commerce, you will get slots to upload videos and animations. A very flexible and responsive website design is right there for the taking!
  • Zeuscart: If programming and IT skills is not really your cup of tea, Zeuscart is right up your sleeve! It uses a MySQL/PHP platform. The dashboard for admins and the interface itself is quite user-friendly and designed for people with little or even zero aptitude for such tasks. You can also rely on these user interface components to deliver across browsers and that include mobile ones.
  • OpenCart: With over 20 payment gateway integrations and 8 shopping modes available, OpenCart is another name for variety and more power to the user. It has room for an unlimited number of categories and the products contained in them. There is provision for a number of languages and even currencies. It leaves ample space for product reviews and ratings.
  • Shopify

A few of our developed ecommerce websites

  • Tanushh Dubai
  • RENE India
  • NDTV retail
  • Elite Shoe
  • PRAN Frooto
  • My Family Fitness Dubai
  • Creative Hands .in (Art materials supplier)
  • Ecocentricnow LLC
  • Keya Seth
  • Phoolwala.com
  • saveur-biere.com
  • i2i Optic Mauritius
  • Optissimo Mauritius
  • Tanushh Dubai
  • Femichoice.com
  • Hola Toys Australia (Holatoys.com.au)
  • Baguiati AC Market
  • Junction Mall Durgapur
  • Dadaji (Sancheti Exports)
  • Cocaodo Chocolate
  • Sanatan Organic
  • India Cuisine
  • Revgarbs
  • Ipsita’s Boutique House
  • Devil You Chocolate

Custom Web Development

We also do:

  • PhpBB / Zencart / Joomla / Shopify Customizations
  • E-Commerce (WooCommerce, Shopify etc)
  • Payment Gateway integrations (PayPal, CCAvenue, PayUMoney, Instamojo etc.)
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Facebook Apps
  • HTML5 Apps
  • Porting designs/HTML to WordPress theme

We also provide,

  •   Website Design & Web Development – Static & Dynamic
  •   Website Conceptualization & Re-engineering
  •   Portal Design & Development
  •   Sales / Marketing Automation System
  •   Support Automation System
  •   Software Solution for Educational Institutes
  •   Attendance & Payroll Management Solution
  •   Inventory & Accounting Software
  •   IT Infrastructure Management
  •   Solution for Retail Companies
  •   Solution for FMCG/FMCD traders
  • PhpBB / Zencart / Joomla / WordPress Customization
  • E-Commerce (Zencart, Magento, WooCommerce etc.)
  • Payment Gateway integrations (PayPal, PayU, CCAvenue etc.)
  • WordPress Plugin Development
  • Facebook Apps / Mobile Apps
  • Porting designs/HTML to WordPress theme
  • And more…

Strategic Web Consultancy Services

There are times when your online business is not on the right track. You may be doing everything right and putting in money to leverage your sales graph, but something seems to be undoing all the hard work. That is when you need web consultancy services.

The Internet has evolved immensely since the days when you could do things by the trial and error method. Today you have to be sure of what you are doing. Understanding and implementing the parameters of online business is integral to its success. Our web consultancy services will be able to help you and lead you on the right path.

7Boats helps business owners finding out the right resources, DIY (Do it yourself)  know-hows, saving recurring costs by suggesting free open-source alternate strategies. It saves huge time and lightens up new thoughts and ideas to strategically place your business online.

We help you to select the right digital marketing mix and building up profit channels.

These are some ways in which our web consultancy services can help you:

Accelerated Web Consulting Services

  • Usability of the Website: Our team of web experts guides you on how user-friendly your website is. Key areas where users get repelled include vague navigation, wrong web links and heavy web pages.
  • Content: Our web consultancy experts can evaluate the content of your website and study the web material critically. Our editors will look at the content from a consumer’s perspective and offer guidelines on how you can make it more lucid and crisp.
  • Statistical Analysis: Traffic on the Internet can be tracked through tools like Google Analytics. How these statistics are evaluated decide the future of your websites. Our experts will interpret these numbers for you and offer suggestions on making improvements.

