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SEO services

Seven Boats is a leading SEO company in India, based in Kolkata since 2011 and we have provided our high quality up-to-date SEO services to 200+ domestic and international clients. Being a premier SEO agency in Kolkata, India, we offer white-hat (highly ethical) SEO services and Strategic SEO consultancy to other businesses to rank them higher in search engine result pages and attract targeted traffic and help them converting to paying customers.

SEO is among the best ways to generate long run sustainable traffic and leads. Seven Boats is a trusted name among SEO companies in Kolkata, India. Affordable fees, quality work & progressive results. Seven Boats also offers in-depth SEO training in Kolkata & online free SEO course.

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The main advantages of using SEO are:

  1. Steady influx of online traffic once you are able to capture the top 10 slots in your domain of interest. If you are ranked among the top 3, that increases your website traffic drastically
  2. Excellent ROI as compared to other forms of Internet marketing
  3. Brand visibility increases rapidly. More online users coming to your website through search engines will mean more people know about your products and services
  4. Sales figures improve because more online consumers now have access to your website. More traffic to the services page of your website gives you a better chance to sell
  5. An optimized website is compatible across all forms of Internet browsing software.

SEO Stats & Facts

As per Feb 2019 from various authority sources such as neil patel, Search Engine Land, WordStream & more, you can see these fascinating stats and facts about SEO to understand why you need this.

  • 67k searches are performed on Google every second
  • 39% of all global ecommerce traffic comes from search
  • 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine
  • Nearly 80% of users ignore paid ads in search results
  • 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020
  • 58% of searches come from mobile
  • 97% of page-one results have at least one image on the page
  • 46% of all Google searches are local

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When a prospect performs a search via a search engine, do they find you or a competitor? SEO is your ticket to getting found.

Rule the Search Engines

When it comes to capturing the attention of online consumers, few tools can give you better leverage than search engine optimization (SEO). In a basic statement, you can say that SEO is the process by which you get your brand favorable rankings on the search engine results that are thrown up when online users look for something.

SEO is not something that can be done overnight. It is an organic process that takes time to develop. It is also a process that stops yielding result if you discontinue with it. In fact, most SEO experts believe that the process must be conducted every single day!

 There are various ways to capture the search engine ranks through SEO. However, before we go into these distinct divisions of SEO, let us take a quick look at why you need to get this essential tool as part of your online marketing campaign.

Through SEO methods your brand will be able to express its online visibility on major search engines like Google and Yahoo. Online consumers use certain keywords when they are looking for products and services on the Internet. The SEO initiative is built up on these units that we call keywords. These keywords are used for optimizing the content, the website and every other aspect of SEO.

Testing and optimizing your landing page for better conversion and higher search engine rankings is often confusing, complicated, and inconvenient.

7Boats makes conversion and search engine optimization a snap, so you can get back to focusing on your business.

SEO Services in Kolkata, India

Seven Boats is a trusted SEO company in Kolkata. Because of our geographic proximity to companies /SMEs working in Kolkata, we are in a better position to offer our SEO services to them. We are closely associated with various Kolkata companies that are looking for a better SEO services & local seo services in Kolkata. To facilitate our business relationship, we offer some additional discounts specially for Kolkata companies.

In the past, we have helped several companies in Kolkata with their SEO and digital marketing service. We ensure that they are on the right track to grab the top slots in search rankings & grow organically over time beyond sticking into the traditional advertisement and marketing channels.

 SEO services, we believe, is all about knowledge, strategizing and structured execution. We take a close look at your business needs and then develop our SEO strategies. We keep you in the loop closely so that you understand the developments and we are always on the same page.

Types of SEO Services in Kolkata, India

  1. Ecommerce SEO Service in Kolkata
  2. Google my business / local SEO service in Kolkata
  3. SEO service for real estate, automobile sector, hotels, education sector, financial institutions, power & utility, fintech , health & pharma, manufacturing companies and for other corporate / SMEs.

Special Benefits of  our SEO Service in Kolkata, India

Companies in Kolkata have some special benefits to look forward to from our end! Here are some of them:

  • Personal interactions to discuss SEO strategies locally for Kolkata.
  • Regular updates and presentations so that you can track our progress
  • Work reports delivered on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • You can visit our office and meet our  expert SEO team
  • Help you build up your local network online
  • Excellent local PR which reflects in your SEO ranking for Google local searches in Kolkata
  • Special packages and offers on SEO services exclusively for Kolkata companies

Unique SEO Services in Kolkata, India

Our SEO team does not believe in the one size fits all policy or all at one go. We strongly believe that every company is unique, need a step by step 360 degree marketing approach and so is the requirement from the SEO perspective.

We develop unique SEO strategies and services with custom price slab (Comfortable in budget) for each of our client company according to their need. 7Boats has experience and expertise to execute SEO plans with precision and we are also conversant with the latest trends in SEO practices. We have also our extensive customer awareness program &  DIY resources to give you a better mileage in long run to handle your requirement by yourself.

If you are a  company looking for expert  SEO service in Kolkata (No big talk!! No over promise, Only true facts) to handle your SEO work, you have come to the right place! Contact 7boats.com now! We offer very competitive prices and extremely customized SEO service in Kolkata.

Site Audit Service

7boats’s website audit service gives you insights where your website excels and the ways it could be improved. In-depth site analysis and site audit service

Review Your Website for Greater Mileage

Creating and launching a website is just half the task done. No website will stand the test of time if it is abandoned to fend for itself. As an online marketer and brand, you have to review and evaluate your website on a regular basis.

The findings of these analyses will help you make subtle and broad changes to the website so that you keep pace with the competition, along with the changing trends of online business. Our site audit services do exactly that! The SEO experts on our team check your website time and again for malaise and fix them to keep the website healthy.

There are various aspects of a website that come under the scanner of our site audit services. The SEO services executives check if the website is properly optimized with the most relevant keywords, if the website is attracting the right kind of online visitors and if the website contains all the features that these visitors are looking for.

Our site audit services checks through to find out the navigation of the inner web pages. We also take a sharp and incisive look at the websites of your competitors to point out areas where you need to build up. Increasing the conversion of visitors into customers is another aspect that we lay stress on.

Everyone says “Free site analysis report” ! Can anyone tell me what to do with those huge data and statistics! I am confused to draw any definite decision from all those scattered data, numbers and stats! 

