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Seven Boats Academy - Corporate Training on Digital Marketing

Seven Boats, a leading digital marketing agency in India, offers corporate training and workshops on various aspects of digital marketing such as social media marketing, search engine optimization, Google Ads, Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Web Analytics, Conversion Optimization, Online Lead Generation and email marketing. The company has a team of experienced digital marketing consultants who conduct these training sessions and workshops. These sessions are designed to help businesses gain a better understanding of digital marketing and how to use it effectively to grow their business. Seven Boats also offers customized training and workshops according to the specific needs of businesses. The company has a team of certified digital marketing trainers who have experience in conducting these sessions. Seven Boats has a wide range of satisfied clients who have benefited from these training sessions and workshops.

Digital Marketing Corporate Training

The digital revolution has inspired a new form of business, and with it comes the necessity for corporate training to keep up. In India, digital marketing corporate training is essential in order for businesses to follow the latest trends and stay ahead of the competition. Companies are investing more and more in corporate training programmes to stay up to date with evolving technologies and changes within their industry. The high speeds at which digital communication operates means that even small mistakes can be costly, so professional digital marketing training is essential for staff at all levels. That’s why many companies large and small turn to experienced trainers in order to benefit from cutting-edge knowledge and experienced guidance. They want better results, market share growth and profits – not just a short-term fix – but lasting success that sustains them over time. Almost every business sector needs some kind of digital marketing expertise today, making digital marketing corporate training an investment well worth it.

Digital marketing strategy has become a key element in the success of any business. Seven Boats offers corporate training programs that equip professionals and companies with the right skills to keep their digital marketing experiences up to speed. Located in India, the training is tailored to each organisation’s unique requirements and equips delegates with the knowledge they need to develop, measure and manage effective online strategies. Training experts provide an overview of digital marketing platforms such as web analytics, search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media, as well as more specialised topics like programmatic advertising, video analytics and influencer relations. With Seven Boats’ comprehensive Digital Marketing Corporate Training package, you will be able to design campaigns with complete confidence and knowledge of best practices for achieving maximum ROI on your digital activities.

digital marketing corporate workshop by seven boats

Our popular workshops (Online / Offline) & key takeaways

  • Actionable insights to use it from very next day.
  • Structural approach to implement.
  • Your Own Digital Team Building Knowledge.
  • Get the basics right.
  • Know the latest & upcoming trends.
  • Track, monitor & improve your metrics.
  • How does digital marketing work – strategies, ROI  & more.
  • How to develop Lead magnet, lead funnel & optimize conversion?
  • Marketing KPIs – What’s important and what’s not?
  • Process streamlining through digital, automation & tools.
  • How to balance your personal & business branding?
  • How to create online trust & prevent cyber threat?
  • Driving ROI via influencer marketing, Paid Ads & SMM.

Learn more about our digital marketing course for institutes & corporates

Digital Marketing Corporate Training by Seven Boats

Our Alumni Working At

We have done workshop for IIM Shillong, IIM Rohtak, London Business School, GITAM Deemed University, AICTE ATAL FDP, UGC-HRDC Ranchi University,  Primarc, AIESEC Coca Cola Youth Speak Forum 2019, SZI Technologies, St. Xavier’s College, Globsyn, PRCI, Bhavan’s, UWSB, Calcutta Business School, PRSI Engage Digital Summit 2019, Bengal Institute of Business Studies, ITS Ghaziabad, BCC&I, CESC, Khadi, Tantuja, JIS University, Techno India Group, BIMS, The Bengal Chamber of Commerce, CII & many more.

Invited by Premier B-Schools, Universities & Organizations from India & Abroad

Digital Marketing Corporate Training and Workshop by Seven Boats

Seven Boats’ Corporate Training in Digital Marketing India is more than just a training session. It’s a comprehensive program tailored to individual needs that helps organizations get ahead in this competitive business environment. Through intense practice and up to date knowledge, the course nurtures the professional development of your organization’s members and makes sure that they are equipped with the vital skills necessary for success. What further distinguishes Seven Boats from other training providers is its focus on not only technical proficiency but also real-life project exposures, which help better prepare participants for the workplace by strengthening their creative thinking abilities. All in all, investing in Seven Boat’s Digital Marketing Corporate Training India is an investment that will pay dividends for years to come.


