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Social Media Marketing Services in Kolkata, India

social media marketing services by Seven Boats India
Social Media Marketing Services in Kolkata, India 1

Seven Boats is a trusted & reputed social media marketing company in Kolkata, India. Our expert social media team handles the day to day activities needed for a brand starting from idea conceptualization, query management, social content creation to running ads, reporting & more.

Being a creative social media marketing agency since 2011 & having an expert team of social media marketing consultants, we have expertise in handling client accounts on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, SnapChat, Tiktok & many more. Seven Boats has earned its reputation among the best social media marketing companies in Kolkata, India.

Kolkata is known for its cultural hubs, artistry and business enterprises. With social media marketing on the rise, Seven Boats has emerged as a leading social media marketing company in providing social media marketing services in Kolkata. Their dedicated team of social media marketing professionals have worked diligently to optimize business visibility by delivering social media strategy, content creation campaigns and social media analytics that have produced tangible results.

Seven Boats is dedicated to helping companies achieve quantifiable success with social media presence. As a social media marketing agency in Kolkata, their Motto is ‘Innovate & Execute’ that resonates across generations and makes sure that businesses reach out to their target audience smartly and efficiently.

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Social Media Marketing Services in Kolkata: How to Tap It

Just like every major city in the world, Kolkata has a thriving social media presence. From college goers to hard-as-nails professionals, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are popular hang-out zones. From the perspective of an internet marketer, the sheer number of users (read potential consumers) on these social media networks offers untapped potential for marketing and business growth. The only catch here is that the social media marketing in Kolkata has to be done in a new-age way: something that 7boats.com is all familiar with! Seven Boats is among popular social media marketing companies in Kolkata.

Social Media Marketing Case Studies

We have provided social media marketing services to various industry sectors such as automobile, real estate, travel and tourism, hotels, restaurants, education, retail, FMCG, financial organizations, e-commerce, IT & ITES, Telecom, Engineering, Manufacturing, power & utility, Startups, Music bands, entertainment sector & more. Find below a few social media marketing case studies.

Our Social Media Marketing Team

Every definite piece of work is a result of team work and it is no different for 7boats.com. We have managed to create ripples in the social media scene of Kolkata primarily because of our executives who handle social networking.

We do not allow, as a policy, just about anyone to take on social media marketing on behalf of our clients and their brands. We engage only those executives who know the rules of the game. For example, random friend requests or networking through a spam profile with blinkers on is not our cup of tea here at 7boats.com. We believe in interaction and engagement to build up the social media presence of your brand in Kolkata.

The Highlights of Our Social Media Marketing Services in Kolkata

There are some points in our social media networking that we are particular about. Here are some of the pointers:

  • Comprehensive understanding of your business and purpose to draw up the social media networking blueprint
  • Creative content disseminated through social media profiles in the form of Infographics, contest, viral memes, videos and snaps that go viral, getting your brand immense online mileage
  • Manage and procure social media ads for your brand so that more eyeballs find out about your business, service and products
  • Develop social media apps that engage and keep your potential customers hooked to updates, alerts and news about your brand
  • Clearly defined goals that are measured in social media yardsticks that are internationally accepted

Our social media marketing Kolkata team has experience of working with reputed brands, helping them break through ceilings in their business domain. And we’re just a phone call or click away! Get in touch with us now!

Social Media Marketing Platforms & Activities

The way we do Social Media Optimization

Video Testimonial about Social Media Marketing Services of Seven Boats

The Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry has recognized Seven Boats as their social media partner for the Technology Quiz 2023 and highly appreciated about the results they received from our social media marketing activities.

Few Sample Social Media Memes conceptualized by Seven Boats

Few Sample Social Media Posts

Few Sample Social Media Gif / Videos made by us

Social Media Marketing Post Sample by Seven Boats
Republic Day Sample Social Media Video Post Designed by Seven Boats
Social Media Promotion Sample Video Post Indian Republic Day by Seven Boats
Sample Social Media Post Video for Vasant Panchami designed by Seven boats
Valentine’s Day Sample Social Media Post, Social Media Gif / Animated Video designed by 7boats
Social distancing #covid-19 message
Social distancing #covid-19 message from Elite Shoe – Concept & Design by Seven Boats
For Propello Kitchen Chimney & Home appliances Seven Boats has conceptualized & designed this #covid-19 social post with stay home awareness message. Pacman Coronavirus edition.