7Boats helps you to figure out concrete business decision and to-do actions from all those data and stats. By our effective reverse analysis and web consulting services you can visualize a bigger in-depth picture. Pin point your problem areas, strengthen your strong points and make actionable to-do list with ease.

Here are some reasons why you need our site audit services:

  • Our SEO team puts your website under a magnifying glass to single out the chinks that can undo all the hard work that you are putting in to build up a successful online marketing campaign
  • SEO-friendly analyses of your website to prepare it thoroughly for the needs and demands of search engine crawlers and algorithms. Because the site audit services is handled by SEO experts, they are keen on checking that your website is making the right moves from the search engine perspective
  • Experts in web designing, development and content strategy comprise the site audit team. As a result, they are able to conduct an examination of your website that covers the entire range of features.

Site Analysis Services

Get in-depth insights about the strength and weakness of your website by our website analysis service. Site analysis services help you rank well in search.

Review Your Online Business Website

An Internet business company will find it difficult to match up to the demands of competition and revenue earnings if the website is not analyzed regularly. A website needs careful analysis to find out how effective it is for the online consumers.

Without a thorough survey of how the website is being received by the consumers on a daily basis, your online business will not be able to survive a stiff Internet marketing scenario. Our SEO services department makes sure that your websites are studied, evaluated and rated according to the recognized parameters of online business. Site analysis services give you yardsticks to measure how your websites are positioned to generate revenue.

A website designed for Internet marketing can be broadly classified into different heads like Digital Marketing, SEO Analysis and PPC Analysis. These are necessary for site analysis services because the website has to be competent enough for these campaigns to take over and generate revenue for your business.

The qualities of the website have to be tested against set standards followed by world-class SEO services units. We also provide you with a unique competitive study, comparing your website to those of your competitors. This is a reality check for your online business. With a glance at the report that we deliver, you can instantly find out where you are going right and where you need improvement.

Read on to find out some of the main reasons why our site analysis services are ideal for your online business:

  • Comprehensive analysis of your website as per the best practices that online business websites need to conform with. This will help you understand where your website is placed at present. Our site analysis services will point out where your website needs work and how to improve the scenario
  • SEO-friendly study of the content and design that make up your website. The site analysts check your website’s ability to meet the demands of search engines so that you can mobilize your website for greater online revenue.

Competitor Analysis Services

Look Around to Improve Your Website

The Internet is not a medium where you can afford to operate in isolation. You will have to adhere to the trends and at the same time retain your uniqueness. The websites that you have need to answer the calls of competition.

Your business rivals are always thinking of new ways and methods to generate revenue, much like your own business development team. That means your website has to pay a lot of importance to competing websites for its own survival.

Our competitor analysis services will be able to resolve this problem for you! Our SEO experts will conduct a thorough research to find out what your competitors are doing as against your business model.

The Internet also has a huge advantage for businesspersons and entrepreneurs who want to study the competition around them. Information on the Internet is available freely! Your rivals cannot keep their cards close to their chest.

Everything is out there for our SEO experts to parse and evaluate. Our competitor analysis services lays bare all the necessary details that you need about competing websites like their content policy, website designing and other back-end codes.

Our competitor analysis is analytical and thorough so that you can instantly understand where you are placed among your business competitors.

In a nutshell, this is what you get from our competitor analysis services:

  • A detailed report on websites that are on the same wavelength in business with your brand. The report includes the content strategy, the web designing motifs and the SEO analysis of the website including details about backlinks
  • Thorough keyword analysis of your competitors that contain their main keywords as well as where they are currently placed on the SERPs with regards to these keywords. This study will help you draft your own set of keywords
  •  An evaluation of the key features that make up the websites of the competitors with extra stress of the ones that scores popularity with the online users. We encourage you to recognize trends while retaining the individuality of your website.

Keyword Research Services

Experience performance boosting in search engine ranking by our professional keyword research services. Get right keywords for your business & maximize ROI

Pick Strong Building Blocks

The website of your business may have excellent content and designing. However, if the website does not receive online visitors, your opportunities to sell do not go up. You will not get the returns on investment that you need to sustain your business.

Search engine visibility is the key to be popular and visible on the Internet. Most online users make use of search engines like Google and Yahoo, among others, to hunt for information, products and services. The words or phrases that they use for this purpose are called keywords. Keyword research services are a fundamental SEO tool.

Without a comprehensive list of well-researched keywords, SEO services cannot take your online business anywhere. Keyword research services include studying the domain that you are working in and finding what kind of words and phrases that the online users use.

There are some authentic search engine tools that we make use of in our keyword research services. The goal of the SEO experts working on this team is to ensure that your online initiative is targeted the right kind of consumers.

Different groups of users will not use the same kind of keywords. It is important to understand the psychology of the online consumers and also find out about the keywords used by your competitors.

Some salient features of our keyword research services are:

  • Detailed study of the domain in which your business is located. Understanding the market, the competition and your present status is integral to keyword research
  • Stress on the available data to gauge the psychology of the online users who are your targeted consumers. This analysis will be helpful in drawing up a list of comprehensive keywords
  • Thorough study of the competition and the keywords they are using. Because your online business will be competing with their keywords for search engine ranks, it will be necessary to know how successful they are
  • Regular updates on the keyword list to ensure that your business is not isolated from growing trends and modern practices.

Usability Analysis Services

By our website usability analysis service, improve your website’s conversion rate, bounce rate, click through rate, user-stickiness and performance of site

Make Your Website User-friendly

Your website is as good as your online users find them! It is true that you create the website by assimilating the content and design but it is the users who invest their appreciation and make it successful. The best website designing will fall flat if the users do not like their experience of surfing through your website.

Our website usability analysis services will look into your website from the perspective of a user. Our website experts will find out the weak links that have the potential to turn off your online visitors. The report that we generate will point out areas where improvement is necessary and possible.

The website usability analysis services checks for the navigation route on your website. Can the users move smoothly from one web page to another? Are there any broken links? These are some questions that our website usability experts will answer by taking a professional magnifying glass through your website.

Heavy images, faulty use of color and wrong positioning of web links on your website will affect your sales. Users will not like to visit your website again if they are not satisfied on their first visit. After our study is done, we table an analysis that will cover all the aspects of your websites that the users can experience.

Our website usability analysis services are built on the following pillars:

  • Getting rid of convoluted navigation routes from one web page to the next. Our web experts will streamline the path for your online users for a seamless movement
  • Bringing down the upload and download time for images and graphics. Internet time is precious and we ensure that your online users’ time is valued
  • Enabling that task on the website are done immediately. We know that online users do not like to spend too much time on a web page to get something done
  • Making the first visit unique and satisfying so that the online users come back repeatedly, thereby increasing your opportunities to sell.

