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Digital Marketing Objectives & Tasks to grow your business

Digital Marketing Goals & Objectives

People often ask us what should be my digital marketing objectives? What are the digital marketing tasks to grow my business? Why should I go for digital marketing for my business? Now for any business the ultimate goal is to get more branding and more conversions (leads or sales) along with some other important objectives that you should not ignore. So what should be your digital marketing objectives & what are the tasks involved to fulfill those objectives? Read below.

Pro Growth Digital Marketing Objectives

Make sure your backlinks are linking to the correct pages.

Backlinks are very important for better organic search ranking of a website and also for digital branding of a website. You should always look into how you can earn more fresh and relevant high quality backlinks pointing to your homepage as well as other important landing pages. Begin this task —->

Investigate the backlinks that may be harming your search engine rankings.

You may have good quality backlinks and you may have tried your best to earn relevant and fresh backlinks but it’s not always in your hand to control who is linking to your website. Your competitors may point spammy links to your website that can harm your website’s ranking and reputation. So you need to regularly monitor your bad backlinks and take action to disavow them. Begin this task–>

Understand and increase your Moz Domain Authority.

Moz domain authority and page authority are the indicators of your website’s popularity, Trust score and digital branding. You need to try your best to increase you DA and PA at least more than 25/100. Begin this task —->

Visitor Experience

How to super engage your social visitors?

Your social visitors may not be super engaged with your content! You need 10- 17% of these visitors to look at more than one page. Even if they are engaged you should try to increase these numbers. Begin this task —>

How to decrease your website’s bounce rate so that people stick to more pages of your website.

Customer Experience (CX) is one of the most important factor for your digital branding. You need people to visit more than 1 page of your website. The lower the bounce rate, the better your website. Work on relevant content matching to user intent and build right landing pages with cornerstone content. Begin this task —>

How to increase your page views per session or per user?

Customer journey management (CJM) is another important thing to consider while you do digital promotion of your business. Try to increase page views per user per session to establish your website as an authority website. Begin this task—>

How to get more returning visitors to your website?

% of Returning visitors is the sign of your brand loyalty. You should try to increase your returning visitors to your website to increase your brand loyalty. Begin this task —>

Traffic Objectives

How to increase your referral traffic?

Referral traffic is one of the best ways to increase visits to your site and attract more potential customers. Referral traffic includes visitors to your website that come from other websites (Not from search). You should work on increasing your referral traffic. Begin this task —>

How to increase your website visitors?

With a bit of work every website can get more traffic! Given that you are currently not increasing traffic by any significant amount we have some tasks that should help start growing . Traffic will give you leads and leads will give you customers. Begin this task —>

How to increase your organic search traffic by siloing content?

Organic traffic is free traffic that comes to your website from search engine results. This is different than traffic that comes to your site from social media sites, paid advertisement, or people just typing your URL in a browser. One of the best ways to improve your rankings and increase your organic traffic is to develop a content silo strategy based on finding the relevant keywords for your website. Create landing pages/cornerstone pages and link them to relevant sub-pages of your website . Begin this task —->

How to increase your mobile traffic?

In June 2019, we observed that globally 51% of online traffic comes from mobile devices (i.e. smartphones). Search engines like Google reward sites with better rankings that are not just mobile friendly but ones that also get good engagement when users visit them on smartphones . You must increase your mobile traffic to stay ahead of competition. Begin this task —->

Social Media Objectives

How to do a pinterest game plan?

Pinterest can give you 5% of your web traffic. This is definitely an underutilized source of “free” targeted traffic. For your website, lets try to increase your Pinterest traffic initially to at least 1-2% . Begin this task —>

How to do Twitter marketing?

Twitter is free and when it is used correctly it can drive a significant amount of traffic to a website. While the vast majority of small to medium websites see almost no traffic from Twitter (i.e. in June 2019 their traffic from twitter was 4.4%), the websites that do the best on Twitter get over 4.4% of their total traffic from Twitter. Let’s make sure you are doing what it takes to be in the latter group . Begin this task —->

How to start growing your Facebook traffic?

Facebook is major driver of targeted traffic to websites and you must work on increasing your Facebook visitors to website. Begin this task —->

Overall Branding & Conversion Objectives

How to implement AACRO™ model to leverage maximum from your digital marketing effort?

Seven Boats Info-System Pvt. Ltd. has invented a unique process/model (AACRO™ model of Digital Marketing) with clearly defined steps of doing digital marketing. We have put this model to practice to show measurable result for our clients. This process helps in improving digital marketing operation in a structured way and is easily scalable . Activation, Acquisition, Conversion, Retention & Optimization – 5 stage AACRO™ model. Begin this task —>

Digital Marketing Skill Upgrade, Education & Team Building Objectives

Digital marketing is very important for growth of a business and it must be an ongoing practice for any organization. So you need a better team to handle your day to day digital media activities. If you want to upgrade skills of your present team with this digital marketing or if you want to recruit digital marketers and want to build a new in-house team, you must consider our Free digital marketing courses, Free digital marketing tutorials, workshops, digital marketing classroom course in Kolkata, online digital marketing course or virtual classroom programs. Begin this task–>

Digital On-boarding Objectives

If you are just starting a business or if you already have a business but you have not yet any digital footprint, you must prepare a digital onboarding strategic blueprint that includes defining your value proposition statement, Target group, buyer persona, brand communication strategy, positioning strategy, customer acquisition strategy , design thinking & growth driven website development, creating various other digital properties as per your right digital mix and various other activities. Contact us—>

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