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PPC Campaign Management Services in Kolkata, India

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Seven Boats is a premier SEM company & PPC services company from Kolkata, India offering expert Search Engine Marketing Solutions to other companies who want to get branding, conversion & better Return on Ad Spent from Google Search Ads / PPC Campaigns & other online paid advertising platforms.

The number of people checking the internet for everyday information like movie timings, restaurant addresses and menu, or simply product and service information has increased in leaps and bounds.

With mobile devices opening up internet access like never before, searchers make use of search engines like Google and Yahoo even when they are on the move.

PPC, or Pay Per Click advertising, is a unique way to sink your teeth into the business revenue generated through online searches. With your brand visibility shooting up because of ads placed alongside search results, your chances of selling goes up manifold times.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) / Online Paid Advertising

7boats is a premier SEM company in Kolkata, India providing ROI driven Google Search Engine Marketing services, PPC Ad Campaign Management by certified experts.

Search engines offer advertisement space for brands on their search engine results. These spaces are usually found on the top or right of the organic search results. Because of their excellent placement on the consumer’s computer screen, they attract the eye and also the clicks.

A brand owner has to pay for the clicks that consumers make on their advertisement space. That is why this form of online advertisement is also called Pay per Click (PPC). Search engine marketing (SEM) through paid advertisement has an advantage of about 20% over the organic results when it comes to being clicked by the online users.

Grab the Advantage of Search Engine Advertisement

Our PPC campaigns are handled by competent and experience account managers. The SEM (search engine marketing)  team will draw up a plan that provides the best returns on your investment. The clicks that online consumers make have to be exploited to the fullest to make the SEM campaign a viable one!

Because of the careful planning done by our SEO executives, we are able to provide results to your sales charts almost immediately. The use of paid advertisement makes you more visible online. That will mean a greater volume of online traffic. Our SEO services have the right back-up to tap into this additional traffic and validate the spending on PPC campaigns.

Google Adwords is frustrating. It seems a full time job with all of Google’s new requirements. Lots of stress and complexity to handle campaigns by own. Money goes out, but ROI? Facebook Ads are confusing to decide – PPC or CPM? Learning all these is very time consuming & tiring experience.

7Boats is here to help you out of this situation by letting you know the minimum trick or tweak you need to know for what is the best fit for your business and how you can maximize your return from minimum Ad budget.

Benefits of SEM Campaigns

Here are some benefits of search engine marketing (SEM) through paid advertisement that we provide to your business:

Efficient budgeting and bid management so that you get the best possible returns on investment. PPC campaigns can also affect your search engine rankings. Our budgeting optimizes your spending and gives your business a competitive advantage

Google Adwords Setup and Optimization Services

Increase website traffic, increase conversion and maximize ROI of your Google Adwords campaign by our Google Adwords setup service and Adwords optimization services.

Make Use of Google Tools for Business Leverage

Among the search engines dominating the Internet, Google is the forerunner by a big margin. That is why it is in a commanding position to dictate terms that chart the course of Internet businesses across the globe.

To become successful in your SEO campaign, you have little choice but to bow to the wishes of Google’s search engine crawlers and algorithms! Google Adwords is a tool that strengthens your SEO initiative. With the help of this tool, you will be able to reach out to targeted online consumers easily.

Our SEO & PPC services team works on Google Adwords Setup and Optimization Services to provide that competitive edge to your business online.

As a business entrepreneur, you must understand that Google Adwords Setup and Optimization Services is a specialized service. Just about every SEO services unit will not be able to handle such projects. Google updates its rules and methods of working regularly.

To keep pace with their innovations, our SEO experts study the trends carefully. We have a SEO team that ranks research at the very top of their job requirements. That enables us to provide your business with optimization services that return competitive value for money. We carefully handle Google Adwords to ensure that we generate maximum revenue from it.

Here are some points that we keep in mind while working on Google Adwords Setup and Optimization Services:

  • Research is the key to parse a set of keywords that will immensely benefit your business on the Internet. Our SEO services team studies the marketing plan and then proceeds to use Google Adwords
  • Drawing up a formidable budget plan that utilizes Google Adwords to bring your business maximum returns on investment. The budgeting and other planning will be done by our account manager who is assigned for your business
  • Extra care is taken to work on a higher Click through Rate (CTR) and Conversion Rate. These factors help you to determine the success of the Google Adwords campaign.

Types of Google Ads Campaigns

  • Google Search Network Ad
  • Google Display Ads
  • Google Video Ads
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Google Universal App Ads
  • Google Smart Campaigns
  • Google Dynamic Ads
  • Google Expandable Ads
  • Google Responsive Ads
  • CPC, CPM, CPV, eCPC, CPA ads
  • Masthead Ads

PPC Activities

Where We Come In

When it comes to PPC Ad Campaign Management Services in Kolkata, 7boats.com is a trusted name to rely on. We have a team of dedicated and skilled SEO professionals & Google Ads Experts who understand the PPC domain and know what needs to be done to take you to the forefront of the competition.

With the number of online users rising exponentially in Kolkata, just like everywhere else around the globe, you will fall way behind the line if you don’t invest in PPC campaigns for your brand. In the same vein, you need the professional expertise to get you handsome returns on investment (ROI), something that 7boats.com does for you.

What We Do for You

The prime focus of the PPC team of 7boats.com is to handle your brand on two counts: shoot up your sales graph and increase online visibility at minimum investment. To achieve both ends, our PPC experts indulge in some careful planning and strategizing, keeping in mind the competition in your business domain.

If you have a promising product or service that you want to sell in the Kolkata or Pan India circle, you need to contact 7boats.com now. We will take over the PPC campaign and help you attain your business objective, without fail or without any compromises that can adversely affect your brand value.  

Associated Online Marketing Services in Kolkata

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