Social Media Audio Visuals

Social Media Posters / Banners / Posts Design Samples

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Sample Social Media Creatives

Seven Boats #HumJiyenge Suicide Prevention Awareness Campaign

Social Media Marketing Services in Kolkata, India 143 - humjiyenge 1
Social Media Marketing Services in Kolkata, India 71

Seven Boats #HumJiyenge is one of its kind Suicide Prevention Awareness Campaign in Kolkata that reached 7.5L people directly through digital media & 40L people through Radio/streaming. It received 50+ media coverage & huge support from every corner of society. With #HumJiyenge, 7boats has taken a step towards spreading true awareness about this extremely misunderstood and stigmatized social issue and creating a safe place for people suffering to voice their anguish and find solace & support.

This campaign was highly appreciated by eminent personalities such as National award winning actress Sudipta Chakraborty, Actor Chaiti Ghosal, Model Madhabilata Mitra, Calypso King Sumit Roy, Veteran RJ Jimmy Tangree, eminent psychiatrist Dr. Tirthankar Dasgupta, Veteran graphologist Mohan Bose, Lifeline Foundation & more. The campaign received 14+ sponsorship & partnerships from many companies. An eye opening case study on 100+ people in Kolkata was published to portray a clear picture about their current mental state. 50+ prominent media coverage. Significant drop in suicidal deaths in Kolkata after event.

Read full case study of #HumJiyenge Social Media Campaign

Sample Google Web Stories

E3 Model of Content Marketing
Most Demanding Digital Marketing Skills
8+ Free Writing Tools
Most Engaging Content Types for Facebook

SMM Platforms

We majorly focus on long term brand building and conversion from social media marketing by setting up, maintaining & optimizing various social media handles / profiles . We actively work on Facebook (Facebook fan page promotion, Facebook memes, FB Contest, Facebook Ads, Facebook Lead Generation, Audience Targeting, FB Boost Post, Boost Events, Page Likes, Offers, Video Views, FB live & more ), Instagram, LinkedIn (LinkedIn page maintenance, optimization, Posts, Pulse), Twitter & YouTube.

Our AACRO® Model of Social Media Marketing

Activation: Grabbing the attention

 Tactics for reaching the maximum people           

  • Competitive Research & Benchmark.
  • Defining Social Media Marketing Mix
  • Social Media Page Revamp / Design  
  • Brand materials / Graphics creation                             
  • Content creation / Social Calendar creation
  • Defining Target Audience & Awareness ads               
  • Marketing communication design for social media

Acquisition: Getting the traffic

Techniques for engaging your target audience.

Conversion: Making the transaction

Tricks to turn your potential leads into paying customers.

  • Reviews
  • Query/Response management
  • Insights from social dashboards

Retention: Keeping the business

Methods to engage your customers and keep them coming back.

  • Remarketing**
  • Content writing as notes or pulse
  • Time to time Contest/offers/promo ideas & implementation
  • Viral video** sharing/ graphics design
  • Strategic consultation

Optimization: Improving the experience

Tools to measure the results and improve the performance

  • Facebook insights & recommendations
  • Time to time keywords & Search optimization
  • Content & Page optimization with stories, cover pic & more
  • Advanced SEO techniques & other technical fixes
  • Monitoring & Management report

Redefining your Social Media Marketing: Start Early

social media marketing
Social Media Marketing Services in Kolkata, India 72

Almost every player interested in the online marketing scenario looks at social media marketing for brand leverage. Social media networks like Facebook or Twitter are not just hang-out zones any more. There is seriously more to these platforms than friends chatting and sharing ideas. Online marketers are targeting social media networks to generate awareness and interest about products and services.

The downside of this social media rush is that the online marketers are not always conscious of how their activities will be perceived in the virtual world. To take the right steps in social media marketing, here are some pointers.

Take the right steps in social media marketing

  • To begin with, do not dive head-first into social media marketing without a proper evaluation of where your brand stands. You need to plan early and way before you actually hit the online social scene.
    For example, if Twitter is very much on your radar for social media marketing, you need the right Twitter handle. You cannot simply jump in and expect to get the handle that you are looking for. Your preferred handle may be in the grasp of some other person or company. In that case, you need to negotiate your way into getting the handle you are looking for. These critical matters cannot be resolved within a narrow time frame.
  • Another advantage of starting social media marketing earlier than you think is that you need to update your information banks and also synchronize them. Facebook and Twitter offer information boxes to be filled in with snippets about your brand, your products and also your company profile.
  • The updates you put up here must be in sync with what you have on your other online addresses like the company website and blog. You need to figure out all of this information before there is any discrepancy that comes to light. The idea is to present a united front on all the online networks.
  • Starting to plan a social media marketing campaign earlier helps you understand the competition around you and find out what they are doing right. Though replicating social media campaigns never work, you can pick up positives from your competitors and incorporate them into your own brand’s social media campaigns.