Google Analytics Setup Service

Get help in setting up Google analytics goals, funnel visualization and more. Draw decisive conclusions from data by our Google analytics consulting service

Keep Track of Your Progress

To be successful in any business venture, you have to track your progress at every step. The same logic applies to the Internet. Setting up and launching a website is not the entire task; you have to keep measuring your success or the lack of it.

Google provides some statistics that will help you understand the performance of your website and put your online campaigns in a certain perspective. Our web experts will help you with Google Analytics Setup so that your website is able to track the online visitors coming in, their navigation route in your website, their geographical location and many other salient details.

You may ask why you need Google Analytics Setup. The answer is simple. The statistics provided by Google will be able to guide you on building up a better website. Google Analytics will tell you which of your web pages are more popular than the others.

You can find out if the content or the web designing is repelling online users. Some statistics, like Average Time and Bounce Rate, help you to study the trends and online behavior of your targeted consumers. You can also conduct geo-specific online marketing by analyzing which countries are generating more online traffic for your website. Google Analytics is like a sentinel on your website.

These are some of the aspects we cover in our Google Analytics Setup:

  • A comprehensive and detailed setup of Google Analytics on your main and associate websites to track online traffic. Our experts set up accounts that you can access at any point of time and check for data
  • Proper and professional installation of Google Analytics on your website. Leave this task to our professionals. Wrong installations will increase the uploading time of your website
  • Advanced tracking options to understand the little details that make a big difference on the Internet. Our experts can explain the finer nuances of these statistics so that you can exploit them for maximum benefit.

Google Search Console or Google Webmaster Tools Setup Service

Boost your website’s search engine rankings by our Google Webmaster Tools setup, Search Console support & consulting services. Get deeper insights & fix problems

SEO Tools that Improve a Website

Information about your online users and how search engines perceive your website will help your online business in numerous ways. If you know the kind of impression that your website is making on search engine crawlers and algorithms, you can tweak the back-end codes to leverage your business.

Google, being the numero uno search engine, provides various tools for online brands to understand and monetize their campaigns on the Internet. Google Webmaster Tools Setup will help your website to recognize the yardsticks that search engine crawlers make use of and how much your website is being able to measure up to them.

The use of Google Webmaster Tools Setup is integral to your online business because websites are not just online brochures. You can display your products and services on the website but you can also generate revenue from the Internet.

Google Webmaster Tools help you achieve that. We set up your Webmaster Tools so that you can reap the benefits of associated SEO tools of Google like AdWords and AdSense. The diagnostic reports that you can get from Google Webmaster Tools will comprehensively take care of your websites responses to search engine crawlers and Googlebot. These add up to help in better SERP ranks.

Some important reasons why you need Google Webmaster Tools Setup:

  • A deeper understanding of what Google is looking for in your website. When you know this, you can seal up the weak links and present a better website to the search engine crawlers and to the online users
  • Better chances of monetizing the website through services like AdWords and AdSense. Advertising revenue will add to the sale of products and services that will surely shoot up because of heavier flow in online traffic
  • Higher rankings in SERPs because your website becomes more equipped to handle the demands of Googlebot processes. The Google Webmaster Tools arm your website and that shows off in the rankings on major search engines.

On Page SEO Services

Best on page SEO services company in India. Outsource your SEO projects and get guaranteed success in achieving higher search engine rankings by On-page SEO .

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the “natural” or un-paid (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results. In general, the earlier (or higher on the page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users.

SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search, academic search, news search and industry-specific vertical search engines. we provide unique content with proper keyword density, optimized title tags, descriptions and keywords, quality site structure and sitemap allowing easy access for search engine bots.

Get Your Website Right

Search engine optimization or SEO can be broadly classified into two divisions: on page SEO and off page SEO. Traditionally speaking, on page SEO services refers to the work done on your website. This includes checking the content, updating it regularly and also working on the basics that will make your website more search engine-friendly. It is a continuous process of editing the web pages. Smart on page SEO will ensure that you get ranked favorably on the search engine results.

The basics of on page SEO begins with getting the content onboard. It is true that the content of the websites must be written with the keywords that are intrinsic to the online business that you are doing. However, stuffing your website with keywords to impress search engine algorithms will not cut much ice.

Search engines have improved immensely and can recognize when you try to spam the website with keywords. Such sites get blocked often. Another note of caution would be to steer clear of unethical means to grab search engine rankings. They may work for you in the immediate future but will be extremely damaging for the brand later on.

Heading tags, italic tags, bold tags and title tags make up the HTML aspects of on page SEO services. These help in optimizing your website in a much better way. At the same time, you must be careful about certain points:

  • Ensure that the SEO firm is not using hidden texts to increase the keyword density of your web pages.
  • Steer clear of negative div tags that allow the web page to have additional content that is not visible to the online users. Only the search engine programs are able to identify them.
  • Avoid black-hat on page SEO services like ‘cloaking’ where separate web pages are dished out to online users and search engines.

It must be pointed out here that we do not support or practice any illegitimate ways of improving the search engine ranking of your websites.

Heading Tag Optimization Service

Get guaranteed success in on-page SEO by our excellent header tag optimization services. We optimize heading tags including H1, H2, H3 to rank you better.

Be Easily Visible In Crowd With Optimized Heading Tags

The Heading tag after the Title Tag is among the foremost factors that influence the search engine optimization of your website. For the layman, this is the heading text that you find on a web page, mostly at the top of the content. A good heading tag tells the online user what the page is all about. It is more like the masthead of a newspaper. In the domain of heading tags optimization services, this heading tag also tells the search engine crawlers what kind of content it would find on that particular web page.

That is why the heading tag must be closely relevant to the content and must not be misleading. You will find the heading tags on the HTML version of a web page in this form: <h1> to <h6>. Generally, the h1 tag is the most important of them all. The various different areas of the interest that the web page presents can be captured by the other heading tags like <h2>, <h3>, etc. It would be short-sightedness to consider the heading tags as just for the benefit of online users or the search engines. It must serve both ends.