Dear Debajyoti, On behalf of the Marketing and Strategy Club at London Business School, I would like to thank Seven Boats Academy for conducting the Digital Ads Workshops on 11th and 12th March 2022. We are grateful for the time and effort you took to share valuable lessons with our attendees. Judging from the comments of those who attended, the workshop was very successful. Many credits to you and Mr. Biplab Das for such interactive and engaging presentations. We appreciate you answering all of the students’ questions and sharing your expertise with us. We were pleased to have you as a partner institute this year and hope that we can continue this in the future years. Thank you again!
london business school
Connor Van Gessel
Co-President, Marketing and Strategy Club 2021-22, LONDON BUSINESS SCHOOL
On behalf of the Student Chapter, ‘Computer Society of India’ we wanted to express our appreciation to you for online convention on Digital Marketing & Statistical Approach. It was extremely informative & the class size and participation illustrated the importance of this topic to bankers. Thanks for making such convention successful and we appreciate your continued support.
Prof. Dr. K P Yadav, Vice Chancellor, Sangam University shares positive feedback about Seven Boats
Prof. Dr. K P Yadav
VC, Sangam University
Dear Team, We would like to first express our gratitude to Mr. Debajyoti Banerjee for the insightful session on Digital Marketing. The attendees were very appreciative of the learning and found the skills taught to be an asset for their future path ahead in their managerial career. Thank you team Seven Boats for your coordination & support.
IIM Shillong
IIM Rohtak community would like to thank you for your contribution as distinguished speaker in the workshop. As a token of our gratitude, in your honour, a tree has been planted at Rewari district Haryana to provide the local communities with fresh fruits and oxygen. We appreciate your memorable contribution and hope that you will join us again
IIM Rohtak appreciates Seven Boats
IIM Rohtak

In Media

Seven Boats in Media - Best digital marketing training institute in India

Few Samples of Seven Boats Academy's Digital Marketing Corporate Training Certificates

PRSI & Seven Boats Joint Certification
Seven Boats Digital Marketing Certification for London Business SchoolS
GNITS & Seven Boats Joint Certification
Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing by Seven Boats and Bengal Chamber of Commerce
Digital Marketing Certification by Seven Boats and Brainware
Seven Boats and IBS Digital Marketing certificate

It is said that “Knowledge is Priceless”, but in practice, where on earth you get good knowledge today without spending a penny?

The answer is – “nowhere”! In fact you make a hole in your pocket any day to learn basic things from some run of the mill unscrupulous places who trap you off-guard and instead of providing meaningful knowledge, misguide you to laugh their way to the bank. Let us clarify you here that Digital Marketing is neither a rocket science nor an amalgamation of technology stuffs the legend of Apple is made up of, that you need to spend a hefty sum to learn a bit of it.

With advancement of web technologies, Digital Marketing has so far come a long way, seemingly without much stirring the water. At least this appears so for the people of Kolkata, since we have been slow starter to embrace information and web technologies. That’s why the corporate business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs and even career seeking students have soft exposure to the concept of 360-degree Digital Marketing. Being a Web and Digital Marketing consulting agency, we have experienced in past that the knowledge of Kolkata based corporates and students about this subject of Marketing were mostly limited to Search Engine Optimization and Social Media. But the scenario is changing fast. As Kolkata has notched up a few places today to become one of the major ecommerce and digital marketing hubs in India, the platform has been steadied and the demand is on upswing. It makes sense in today’s scenario that you have proper knowledge of 360-degree Digital Marketing.

However, without proper guidance how can you expect to know about 360-degree digital marketing?

Today the galloping advancements of digital technologies have made it possible for businesses to reach 200 million internet users. In India alone there are 70 million smartphone users who are hungrily looking for information on the go. And when 55 million unique internet users spend 4 billion minutes per month on Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms, why the corporates, SMEs, entrepreneurs and startups would fall back on traditional marketing methods anymore? The things are changing by the simple logic – “Change is the Nature”! Isn’t it the right time then to attend Digital Marketing Workshop for Corporates and Business Entrepreneurs based in Kolkata to update their knowledge?