Social Media Optimization Services (SMO)

Seven Boats is a leading SMO company in India based in Kolkata providing social media optimization services to various companies across many industry verticals. Social media optimization means promoting your brands through various social media platforms in organic or natural ways where as social media marketing includes paid ads as well.

Give Your Brand the Social Advantage

The Internet is getting more social with each passing day. Online users are not isolated entities. They are always sharing their experiences with brands and products with other users through forums, discussion boards and social media networks.

Studies have revealed that SEO services cannot rule out the revenue that can be generated through social media optimization (SMO) because more than 60% of the online users depend on recommendations and references before buying something online. Your website needs a strong presence on these platforms so that the influencers think of your brand when they recommend their friends and family to buy products.

The use of social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter cannot be ignored by SEO services as passing fads. Serious social media optimization can be done on these websites because you will find online users spending a lot of time here.

The parameters of social media optimization are very different from the other Internet marketing tools that you have. Interaction and exchange of ideas are important ways in which we spread out the word about your brand.

Our SMO experts do not send out random friend requests or spam social networking profiles with web links. Rather, we believe in activities like contests, polls and discussions to spark off interest about your products and services.

SMO Platforms

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Quora
  • Pinterest
  • Mix
  • Tiktok
  • SnapChat

SMO Activities

  • Social Network Creation (Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest)
  • Social Profile Maintenance
  • Social Calendar Creation
  • Regular Creatives & Posting
  • Discussion, Comments
  • Query Responding
  • Friends / Follower invites
  • Graphic Design & Image Optimization
  • Premiere a video or Live Video
  • Video URL Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Promotional Posting
  • Check ins
  • Tagging, Mention, Hashtags
  • Blogging / Notes / Pulse
  • Contest, Poll, Events, Offers etc
  • Audio / Podcast Sharing
  • Groups & Community Participation
  • Reports, Insights & more

Here are some pointers that we follow in our social media optimization services:

  • No spamming social media users through online avatars that promote your brand. Such techniques harm the brand in the long run, not to mention the possibility that social media networks might block or ban such profiles
  • Interaction with online users through comments, discussion posts and other means to make them feel a part of the brand’s family
  • Our SMO team does not spam the added ‘friends’ and ‘followers’ with links to your ‘Services’ web page. It is only when the interaction has reached a suitable stage that we promote your brand.

Social Media Profile Creation Services

Online Avatars for Your Business

The creation of social profiles for the purpose of Internet marketing is a new-age tool. Many SEO services were creating fake profiles on social media networks to contact and tap potential consumers. However, they were not really following a method that earned a favorable return on investment.

The online users who were contacted were simply not interested because these social profiles were intruding on their privacy. Our social profile creation services are markedly different. We do not believe in pushing across web links and spamming social media users. We carefully profile what kind of consumers we are targeting and process accordingly.

Different social media channels have specific demographics. While you will find people having a nice time on Facebook, those on LinkedIn are serious professionals. Our social profile creation services make this distinction while strategizing your online business.

We keep in mind the consumer group that you are looking at. Then we create social profiles. Our social profiles are not half-baked jobs that are used to push links to your website on a random basis. A lot of study and research goes into creating online avatars that are most effective for your business. Social media is not a teenage phenomenon anymore. It is a professional marketing tool and our SEO services unit makes optimum use of it.

To start off social profile creation services, we engage the following parameters:

  • Well-researched and complete social profiles according to the requirement of your business. The background information and a rough biography sketch is created so that SEO service executives can handle these avatars seamlessly
  • Study social media networks and understand their demographic patterns. We focus our efforts on platforms that your targeted potential consumers are using
  • Social profiles are used to interact and post comments on social media networks. These avatars also used to publish blogs and articles to generate opinion and interest about your brand
  • Create a brand identity for your business by using social profile creation services.

Social Bookmarking Services

Bookmark Your Website’s Popularity

On the Internet, sharing of content with others is the core concept. When you come across something interesting during your surfing time, you feel like sharing this information or web page with your friends and contacts. You want them to check those web pages as well.