Here are some tips that we follow while providing heading tags optimization services to your website:

  • Keywords enrich heading tags and also facilitate search engines. We pack your heading tags with relevant keywords, while at the same time keeping in mind that it must grab the attention of the online users by meaningful sentence.
  • Our SEO services team keeps the heading tags within 60 to 90 characters. This is the norm for most major search engines. Our content team ensures that the heading tags are informative and give a glimpse of the content on the main page.
  • We do not repeat heading tags. Every page on your website will have a unique heading tag to help search engines rank your web pages favorably and easily.

Meta Tag Optimization Services

Keyword rich but relevant title & Meta tags are an absolute must. Our SEO team always packs in right keywords that are closely linked to the content on the page .

Meta Tag Optimization ranks highly among the on page SEO services that we provide. Meta tags are used by the search engines to rank the web pages that you have. The search engine results displayed by searches like Google and Yahoo often make use of the Meta tags that you have on your website.

The Meta tags are the information transcripts of your HTML document. One can find out the title, main headings, dates of the website’s creation, the updates to the website and also the author of the website when one reads the Meta tags. The same happens to the search engine crawlers.

Apart from the prime and the most important title tag optimisation, there are two important Meta tags for SEO that our team takes note of. One is Meta keywords tag (Though it’s not required now a days – focus more on high quality content & user experience) and the other is the Meta description tag.

The Meta tags take on a lot of importance because this is the place where you can add your targeted keywords for the search engines to find you. Our on page SEO team sets the right power-packed title tag and regularly updates Meta tags according to the keywords & relevant content matching to the user’s intention . Regular updates, evaluation and tests ensure that we get favorable rankings because of the Meta tags. Also we do structured snippets & schema markup optimization.

8 Important Meta Tags for SEO

  1. Title tag
  2. Meta description
  3. Canonical tag
  4. Alternative text tag or Alt Tag
  5. Meta Robots
  6. Open graph meta and Twitter cards
  7. Header tags
  8. Responsive design meta tag

Some of the Meta Tags Optimization Tips that we follow include:

  • Keyword rich but relevant Meta tags are an absolute must. Our SEO team always packs in keywords that are closely linked to the content on that page. We do not follow the practice of doing something just to get favor from the search engines. We adopt an ethical way of functioning.
  • Keyword stuffing in the tag is a strict no-no for us. Such methods have alarming consequences in the context of the website. Search engines are known to block or ban websites that spam Meta with irrelevant keywords.
  • Our content writers start off the tags in an interesting, compelling way to keep the users as well as search engine crawlers interested. If the last part is not indexed by the search engines, you do not lose much!

Website Image Optimization Services

Image ALT tag optimization, Website image optimization & compression services, Google image search optimization services. Add boost to your SEO by image optimization.

Make the Visual Connection

There is no denying the fact that an image can speak more opulently than words. A good image on the banner of your website will make an immediate impact on how the online user perceives your website. If the image hits the right notes with the users, they will surf through your website with greater attention and tolerance.

The catch here is that the images must not affect the search engine optimization of the website. Heavy images take a lot of time to upload. That frustrates online users. They close the tab and move on to other websites. That defeats the entire purpose of SEO services.

Image optimization services helps you leverage more than just aesthetic value from the images on your website. The sense of appeal is for the online users. To impress the search engine crawlers, our SEO service team makes sure that the images are properly stitched to the website.

Our website designers shy away from images that slow down the website. Such images also affect the search engine rankings adversely. Because our SEO services campaign is designed to bring online users to the website, we do not want them to be repelled because of heavy images.

Here are some image optimization services pointers that we follow:

  • Feed relevant keywords to the backend of the image. This helps the crawlers to find your website easily and rank them favorably
  • Ensure that a primary keyword is inserted in the text that goes with the image. This improves the chances of the search engines recognizing and valuing your images
  • Make optimum use of the alt tags that come with the images in the HTML codes. The basic purpose of the alt tag is to describe the necessity of the image. Our content writers make this opportunity count
  • Steer clear of using too many images and graphics on the website. They decrease the loading time of the website

Content Optimization Services

Our excellent content optimization services include writing SEO informative content with an innovative writing style that keeps the online readers hooked

The Write Choice

Content optimization services is said to be the mainstay of any SEO services campaign. No matter how equipped or modern your SEO tools are, without creative and innovative content, you are playing a losing match. The content on your website has to be lucid, readable and eminently enjoyable.

Nobody likes to read a web page that does not spark an interest in them. Similarly, explicit marketing messages do not find takers as well. It will only be a blend of skillful marketing sense with excellent command over the written word that can make a web page worth reading.

Many SEO service teams make a beeline to pack website content with keywords. That is a wrong approach. Keywords must enhance and not dictate the content. It is true that you will need to inject relevant and high-traffic keywords to capture the search engine ranks.

At the same time, spamming the web pages with keywords will not go down well with the online users who come to your website from the search engines. In other words, the use of excessive and irrelevant keywords is self-defeating. The content writers have to work towards making the copy interesting rather than keyword-rich.

Our content optimization services take care of these areas in a SEO campaign:

  • Write informative content with an innovative writing style that keeps the online readers hooked. If you can’t make them read, you can’t sell anything to them!
  • Ensure that we are making judicious and careful use of keywords. We do not like to stack up on keywords just for the sake of it. That helps our SEO services stick to the best practices of the industry
  • Make the information and data readable for the common online users. Our writers are directed to use a very simple but crisp language
  • We do not compromise on the quality of writing to adhere to concepts like keyword density. The peripheral factors kick in only after we have done full justice to the topic and material at hand

Broken Link Checker Services

Boost search engine rankings by our broken link checker services. Our SEO services team ensures that your website does not have broken links

Tie Up the Loose Ends

It is indeed very frustrating to visit a website and click on a link only to find that it does not lead anywhere! As web surfers, we have often come across this irritating problem. Our instant reaction then is to leave the website and check out some other alternative.

Now look at this problem from the other side of the coin. The website is losing out on business revenue because it has web links that are blind alleys. As an Internet marketer, every online consumer that leaves your website because of broken links is a wasted opportunity to sell. Our broken link checker services team ensures that your website does not have a single broken link!

Checking up for broken links can be tedious and taxing if it is not done through automated tools. This is especially true for websites that have a lot of web pages. Our broken link checker services goes through every web link that you have listed on the website.

We generate a report to inform you about broken links. We believe that your website is a dynamic entity and you will be making changes to the website in terms of content and the number of web pages you have. Every time you update the website, the inner links tend to break. Our broken link checker tools will point them out and fix them.