Quick Fixes for Your Website

The Internet is a dynamic medium. Time has very different connotations online than what it is offline. Your website cannot function optimally with defects or errors for a short period of time. You need instant fixes to put it back on track. Our accelerated consultancy services do that and more! With this service, you can ask for our evaluation team to have a look at your website’s problems and specify time frames to resolve the issue.

After looking at what is wrong with your website, our consultancy experts will be able to precisely inform how much time it would take to get the job done. It can vary from 1 hour to 8 hours, depending on the complexity of the situation.

cPanel, WHM, Domain Panel & more

The advantage of using acceleration consultancy services is that your problems are resolved within a stipulated period of time. Some of the services that we provide here include configuring and installing plugins, suggesting open-source alternatives, WordPress installations and error detections, cPanel or WHM queries, guidance on hosting and domain name strategy.

We also provide you excellent do-it-yourself (DIY) quick fixes that will arm you to resolve recurring problems without consulting anyone. The best way to use our accelerated consultancy services is to write us about your problem. We will get back to you with a tentative timeline to resolve the issues you mention.

Here are reasons why you need accelerated consultancy services:

  • Complete evaluation of your website, with special focus on the areas that you want us to work on. The consultants on our team will report back to you with the pros and cons of your website. They will also suggest ways to make it better
  • A wide variety of services, including help to fix hacked websites, is incorporated in this consultancy service package. Once the experts are through with your website, you will find the errors have been brushed out
  • Emphasis on sticking to the tentative deadlines set to get the job done. Our consultants do not falter on this vital aspect.

Custom Web Consultancy Services

  • Maintenance: Creating and launching a website is only half the job done. You have to evaluate and maintain it on a regular basis with updates. The web consultancy service experts working for us do this job for you, allowing you to present a fresh website to your online consumers.
  •  Ongoing Competitor Analysis: It is not enough that you do it right, you also have to keep a close watch on what your competitors are doing. That is why our web consultancy services study the competition and comes up with strategy-defining reports.

We understand that every business has its own needs and demands. While we provide services that will work for all kinds of online business, we also have something specially designed for your website! Our customized consultancy services are conceptualized with the intention of serving your own individual needs.

You can write to us about the kind of consultancy that you need for your business by specifying the weak links. You can also ask for an evaluation of your website by our team of online experts. The customized consultancy services include providing online solutions that are not part of our other service packages. This one is uniquely yours!

There are some specific solutions that we provide in our customized consultancy services. Some of them are:

  • setting up image gallery
  • installing and set up of open source support ticket system
  • installing and setup of open source live chat software
  • installing and setup of WordPress, Joomla etc;
  • installing and setup of open source social networking sites like Pligg;
  • Google application G Suite for business set up
  • guidance & expert tweaking for Adsense;
  • Domain Booking, SSL integration, Email Solutions etc
  • Quick fixes of website
  • Adsense placement and optimization strategy;
  • web business plan;
  • suggesting new features for your website;
  • helping you to go for right resources;
  • web development starter plan for newbies;
  • blogging help and guidelines
  • tailor-made Internet marketing consultancy specific to your customized needs.
  • Custom web application development
  • Facebook fan addition, Twitter follower addition, WhatsApp chat integration
  • Facebook Messenger Integration, ChatBot integration, Push Notification etc
  • and many more…

Check out the reasons why your online business needs customized consultancy services:

  • A totally unique bouquet of online solutions designed for specific needs. These services are not part of the usual online support solutions that we have. These are entirely for the precise needs of companies and entrepreneurs
  • Updated and path-breaking services are included to provide your business with an edge over the competition. The use of modern tools and software ensure that your business has the best back-up
  • Skilled and experienced consultants at your disposal to help shape up your online business. These experts can evaluate your business and suggest ways to make it better.

Our Tools

  • PHP 5/7
  • Apache
  • MySQL 5
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Jquery / Mootools / Prototype
  • WordPress

Website Maintenance Services, Website AMC Services

Website Maintenance services in Kolkata: Get help in website maintenance task on a regular basis, updating, Website back up, Security, Hacking recovery & more.

