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Seven Boats is a leading web design company in Kolkata, India, providing professional web and graphic design services including website design & brand stationary designing. A professional graphic designing, website design & development company in India providing creative graphics, growth-driven CMS website designing & web development services. Get more traffic & conversion .

Create the Right Website for your TG

Seven Boats is a professional website design and development company in India providing growth-driven CMS based website designing and web development services to attract more traffic and give you better branding and conversion. We have a team of expert web developers and designers who will help you build an authority website.

A website is more than just an online brochure of your products and services. A website is your brand’s presence on the Internet. Anyone looking for your brand must come across your website easily, through search engines or other referral websites.

The website of your business must reflect the personality of your brand. Online consumers often make the decision of buying something from your brand by checking out your website. If they do not like what they see, they have doubts about your products as well.

A well-designed website speaks volumes about transparency in business dealings and customer satisfaction. On the other hand, a cluttered website or a poor imitation of another competitor’s website reeks of a callous attitude, repelling online users to have anything to do with your brand.

Our web design services conceptualize and create a website that serves your commercial purpose and also pleases the aesthetic sense of your online consumers.

Our web design services are manned by experienced and skilled designers. We handpick our web designers so that your website has all the modern aspects of online marketing and promotion. The web designers working for us employ updated tools and methods to keep you ahead of the competition.

We also pack in web programmers and developers to create a complete website that can tackle a steady flow of online traffic. The website designing is kept simple and clutter-free. The navigation is streamlined without compromising on the harmony of the website.  The website provides a user-friendly interface so that online users enjoy the time that they spend on your website.

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Where 7boats.com Steps In

7boats.com engages quality web designers who understand website designing from an aesthetic as well as a commercial point of view. Well versed in the tenets of modern, simplistic or minimalist international website designing, our web designers offer the best website design option here in Kolkata.

A city known for its artwork, we look at our website designing team as nothing short of an expression of that same love and appreciation of art. Our web designers never compromise on the simplistic artistic quality of websites designed by our team. In the same vein, the business aspect of a functional, navigable and user-friendly website is also equally stressed upon.

Purposes Served by our Website Design

The website design Kolkata serves more than one function for your online business. Here are some of the primary areas that we look into while designing websites for your brand:

User Experience 

A website is as good as what online users think of it. Even well-designed websites may not offer competent user experience. Such websites invariably fade out in the long run. We design websites that are a joy to explore and ensure that your users find what they are looking for.

Online Visibility

Our team of website design in Kolkata keeps a close watch on the requirements of websites to fare well on SEO parameters laid down by Google. We do not build websites that fail to meet standards that make them SEO-friendly. No point in having a website if there are no visitors, right?

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Time and Cost

The website design department in Kolkata takes care of your website within specific deadlines and affordable budgets. We do not cross the limits of either time or cost.

You need a clean, great looking, effective landing page, but finding a good designer on short notice is next to impossible and hacking code is no fun.

7Boats empowers you to quickly and easily build custom, graphically-enhanced simplistic & purposeful landing pages without further cost, code, or hassle.

Growth driven & complete website design & development from scratch

There are different facets of website designing. A good website is made up of excellent composites and any one of them failing to make the mark would reflect on the overall appeal of the website. We have a complete website design services that cover all the aspects of your website.

In this type of web design & development from scratch, we include isolated aspects like banner designing, logo designing and other similar services. In other words, this is the package that builds up a complete website and delivers it to you! You need not worry about any part of the website designing process. Our website designing team will take over. They will conceptualize and create your online identity.

The advantage of hiring our complete website design services is that the different divisions will have synergy between them. It becomes difficult to blend the banner with the rest of the website if different creative minds are at work. Our web designers are on the same page when we start working on a website.

Creative differences are sorted out at the planning stage. Because they are working together in tandem, they can involve each other in the creative process. There is coordination in the team and that is reflected on the product. Your website does not look disjointed or caught in a creative conflict.

Here are some reasons why our growth-driven website design services is what your website needs:

  • Astute understanding of online trends in website designing. Our web designers are always on the threshold of changing trends. We incorporate fresh and modern ideas in your website before your competitors can do so. This gives your online business a definite edge over the others in the arena
  • Experienced, knowledgeable web designers who can create the concept and the website with your inputs and suggestions. You are free to chip in with your opinion and the web designing team will surely measure up if they can be incorporated
  • A perfect blend of creative, innovation and use of modern technology. None of them work in isolation in our web designing process.

Types of Graphic Design

  • Logo Design,
  • Business Cards, Visiting Cards & Stationery,
  • Brochure Design, Letterhead design
  • Catalog design
  • Calendar Design
  • PDF Ebook design
  • Sales Page Design
  • Illustration,
  • Cartoons, Comics, Character Sketching & Caricatures,
  • Flyers, Leaflets & Posters,
  • Book Covers,
  • Website & Mobile site Design,
  • Social Media Post Design,
  • Banner Ads,
  • Photoshop Editing,
  • 3D & 2D Models,
  • T-Shirts,
  • Presentation Design,
  • Infographics,
  • Vector Tracing,
  • Doodle Art
  • Corporate & explainer videos,
  • Landing Page design
  • UI / UX Design
  • Packaging Designs
  • Print Design
  • Flex, Standee, Hoarding
  • Ad design
  • Emailer / Newsletter design
  • Stickers, Buttons, Icons & more
  • Invitations & Other.