Here are some more reasons why you need our broken link checker services:

  • Dead or wrong web links on the website affect your credibility as an Internet marketer. Online visitors will be repelled by your website if there are broken links.
  • Your SEO efforts to bring online traffic becomes counter-productive if the visitors click on broken links and are not directed to the correct web page. It affects the entire online lead generation process
  • Broken links affect the search engine rankings and devalues the worth of your website.
  • We also guide you to build a great 404 error page so that users feel sticky to your site even if the link is broken

Anchor Text Creation Services

Get higher search engine rankings with our anchor text suggestion services. We help you build internal linking strategy by creating right SEO anchor texts

Pack More Power in Words

On a very basic level, anchor texts are the hyperlinked words that lead to a web page which has dealt with the same topic in greater details. The web page that it leads to, can be an internal page of the same website or some external one.

The hyperlink is visible to the online user when they take the mouse pointer on top of the text. You can find the URL at the bottom of the browser you are using. Anchor text optimization is beneficial for the website because it builds up online traffic. More web linking also ensures that your website is easily picked up by search engine crawlers.

The use of anchor text creation services is effective in two ways: external and internal. External anchor texts are placed on articles and blog posts that the SEO services team submits on high-traffic websites. The anchor text, when placed on relevant keywords, allows the reader to click on it and visit your website.

The purpose of submitting the content is served when you get referral traffic through the use of anchor texts. Similarly, internal anchor texts help to navigate the online visitors from one web page to another. With carefully placed anchor texts, you can make the user click and check out the other pages that you have on the website. This gives your website more opportunities to sell.

Anchor texts are useful because:

  • Build up the inter-linking framework for your website through external and internal anchor texts. This makes the linking strong and in turn makes it convenient for the online users
  • Search engines rank your website favorably if you have consistent and relevant anchor text linking. Care must be taken to make the use of anchor texts judicious and not go overboard with excessive spamming
  • Navigation becomes easy for online visitors. They need not hunt around for web pages and information if you place strategic anchor texts. This will build up your brand credibility on the Internet.

Robots.txt Optimization Services & Meta Robots Tag Creation Service 

Get search engine robots navigate your web pages effectively by our Robots.txt optimization services. Set right noindex, index, follow and nofollow rules.

Be Choosy for Greater Benefits

On a skeletal level, one can talk about robots.txt as a simple text file that is inserted into the root directory of the website. A robots.txt file is not even an HTML code. The purpose of this file is to enable the search engine crawlers to find out which web pages they need to index and which to avoid.

In simpler terms, the webmaster of the website can determine which web pages are more important for the search engines to index. Usually the printable versions of web pages are excluded from this list. The trick is to insert the robots.txt file without making an error. You need our professional experts in robots.txt modification services to get the job done.

Because of the choice provided by robots.txt file, the webmasters have the option of allowing only the more important pages to be indexed by the crawlers of search engines. Robots.txt files make it easier for the crawlers and also offer a unique advantage to the web pages that are slotted to be indexed.

We can also mention the location of the Yahoo sitemap or the Google .xml. The advantage of doing this is the search engines can find your website easily when their spiders are crawling for information. With the help of robots.txt, you can prevent search engines from indexing your page while you are making changes to the website.

Here are some of the advantages of using robots.txt modification services:

  • Convenient for search engines to discover and index your important web pages with greater ease. The higher your ranking on the search engines, the better will be the flow of online traffic
  • Choose the more relevant and important web pages in your website and get them to be indexed by search engines with the help of the robots.txt file. With this advantage, the website can get better leverage in terms of search engine rankings
  • Make changes or tweak website by turning off the robots.txt file. Search engines will not rank your website till you are ready with it.

Sitemap Creation Services

XML, KML and HTML Sitemap creation service, Google Sitemap creation and submission services, SEO sitemap generator for better and improved search engine ranking.

The Umbrella of the Website

The use of sitemap creation services is essential for any website. This web page charts the different components that make up a website. As an online user, this is the page where you will find the flowchart of the website. All the inner web pages are listed here, for the convenience of the users. It makes navigation easy and time-saving.

Usually the sitemap is created in the XML format. The presence of a sitemap also helps the search engine crawlers to find out your website and the information it holds. The advantage of having a sitemap is that the crawlers can find all the different web pages listed on a single web page.

You need to have sitemap creation services to allow the XML format to enlist how many updates you are making to the website. The several changes that you make to the back-end codes of the websites are tracked down by the XML sitemap.

It is true that sitemaps are not really effective in making a difference to the search engine optimization process directly. However, with XML sitemaps, your website will be in a better position to be ranked by the search engine crawlers. The XML sitemap puts all the data in one standard format. That helps the search engine algorithms.

In a nutshell, these are reasons why you need sitemap creation services from our SEO team:

  • Better navigation opportunities for the online visitors by creating a flowchart of the website and all the inner pages. The online user can immediately grasp where to find what by taking a glance at the sitemap
  • Search engines can rank your websites more effectively because the crawlers can find all the information about the website listed on the XML sitemap in a standard format
  • Keeps a track of the updates that are made to the website on a regular basis. It will help you understand the various changes that you are making to the back-end coding of your website.

RSS Optimization Services

Improve your site’s search engine visibility by opting our RSS optimization service. We set up and optimize your Feedburner RSS feed. RSS feed error fixing

Keep Everyone Posted

RSS or Really Simple Syndication is among the most potent tools for SEO services. With the help of RSS feed, online visitors can be informed about changes and updates that are made to the website that you maintain.

For example, if you have uploaded a blog post on your website, all the online users who are on your RSS data bank will get an update. They can immediately find out what changes you have made to the website.

From your perspective as an Internet marketer, RSS optimization services allow you the option to inform people who are interested in your business. There are very few SEO services tools that are as effective in promoting something that you have launched newly.

RSS optimization services are not just a tool to build up website promotional campaigns. It can help you build up search engine rankings because of the link building factor that it has. Through the RSS feed, our SEO services will keep the existing online users informed about your business and website and also connect with new potential consumers. The benefit of having a quality RSS optimization service unit is that the search engine rankings improve drastically.

Take a quick look at some of the objectives that we try to attain through RSS optimization services:

  • Build up a professional and effective website promotion campaign that takes into account all the online users who are interested in your Internet marketing business
  • Enable the RSS feed to get more online traffic by packing it with relevant keywords. The better our SEO services use the keywords in RSS, the more online traffic your website receives
  • Use RSS to build up links that generate higher SERP rankings. Search engines like websites that have an elaborate interlinking network with other websites. RSS helps create that framework
  • Online users are instantly aware of the changes to the website. Every new product or offer launch is informed to the potential consumers through RSS optimization services
  • Make use of RSS directories for better RSS optimization and online traffic for your website.