If you have a website for your business or have a blog, you must know what it takes to be regular with its upkeep and updates. When you have a web presence that draws a lot of attention for the quality of content you provide; your next logical step will be to focus more on maintaining a steady stream of content and doing SEO, so that you can reach wider group of people. It’s a long journey and along the way at any stage you cannot afford to lose your visitors and readers.

Whether you have a business site or write a blog, you may be shocked to suddenly realize one day that your website or blog has gone nonexistent in the search results page that people are fed with. Reason? You have sat pretty and have ignored the essence of maintaining a website.

May be with the buzz of your website’s initial success still jarring in your ears you have thought to engage in other areas of your business or you have found it just too tedious and costly a job to keep pace with the maintenance activity that you have sort of given up.

Either way, Seven Boats Info-System Private Limited, Kolkata, will step in to hold your hand and give you enough confidence in website maintenance services. When your web presence is in trouble and you require a partner to sail your boat through to the shore, you can think of us. We are here to provide you solution. We are one of the best and the most cost-effective Web Maintenance Service Provider in Kolkata.

We realize that your business is of paramount importance, and hence aspire to give you the best, secured and technologically superior service maintaining integrity and confidentiality of your business.

Time To Time Website Maintenance Activities

When you have a website you have to do a lot of things, apart from feeding the content, to keep your site in the reckoning.  Some of the important ones are just briefly highlighted here for you, in case you decide to do it yourself,

Website Updates

Just imagine that you have a website but you are not getting visitors because it is not often updated. Your business has gone for a toss!

Bring Variation in Website Content

Website content can be anything ranging from written text, images, video, downloads or infographics; that catch new visitors’ attention and your existing followers keep coming back for the variety of content on your website. It can be done using any of the following,


New information added and you need to redesign your website’s navigation and design to accommodate new list of information

Product Updates

New products are added to your catalog, product discontinued or the upcoming price changes and the discounts; whatever you need to tell your visitors

Company News

You need to highlight a mention of your website in a Newspaper or show the client reviews about your services or solutions on social platforms


Having some giveaways periodically to grow your audience

Feature Addition

You have missed out on certain features on your website earlier because of some budgetary issues but now you have decided to add those features

Regular Website Maintenance Tasks

You need to focus on the following website maintenance task on a regular basis,

Backing Up Your Website:

You need to maintain a backup of your data related to the website, especially when you are updating your blogs, price-list, e-commerce catalog and other content online

Monitor Website Outages

When your website goes offline, you should be the first person to know and take measure. It will not be nice to receive mail from a client informing you the outage

Check Domain Registration Information

Keep a track of your domain registration, age and expiration. All these things matter for your web presence to be stable

Test Website Speed

Check your website’s loading speed and keep it under control.

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Link Check

Who are linking you back? Are there any broken links? Backlinks from spammers cause harm to your site

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Software Updates & Old Content Update

Your E-commerce software or other third party applications keep updating frequently. Always remain updated, on your toes to incorporate the updates in your website. You also need to update your old content.

Analyze Your Stats

Your site’s stats should be always in front of you, having interest only on sales stats will not just help,

Traffic Stats

That gives you detailed information about your visitors on your site. Google Analytics is an example, that helps you in this regard

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Search Engine Results

Are you optimizing your landing pages with keywords to show up on the first page of Google? Are you doing SEO of your webpages? SEO is the most trusted way of getting organic traffic for your website.

Reputation Management

Your website’s name, your brand name, authorship of the content, all these factors matter for your website’s search ranking

And the list goes on….

Overwhelmed? Shaken close to the hilt? Don’t worry; we are here to make things simple for you. Our 360 degree solution will not only take care of all these for you but we can confidently assure you that our approach will go far beyond this scope to give you a solid ROI.

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Few Sample websites developed by us

  1. Elite Shoe
  2. Inspiring Education
  3. MavieCare
  4. Hotel Santiniketan Digha
  5. TravelDreams
  6. Asmi Banquet
  7. S&IB Services
  8. EnergyPlus India

Associated Online Marketing Services

Learn digital marketing. Seven Boats Academy offers digital marketing online class digital marketing classroom class in Kolkata & digital marketing workshop for students, professionals & entrepreneurs/organizations. Enroll in our Free SEO course for demo.

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