Types of Website Designs

  • Blog / Magazine websites
  • Buddypress sites (Membership)
  • Corporate websites
  • Creative websites
  • Directory & Listing Sites
  • eCommrce
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Mobile
  • Non Profit
  • Real estate
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Wedding
  • Miscellaneous

Here are some aspects of website design services that we take care of:

  • Build up a concept of the website that goes with your brand image. The website is planned carefully so that modifications are kept to a bare minimum. This saves time and also ensures that the website is built on strong foundations
  • Careful study of your targeted demographics is necessary to understand what kind of a website will make a better impact. The colors and the features of the website will depend on the online users who are expected to visit and use your website
  • Make the website search engine-friendly to enable online users to find your brand easily. It makes little sense to have a quality website that is buried under online kitsch.

Our Web Design Services

  1. Logo design service
  2. Banner design services
  3. Newsletter Template design service
  4. HTML page design service
  5. Complete website design service
  6. Cheap web design service
  7. Corporate cartoon creation service
  8. Website Development
  9. WordPress Web Development Services

Logo Design Services

Seven Boats is a professional logo design company in Kolkata, India, providing creative logo designing services at affordable rate. Get a simple, unique and creative logo for your brand and establish your brand identity.

Our expert logo designers will conceptualize the idea and work hand in hand with you to deliver it with appropriate revisions and further fine tuning. Get your HD raw file of logo in psd, png, jpg, pdf, ai or EPS format.

Logo – A Symbol for Your Online Business

The theory of brand recall depends a lot on logos. If you have an artistically-designed logo that is also easy to remember, it adds a lot of value to your business. In the case of online marketers, the use of logos can be the defining move that separates better websites from the good ones.

The logo becomes the identity of your online business. Our logo designs services put in a lot of thought before coming up with that perfect logo for your brand. The logo must speak volumes about the brand and also define it. It needs to be sleek and crafty as well.

The logo designs services that we have can rise up to the challenge of designing that definitive logo for your brand. We have the skill-sets and the experience among our logo designing team.

The unique quality about our logo designs services is the amount of research that is conducted by the team before going to the drawing boards. Our logo designers feel that it is important for them to understand your brand and what you are offering through your business.

They also have to understand the targeted demographics. Without the research work, the logo will fail to make the right impact. The logo is like the priceless stone on your website’s crown.

The logo designs services comprise of these salient aspects:

  • The logo for your brand must define its personality. Our creative logo designers also have modern tools at their disposal. This admixture of creativity and technology forms the perfect blend to come up with a logo that will be the face of your business
  • Simplicity in logo designing ensures a higher recall value and makes a deeper impact. The logo must be sleek, aesthetically brilliant and is in sync with the tastes of the targeted demographics. If there is a disconnect here, the logo will lose sight of its goal
  • Research work goes into studying your brand and your products. This helps the logo designs services to design a logo that speaks volumes about your business.

Keep the Banner Flying High

When an online visitor checks out your website, the first thing that comes to notice is the banner. The banner makes an instant and immediate effect on the mind of the user. A banner with vibrant colors and blending text makes for a pleasant experience.

On the other hand, some banners are garish and gaudy, something that does not go down well with the aesthetic sensibilities of the user. In such cases, the user may choose to leave the website and never return.

In other words, you lose out on the opportunity to make an online sale because of poor banners. Our banner designing services will be able to create banners that adorn your web pages and also serve your commercial purpose.

It is important that every page of your website has a unique banner. That brings a fresh perspective to the website. Our banner designing services is attuned to the tastes of the online visitors. The designers who work on our team know the color palettes that make a stronger impression on the visual senses.

They are also particular about studying the various aspects of the targeted demographics that are expected to use your website. A youth-oriented website will have a different approach from a women-oriented one as far as banner designing services is concerned. These subtle aspects make a big difference to the user’s experience.

Some of the finer points about our banner designing services are:

  • Creative, original and innovative banners that blend with the theme and concept of your web pages. Our banner designers are encouraged to think differently so that you get some unique banners. In a space cramped by numerous websites, innovative banners will get you noticed
  • Experienced banner designers who understand the psychology and preferences of online users. That helps them create banners that make a favorable impression on the online visitors. It also helps to create an interested about the web page
  • Excellent knowledge about modern tools of banner designing. Our banner designers adapt to the latest methods while retaining their creativity.