Off-page Search Engine Optimization

A type of SEO that focuses on creating references and links to a website, to increase the traffic to and ranking of the target website. Contrast with on page optimization. Our excellent and well-structured off page SEO services help you to get higher ranking in search engines by quality permanent one way links to your site

Spread Out the Network

The use of off page SEO services is a vital component in making your website popular on the Internet. The two departments of SEO, on page and off page, must go hand in hand because one is incomplete without the other. The primary function of off page SEO services is to generate online traffic to your website by capturing the top search engine results in your domain of work.

Off page SEO services include a variety of aspects like link building, directory submission and article submission. All these means are exploited to get your website noticed over the Internet.

Let us look at some of the off page SEO services that will help your website to receive a steady stream of online traffic:

Link Building Services

Building up a link network with other websites in the same domain increases your popularity. The inbound web links coming to your website brings online visitors. The more visitors you have, the better your chances are of making a sale.

The number of links also finds favor with the search engine crawlers. The link popularity of your website is directly proportional to the search engine ranking that it will receive. Improve your website’s search engine ranking by our quality back link services and SEO link building service. Get quality one way back links and improve PR

Backlink (Link Building) Services
Expand the Horizons of Your Website

Every SEO services initiative has to make allowances for a full-fledged backlink services team. The work of the link building team is to increase the online visibility of your website by linking with other websites in a similar domain. On a very skeletal level, the idea is that when a visitor checks out other websites and finds your web link, they will click on it and visit your website.

This is the logic from an online user’s point of view. From the search engine’s perspective, the more the number of web links you have on reputed websites, the better your chances are of being listed among the top websites on search engine results.

The backlink services team that works for us have the experience of being around for several years. Experience has no substitute when it comes to link building. Our SEO services executives are motivated and driven by the challenge of building up an intense link network for your website.

The research team of our backlink services studies the links that you have now and also those of your competitors. It is only after a thorough analysis that they are able to identify areas where your online business has potential for growth. This is how the backlink services is able to build up a formidable network with your primary keywords.

Link building is a tedious and boring job not always yielding successful result. Tough to track over time, immensely time taking, chances of getting trapped in irrelevant bad neighborhood and sometimes clueless confusing.

7Boats helps you guiding in a systematic risk-free way of getting relevant backlinks. Get proper report with exact quantity of submitted links and devote your precious time for developing business strategies.

The key features of our backlink services are:

  • Customized SEO services that will fit the business model that you work by. Our SEO services team is experienced about working in various different domains and industries. That makes our approach to backlink services broad and inclusive
  • Increase backlink opportunities with the help of content, like articles and blog posts. The content is posted on high-traffic websites with a steady base of readership. When online users read this content, they also come across web links leading to your website
  • Efficient process that makes backlink services easier than it is. Our team of SEO experts is able to get backlinks with greater ease. The quality of the backlinks is also superior.

Article Submission Services

We create unique SEO articles for your site and manually submit article to high PR article sites. Improve search ranking by our article submission service .

SEO services can submit articles and blog posts on high-traffic websites to generate information about your website, products and services. The readership increases and the anchor texts embedded in the content ensure that the online readers visit your website to read more on the concerned topic. Content is a very integral part of off page SEO because it disseminates information.

Let Content Speak for You

Articles are vehicles of information. It is true that readers will have the best idea about your products and services when they visit your website. However, it will not be possible to make online readers check out your website unless you are visible on the search engine rankings.

Article submission services serve your website in two different ways: one, it informs the online readers about your products and services; two, it captures the search engine rankings because of the rich use of keywords. That helps your website to receive traffic from the anchor texts embedded in the articles.

The use of articles in SEO services is strengthened by the use of keywords. Relevant keywords and their judicious use enrich the articles. Search engines always rank such articles on the top slots. A note of caution needs to be struck here.

Several SEO service units spam their articles with keywords to capture SERPs. That never helps because the search engine algorithms are smarter than they used to be. Your articles, probably even your website, might get banned or blocked. Similarly, online readers can never be enticed into visiting your website if the article content is not worth reading.

Our article submission services are careful about these aspects:

  • The material on the content must be original, creative and innovative. Our content writers are careful about the articles that they write. We submit articles that are keyword-rich and fresh
  • Our SEO services unit is particular about article submission. We do not post the articles shabbily and expect people to read them. We ensure that the articles are posted as per the format and indentions maintained by the content writers
  • Judicious use of anchor texts in the articles that bring inbound online traffic to the website. The content is written in a way that arouses curiosity about the product or service that the topic deals with

Our article writers are adept in writing marketing copies that will encourage the online readers to check the website for further details.

Directory Submission Services

Directories increase the online traffic coming to the website. With the help of directory submissions, online users get to your website easily. The search engines show a lot of appreciation for directory listings while evaluating the value and ranking of a website. Improve your search ranking by availing our quality SEO directory submission service. Get quality back links from our manual directory submission services.

Get Listed for Online Visibility

Online directories are lists that contain websites who submit information and web links to the repository. These web directories are maintained by manual methods. The different websites that are listed on the directory are categorized into different domains, according to the content.

Anyone looking for specific information on certain topics can check out the directories. The difference that web directories with bona fide search engines is that these are maintained by humans and the data banks are much smaller in size. The advantage is that there is no information overload and you can easily find what you are looking for.

Directory submission services have a lot of purpose in SEO services. It is an essential tool to increase the online visibility of your website. Before we submit your website and web links to directories, we ensure that the on-page SEO work is complete and the website is now ready to be put up for scrutiny and display.

Targeted directory submission will bring a steady stream of online traffic to the website. Information seekers frequent these directories to look for specific knowledge-based content. The content writers working for us know how to create that interest in these online readers to visit your website after reading about your products and services.

These are some of the advantages of using directory submission services:

  • Steady online traffic that goes up when the website appeals to the online users. Web directories are checked up by online visitors who are seriously looking for information. Our web content is written with the aim of enticing them into visiting your website
  • Directories are maintained by human editors. That is why there is a strong appreciation for quality websites, content and user-friendly web designs. To ensure that your website matches up to the high standards, we get the on page SEO right first
  • The databases of web directories are small but exclusive. Being a member of popular web directories guarantees search engine rankings and web traffic.