That purpose is served by social bookmarking websites. Here, you can submit the web pages that you want to bring to the notice of other online users. Our SEO services team makes use of these social bookmarks to make your website popular through social bookmarking services. The more online users check your web pages through the referral of social bookmarks, the higher will be the number of online footfalls on your website.

Social bookmarking services can be extremely beneficial for the online popularity of your website and web pages. According to the rules of social bookmarking websites, online users can vote for their favorite web pages. The web links that get the maximum number of votes gets listed towards the top.

This increases the visibility of your website. Our SEO experts make sure that your web pages are bookmarked on the most popular social bookmarking databases. The online traffic that you get because of bookmarking will be important for online branding and sales.

Now glance through some of the reasons you need social bookmarking services:

  • It ensures a healthy inflow of online traffic. Because social bookmarking services bring your website to the notice of online users who have probably never checked your website, there will be a daily stream of unique visitors. That is excellent prospects for your online business
  • Social bookmarking increases the online visibility of your website. The bookmarks enable different sections of online consumers to find your web pages. Search engines rank your websites favorably because our social bookmarking services creates an excellent networking platform for your business
  • Our social bookmarking services offers you the option of choosing from three: bookmarking on all social bookmarking websites that we make use of, on a limited number of sites or on sites that you choose.

Social Profile Maintenance Services

Keep the Online Users Interested

It is not enough to create a social media profile. Modern day social media optimization services will create social profiles across networks like Facebook and Twitter. But this is only half the job done. The profiles will not be able to contribute to your Internet marketing business if they are not maintained, updated and used on a regular basis.

Our social profile maintenance services are designed with this purpose in mind. In this section of our SEO services department, our team ensures that the profiles that are created continue to interact with online users and generate a growing interest in your business.

The primary task of social profile maintenance services is to keep the purpose of these profiles alive. The online users have to trust these online avatars as useful sources of information about products and services.

That is how they will check through your websites when referred by the social profiles. To build up that kind of trust on the Internet, the work must be done on a daily basis. Maintaining social profiles also entails updating the bio and ‘friends’ and ‘followers’ that comprise the contact lists. A list that swells on its own is indicative of excellent social profile maintenance services.

Take a quick look at what our social profile maintenance services achieve for your business:

  • Keeps in constant touch with your online consumers, informing them about what’s new in your business. Because of the social profiles, they get to know about product launches, price cuts and other offers that your marketing team rolls out
  • Build up opinion about your brand through discussions and knowledge-sharing. It is important that potential consumers know about your products and services. For that to happen, the existing consumers have to get their own contacts into your consumer database. Social profile maintenance services can help attain that
  •  Continually looks for opportunities to interest the ‘friends’ and ‘followers’ with online activities like contests and opinion polls. This stokes a hype about your brand that translates into sales.

Video Distribution Services

Video Marketing to Promote Your Brand

The use of videos is new to the spectrum of SEO services. With the greater availability of faster Internet, online users can download and watch videos instantly. This gives birth to an entirely different kind of online marketing, though with the same parameters in mind.

Video distribution services will help you share your videos and advertisement message with online users. If you have a marketing film that you want your online consumers to watch, we can ensure that it reaches the maximum number of Internet users. The marketing message on a video will generate interest about your brand and also bring online visitors to your website.

The basic aim of video distribution services is to tap into those consumers who are not reachable by the written word. For example, if you are selling to the youth, it would be difficult to make them read online content.

A wiser idea would be to create a video and share it with them on video distribution websites. The videos will be optimized with keywords that your targeted online users might search for. When they do so, they come across your marketing videos. If the video is entertaining and can express a good brand recall, your website will receive a bigger flow of online traffic.

Here are some reasons why your business needs video distribution services:

  • Makes a deeper impact on minds than pages of web content. In the fast-moving world, some online users have little time to read through pages of writing. They would rather watch a video. You have to make an entertaining marketing video for these users. Our SEO services team will distribute it across video distribution websites
  • The videos will be optimized with the same or similar keywords that are intrinsic to your SEO campaign. When online users search with these keywords, along with the web pages they will also come across these videos
  • Breaks the clutter caused by innumerable web pages in the same domain. Videos dispel the monotony and bring a fresh perspective to online marketing and branding.