Newsletter Template Designing Services

The Perfect Email Vehicle

On an average, an Internet user receives more than one newsletter every day! Many of them come from unsubscribed sources! As a result, email users are wary about newsletters that flood their inbox. It is only those newsletters that have an appealing template design that holds hope of being read.

If email marketing is an option that you want to explore for your Internet marketing business, you need world-class newsletters. The newsletter template designing services of our stable has witnessed considerable success in creating an instant but lasting impression on the user’s mind.  From an online marketer’s point of view, the newsletter template often decides its readability and impact.

The designers at our newsletter template designing services are skilled and experienced. Because of their domain knowledge, they are able to create templates that do not conflict with the standard best practices of email marketing. Within the established parameters, the newsletter templates that we design have the ability to connect with the reader.

Our designers realize that an online user spends some few seconds to decide if the newsletter is worth the time. In that precious little, our designers try to spin their creative web. It is all about arresting the user’s attention and convincing the person to read the newsletter. Our newsletter template designing services can do that effortlessly.

Here are some pointers about our newsletter template designing services:

  • Comprehensive understanding of newsletter marketing that goes into our template designing. The template designers engage creativity, modern tools and a strong adherence to the best practices of email marketing
  • Banner designers who are experienced and know the way online users perceive newsletters. These designers have the domain knowledge to steer clear of clichés and come up with a template that is fresh and different from the usual ones
  • Newsletter templates are designed after careful consideration of the purpose that you want to use them for. The targeted users and their known preferences play a major role in the designing process.

HMTL Web Page Design Services

Get the Basics Right!

The use of HTML codes in website designing is one of the most basic ways of doing it. HTML codes are the building blocks of all major websites. Because of the easy usage of this language, HTML programmers are able to create websites that serve your commercial needs and also ensure that your online visitors are happy with the visual effect produced in the process.

Our HTML page design services are the main spine of our web designing department. We have efficient and skilled programmers who understand the purpose of your website and what you want to use it for. Then they work out a framework in HTML that is tailor-made to your needs.

The stumbling block for websites is when the HTML page design services you have hired do not have a comprehensive understanding of your online business. In such cases, the HTML programmers grope their way through when writing the codes for your website.

That is not what happens in our team. Our HTML coders are briefed in advance about your online marketing policy and your business goals. A website is as good as its online visibility on platforms like search engines. That is why our HTML page design services make it a point to write SEO-friendly HTML codes and back-end operations.

Take a quick look at our HTML page design services features:

  • A thorough approach to the process of writing the HTML codes for your website designing. Our programmers are not limited to their task. They are aware of your business goals and how your website will be used. That helps them make allowances for such usage while drawing up the HTML design
  • Sharp focus on the way your online customers are expected to use the website. A website with a lot of interactive activity needs a different kind of HTML framework than one with informative web pages. The insight of the customer’s approach will make your website better equipped
  • Innovative and creative designing by experienced HTML designers.

Corporate Cartoons Design Services

Corporate Cartoons: The New Creative Way to Get Noticed

corporate cartoon service by 7boats.com

Corporate Cartoons Creation Service & Business Cartoon Drawing Service

Think cartoons are for kids only? Think again! We are in a world where you have to break through the clutter to get noticed. And what better way to do that than to introduce cartoons into a seemingly serious setting!

7Boats.com has come up with this unique way for corporate houses to grab eyeballs, especially among youngsters and the upwardly mobile consumer group. Corporate groups can avail our services to get cartoons drawn up and scripted to appeal to a wider section of online and offline users.

Why Use Cartoons

Web Designing Services - Graphic Design Company 1

It is true that cartoons are perceived to be light-headed and frivolous and are usually not used for serious business promotions or marketing. We at 7Boats.com believe that these are the exact reasons why you should use cartoons in a corporate context!

Cartoons will come across as fresh, relevant and an interesting way to get your corporate or marketing message across. You can use the cartoons designed and scripted by us for social media network promotions.

Cartoons have a high tendency to get shared and liked by social media networkers. Your entire promotional activity will come out of the shell of niche and exclusive consumer groups. You can appeal to a wider cross-section of users with our corporate cartoons.

Our Expertise in Corporate Cartoons

Corporate cartoons are new additions to our wide assortment of digital and online marketing services. With the use of corporate cartoons, we want to reach out to corporate houses that want to do something different, instead of only talking about it.

We have expert cartoonists and writers on our team. They will come up with a cartoon script keeping your needs in mind. Our primary aim is to ensure that your brand’s motto and message is clearly expressed in the drawings and the script. We will actively involve your inputs in this process.

Why You Need Corporate Cartoons

7Boats.com takes a lot of pride in the introduction of this corporate cartoon service in our oeuvre. We believe that this service will help corporate houses to create a unique and individual identity of their own.

They will find it easier to communicate messages in a lighter vein, without the burden of conforming to corporate protocol and methods. This is an easier way to say what you want to by the use of humour. Corporate cartoons are fresh, appealing and interesting.    

Few Sample Designs

Check few sample banners and infographics designed by us.

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