Blog Review and Original Blog Writing Service for Contextual links 

If You Want One of the Best Link Building Services Around then Let Us Ensure that Your Website is Reviewed on High Ranking, and Established Blogs. Included in this Offer is Custom Written Relevant and Original Content, which is Tailored to Your Niche and Give You Permanent Back Links from PR1 to PR3 quality blogs.

  • Contextual links with great SEO value
  • Permanent and guaranteed  one way links
  • Deep links building
  • Increase traffic
  • Helps in search engine ranking
  • All blogs from different c class IPs which add better SEO value
  • Established, well promoted and quality blogs
  • Original review

Blog Commenting Service

If you have been looking for the most powerful link building strategy for your website to get better rankings in the search engines and to get good quality traffic, then we have the best solution for your link building needs. At 7Boats we offer highly effective Blog Commenting Service.

Blog commenting has proven to be one of the most effective link building strategies as it helps you get quick links to your website.

What Do We Offer Through Our Blog Commenting Service?

Our blog commenting service involves posting comments in various blogs. Our blog commenting service is not like the blog submission service offered by other companies. Other companies wait for moderator to approve the comment.

Only when the comments are approved they will be publicly visible and only the approved blog comments will be available to the search engines for indexing and tracking links. With our blog commenting service you will not have to worry about moderator’s approval.

We offer approval of the comments. We will provide you with a complete report which will include the direct landing pages where your links are submitted. You can always cross check your linking pages and the live links.

Our blog commenting service is 100% manual. We do not make use of any software for our blog commenting service.

All the links are manually placed using experts in blog commenting. All the links will be embedded in the blog comments written by professional writers.

Each blog comment we submit will have a maximum of 25 words and they will be manually placed in blog pages with do-follow attribute using appropriate anchor link text.

We will not post direct marketing messages in the blogs as such comments will not be approved by the blog moderators. We rather make posts that are relevant to post in the chosen blogs Our short blog comments will look very natural with an interactive tone.

Along with our short comments we will also include your website’s links. Blog commenting is just not about making few posts with the links in the blogs. Such an approach will not get you the desired links. Successful blog commenting requires a lot of experience.

We have highly experienced blog commenting experts that know how to create comments that sound very natural and part of the discussions that are found in the blog sites. Our blog commenting services has two massive benefits.

First you get the best rated links for your website because the links we get from relevant blogs will include a lot of relevant content which will add value to your website.

Secondly, there are good chances of getting considerable amount of traffic to your website routed through the links found in the blog comments.

Search Engine Submission Services

The submission of content, like articles and blog posts, on search engines is a much-favored off page SEO service. In search engine submission services, the content about your products and services is submitted to search engines so that interested online users can come across them.

Any online user looking for such content with relevant keywords will find reading material about your products and services. When they read the articles and blog posts, they will find interesting in checking out your website to learn more. This is the selling opportunity that you need to cash in.

Web traffic and popularity of your website among online users are two primary aims of search engine submission services. The online traffic comes from referral sites where the online readers check out content and knowledge-based material about the business you are in.

The popularity of your website proliferates when the search engines rank your content toward the top slots. The top 3 or 5 ranks generally receive more online visitors than the ones that come lower down the order. Creating and launching a website is not the entire job done. You have to bring in online visitors. Search engine submission services will boost that purpose.

In a nutshell, here are some reasons why SEO services need to include search engine submission services:

  • Visibility and popularity on the search engines. Without web traffic, the best website is worth little. Search engine submission services gets that traffic for you by making your website visible across the search engines
  • Search engines bring specific information to the fingertips of online users who are looking for it. In other words, the content that we submit will reach the targeted users who are potential consumers for your product or service
  • Search engine submission services ensure that the search engine crawlers find and rank your website and web content. That is a vital link in SEO services. Unless online users find your websites ranked among the top, you cannot get steady web traffic.

Permanent Backlink Services

Increase Your Relevancy Online

The use of permanent backlink services cannot be undermined by any website that wants to be considered favorably by search engines. Without backlink, your website has little relevance for search engines. That, in turn, means that your website will not be ranked among the top slots.

The backlink services that we offer get your website quality web links from a wide range of excellent directories. The backlinks that you get are permanent. These one-way links helps to build up the online framework for your website. The quality of the links has a strong role to play here. There are many links that search engine giants Google and Yahoo consider unfit for indexing.

To steer clear of such problems, our permanent backlink services make use of reputed web directories. The backlinks that we get for your website are considered to be authentic by Google and Yahoo, along with other search engines.

To be a serious contender for the top search engine ranks in your domain of interest, you cannot rule out the possibility of permanent backlinks. The key feature of our service is that our backlinks are permanent in every sense of the term. We do not provide temporary links with high PR. Such methods cause harm to your website and bring down your credibility as an online marketer.

Take a look at why you need our permanent backlink services:

  • Greater relevancy to your website on the search engines. With more permanent backlinks, your online framework becomes stronger. Search engines are more favorable to websites having permanent backlinks than temporary ones
  • Quality web directories are used to get permanent backlinks for your website. The stress on quality is necessary because search engines do not allow inauthentic backlinks to be indexed. That tends to harm the reputation of the website
  • No use of tricks or underhand means to get desired results in the backlink aspect. Our SEO experts follow the best practices and deliver results without resorting to any fraud or black-hat means.

Local SEO Services in Kolkata: Google Places / Google My Business & Map Optimization

Get expert Local SEO services in Kolkata – Google my business listing and optimization, Google places and map optimization service, NAP listing, yellow pages & more.

With more mobile devices being used to check out online search results, local searches are very much the flavor of the season. Whether you are out for a little cozy dinner with your family or a movie date with your beloved, you need the assistance of local SEO to get you information that you require.

Local SEO in Kolkata will be crucial and beneficial for business owners who have services and products that are exclusive for the Kolkatans. Local SEO in Kolkata is very much a thriving industry because this city of joy is certainly going places!

What 7boats.com Does for Your Brand

To get the upper hand in the local SEO in Kolkata, you need the services of 7boats.com. Very few SEO firm in Kolkata offers you such insightful understanding of online searches generated for Kolkata-based products and services. With local searches, you will be able to get through to your customers and potential buyers in a matter of clicks.

And if you have a business based in Kolkata, nothing can be better for your profit margins. The 7boats.com team will help you make more out of the local SEO  in Kolkata. Other than improving your online visibility on the local search results, we will help you target specific consumer groups through local SEO campaigns.