YouTube Marketing Services

Seven Boats provides YouTube Video Marketing services by it’s strategic consulting and expert video marketing activities. Find few of our YouTube video promotion strategies below –

  1. Creating YouTube channel for business
  2. YouTube audience research
  3. Competitive research about other similar channels
  4. Idea improvisation from established channels
  5. Doing the Video SEO
  6. Forming Right Video Titles
  7. Creating interesting Thumbnail
  8. Writing engaging video description
  9. Choosing right hashtags
  10. Add cards, bumper ads, water mark, links, annotations
  11. Call to action for channel subscription
  12. Uploading & scheduling videos
  13. Optimizing YouTube Channel for more followers
  14. Creating Video Playlists
  15. Video Commenting
  16. Video Transcript
  17. YouTube Advertising
  18. Influencer Marketing
  19. Commenting
  20. Performance review & optimization

Facebook Marketing & Promotion

Facebook Ad Setup and Optimization Services

Facebook Ads for Greater Social Media Power

Facebook has emerged in the last few years as one of foremost vehicles of online marketing. No SEO services campaign is complete without this social networking website. With a rapidly proliferating database of ‘friends’ across the globe, Facebook is like a big stadium where you can display ads for everyone to see!

Our Facebook Ad Setup and Optimization Services will help your business establish its presence and visibility on this networking giant. Your ad will be seen on millions of computer screens. A smartly designed ad will surely grab eyeballs and get your website a stream of unique visitors.

The possibilities of Facebook ads are immense. We create a Facebook page for your brand as well. This will act as the landing page for your ad on the social networking site. When interested users click on the ad, they will be redirected to this page.

The Facebook community can be divided on the basis of age, gender and location. Our SEO services team will segment the Facebook Ad Setup and Optimization Services according to your targeted demographics.

Our team of web designers creates an aesthetically pleasant Facebook page for your online consumers to browse through the content. If people are curious about your product or service by checking out this page, they will also visit your website for details.

Facebook Ad Setup and Optimization Services have certain advantages. Here are some:

  • Increases your online visibility manifold because millions of online users spend time on Facebook. A well-placed Facebook ad will receive clicks for certain! The number of these clicks will depend on how well the ad has been designed. Our SEO services team ensures success on both counts
  • Better targeting of online consumers because of the demographic segmentation of Facebook users. Your ad will make a better impact when the correct online consumers can see it on their screens. Otherwise the campaign does not generate satisfactory revenue
  • Optimize the Facebook ads with relevant keywords after considerable research and planning.

Types of Facebook Ads

  • Facebook Brand awareness ads
  • Facebook Reach ads
  • Facebook Traffic Ads
  • Facebook Engagement Ads
  • Facebook App Install Ads
  • Facebook Video Views Ads
  • Facebook Lead Generation Ads
  • Facebook Messages Ads
  • Facebook Conversion Ads
  • Facebook Catalog Sales Ads
  • Facebook Store Traffic Ads

FAQs about social media marketing services in Kolkata, India

What Are the Prices for Social Media Marketing Services in Kolkata?

Answer: The cost of social media marketing services in Kolkata can vary depending on the scope of service you are looking for. Generally, services range from around Rs. 10,000 – Rs 20,000 per month. It’s important to find a reliable and experienced provider who can customize their packages according to your business needs.

How do I find a good social media marketing agency in Kolkata, India?

Answer: To find the best social media marketing agency in Kolkata, start by researching each agency’s experience and portfolio. Check their website for detailed information about their services and team members to get a better understanding of how they work.
Additionally, read customer reviews to see if other companies were satisfied with the quality of their work. You should also consider talking to a representative from the agency to discuss your specific needs and ask any questions you may have before making a decision.

How much does Facebook ad cost?

Answer: The cost of a Facebook ad depends on a number of factors, such as your budget, audience targeting, and objectives. Generally speaking, most campaigns have an average cost-per-click (CPC) of around $1.00 – $2.50 per click.

Is it worth hiring a social media agency?

Answer: Hiring a social media marketing agency in Kolkata can be a wise decision, especially if your business is struggling to reach its target audience. A social media agency can help you create effective campaigns, increase brand visibility, and get more leads and sales. They have the necessary experience, insights, and resources to ensure that your business gets the most out of its social media marketing efforts. Contact Seven Boats today to discuss about your requirements.

Associated Online Marketing Services in Kolkata, India

  1. Web Development Services
  2. Web Design Services
  3. SEO Services
  4. Social Media Marketing Services
  5. PPC Services
  6. Content Writing Services
  7. Digital Marketing Services

Learn digital marketing. Seven Boats Academy offers digital marketing online class digital marketing classroom class in Kolkata & digital marketing workshop for students, professionals & entrepreneurs/organizations. Enroll in our Free SEO course for demo.

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