How We Do It

A good way to stamp your presence on the local SEO chapter of Kolkata is to help you get active on Google Places / Google My Business, mobile,  maps & popular local yellow pages & online magazines keeping uniform NAP data. The key to helping your brand on the local SEO front is to put out your business address, along with your phone number (uniform NAP data).

Local searches are all about personal connections. Consumers might prefer to pay you a visit on the way to work instead of simply checking out your services through websites. That is something that 7boats.com handles for you: getting your online brand to be more accessible to local searchers. This approach will also help you make more out of local SEO in Kolkata.

  • Google my business setup
  • Google map / Google places optimization & regular updates
  • Bing map optimization
  • Facebook places optimization
  • Local Yellow pages submission 
  • Local business listings & Local classified listings
  • Local business reviews
  • Local content creation
  • Localisation services – regional  language write up, Local SEO & more

If your company or brand is based in Kolkata, our local SEO service in Kolkata is something that you should think about seriously. And to capture that domain, get in touch with us at 7boats.com! 

What to Look for to Find your Right SEO Team

It is very important to look at these basic metrics mentioned in the post to select the right SEO team that will do your business a world of good.

seo team
How to select a right SEO team for your project

Picking the right SEO team for the online chapter of your business can be a daunting task. There are many possibilities that you have to consider, along with some strong decisions that you need to take to weed out those that you don’t want onboard. Roughly speaking, you have to look at these basic metrics to select the right SEO team that will do your business a world of good:

  • Experience: An SEO team with plenty of work experience is a must-have. Such a team will surely know how to go about their job without jeopardizing your online business by adopting black-hat means. Look at the body of work that an SEO team has done. You can ask for white papers to find out what the team has done for major brands or even for start-ups. If you find their work satisfactory, by all means consider that particular SEO team seriously.
  • Recommendations: The positive feedback that you receive from your peers about a particular SEO team is a guide good enough. You can check up SEO teams on social and professional networking sites, like Facebook and LinkedIn respectively. Put up status updates on your own page to invite suggestions from professional contacts.
  • Geography: Go for an SEO team that you can meet in person, at least a couple of times. Hiring offshore teams may come in good on the price calculator but may become difficult to communicate or get your ideas across if you want a hands-on SEO team. Location plays an important part here.
  • Price: The cost of the SEO services will be the decider for most businesses looking for SEO teams, more so if they are start-ups. You have to work within a reasonable budget frame. However, be careful about exorbitantly low prices on SEO services. They are most likely to offer sub-standard services and endanger your online brand identity.
  • Range: You wouldn’t like to have more than one SEO team working for you, if you can help it. Look at the range of services offered by SEO firms. You may not need some of them at present but when you think big in the near future, it would be cumbersome to roll up your business and hunt for another SEO firm. Select a team with a wide range of SEO services on the menu.

Our USPs:

  • Unconventionally structured but highly effective approach.
  • Unique and innovative research and analysis.
  • We focus on overall business growth, usability & ROI in greater detail. We don’t work in isolation unlike others.
  • Dedicated and the most trusted services. Complete white-hat techniques strictly adhering to Google’s policies.
  • We don’t make fake promises. We promise only what we can deliver.
  • Affordable rate. Value for money.
  • Personalized Service – Not a Bland “One Size Fits All” Approach
  • Young, passionate and dynamic team.
  • We love knowledge sharing with our clients.
  • We value on relationship building.
  • We don’t feel proud to call us expert in all, we believe in the old saying “every day is a school day.” With the ever changing scenario of Internet everyday, we learn and make our customers aware about the new emerging changes and the business impact therefore.

3 Reasons to Invest More on New-Age SEO

3 reasons to spend more on SEO

Video Abstract –

  1. More research oriented and resourceful expert content writing is required now for strong online presence. It needs skilled professional writers with business analytics & research skill.
  2. Skilled workforce with updating knowledge on latest changes in digital marketing scenario is required. Those days of half-baked 5-10 SEO keywords are gone. Now it needs 360 degree branding. So Expert professionals are required.
  3. It is still the most favorable & cost effective advertising channel out of all mediums. You can reach more and more potential customers immediately. Also this has clear metrics to monitor your return.So for a better new-age digital marketing campaign, you should invest more & keep a consistent budget per month to gain long term benefits.

Seven Boats – Top SEO Company in India

SEO Company India
SEO Services 1

Having a website to make money has become very common these days. However, not all of the online businesses find success as they fail to attract people as much as required. There are many ways to attract people towards your website but the effective of them has always been the Search Engine Optimization or SEO techniques.

SEO is a set of system to make sure that you appear on the top of the search engine result pages when people search for businesses related to yours. Seven Boats is undoubtedly the best SEO company in India. We have expert SEO teams to make sure that you are provided with the best SEO services for your online business.

There are many SEO strategies to apply for your business to get the top spot in the search engines so that people give you the value that you deserve. Determining the right SEO techniques for a particular business it the most important thing.

The expert SEO team of Seven Boats has the skills to set the right plans for your SEO needs and execute them to deliver you the best results. We offer you only the best and ethical SEO services to make sure that your goals are achieved. Our SEO consultants will maintain the communication between you and us to make sure of working for your benefits.

The SEO strategies can be divided in two basic classes which are on page SEO and off page SEO. The on p0age SEO services are designed to make sure that your website is designed and developed in the most search engine friendly way.

First of all, you need to have the right content, with perfect amount of most appropriate keywords, to make sure that search engines value them. Maintaining the contents and updating your website daily is very important to remain on the top spot in search engine result pages. Seven Boats Info-System Pvt. Ltd provides you all the on page SEO services that you need.

Seven Boats Info-System Pvt. Ltd is best at off page SEO services too. There are plenty of off page SEO strategies that can be applied for your online business website. If you are targeting the top spot in search engine result pages then you must need the best off page SEO services.

Seven Boats provides you with most effective off page SEO strategies like content submission, link building and directory submission and many other unique and innovative techniques.

We have expert SEO writers who can create great articles and blog posts about your business and submit those contents on different websites to get you valuable traffic. Link building is another great SEO strategy, which we offer you, and with it you will become part of a network with different business websites to share and increase traffic.

The quality directory submission services are also helpful to get you traffic and push you up in the search engine result pages. Seven Boats Info-System offers you all these SEO services for affordable charges. 7boats offers more than SEO, their prime focus is on overall business growth and increasing sales revenue for their clients by expert digital marketing consultancy.

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