We are sure you will need this sooner than expected to devise your business strategies better, even if you hire an agency or outsource Digital Marketing to a managed outsource partner.

But when every institute is competing with each other to encash from the trending “knowledge business”, where will you get to attend one Corporate Digital Marketing Workshop in Kolkata at a very reasonable price?

This question is even more relevant for the students and professionals. They find themselves on the crossroads in a situation when they see a career opportunity arriving on the horizon yet they hold back apprehending the monetary loss.

But the fact is that Digital Marketing will shape the careers of many people than ever expected in coming few years and it’s going to be one of the major career choices for college pass-outs and graduates.

The marketing professionals will validate that they are already realizing the pressing need of upgrading their knowledge in Digital Marketing as devising marketing strategies with the inputs from Google Analytics, Facebook insights, competitor research and several other social media matrices are becoming need of the hour.

Then do you think an investment in attending Digital Marketing workshop & training in Kolkata for Students and Professionals, designed by Seven Boats Info-System Pvt. Ltd. will go waste?

We assure it will not since we are not up to making a hole in your pocket! We believe in delivering quality knowledge. That’s our vision to make knowledge available for everyone who needs it and we do not charge you too much!

What you get to learn from the workshop (Highlights):

Come and attend our one day workshop and gain valuable insights on this subject. We have designed this workshop to give you an insightful overview of topics like:

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing

  • Digital Marketing Mix

  • Keyword Analysis & Content Structure 12274363_929680043783521_5194539760658426204_n

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)

  • Content Marketing

  • Online Advertising, Adwords, PPC, CPA

  • Email Marketing

  • SMS Marketing
  • Google Analytics

  • Mobile Apps marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing and many more

Our intention is to enrich your portfolio of knowledge with a mix of fun and refreshment in a relaxed environment. Our aim is to ignite the spark in you so that you can see several opportunities opening up in your career or business.

Who can attend?Students attending digital marketing workshops & training at Seven Boats Academy, Kolkata

  • Corporates

  • Working professionals

  • Students

  • Startup/SME business owners

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Career Aspirants

  • Freelancers

What are your benefits?

  • If you are a corporate or SME business owner, discover how to boost your reputation / market share / revenue

  • If you are a professional, learn new things to climb the ladder of promotion

  • If you are a students, get yourself introduced to a new career prospect

  • If you are a startup business owner or an entrepreneur, see the cost effective ways to promote your business

  • If you are a career aspirant, find a whole new way to plan your career

  • If you are a freelancer, enhance your skill set with the knowledge of digital marketing

Who trains you?

Debajyoti Banerjee: When you get to interact and learn from one of Digital Marketing industry’s “Been There Done That” professional, CEO and founder of Seven Boats Info-System, Mr. Debajyoti Banerjee, you will forget to bring up any trivial issue. He makes it such interesting that you would never get to regret about what you spend on it! In fact the knowledge you gain might make you interested to check his Digital Marketing Training in Kolkata for further exploring the advanced digital marketing techniques. Having more than 18 years of industry experience, Debajyoti – the web strategist, has transformed the online presence of more than 300 businesses and thawed up many a young entrepreneur minds sitting on the helm of matters in Seven Boats. He is among the few successful startup business owners in Kolkata, felicitated by IIM Shillong, IIM Rohtak, London Business School, Ranchi University, Calcutta University, AICTE ATAL FDP, UGC, IIT Guwahati, IIT Kharagpur, GMIT Kolkata and many other technical/management institutes for his ethical contribution in society – empowering knowledge and employment.

Check his LinkedIn profile

Biplab Das:
One of the pillars of Seven Boats who feels this company as his family. A highly dedicated, sincere and self motivated guy having great attention to details. A vivid learner who always loves to face challenges going beyond his comfort zone. Biplab has handled various responsibilities in IT Domain including System Administration in his more than 16 years of experience.

Check his LinkedIn profile

Check all trainer profiles

What’s the number of participants?

Minimum 10 persons per Workshop at Seven Boats premises. For on-site or online corporate/institutional workshop, call us at 033-4064-7085 / 8017049042 or drop us an email at [email protected]

Where is the venue?

You can avail our digital marketing corporate training in 3 modes mentioned below. 

On-site corporate training: At your office premises. Our trainers will train you f2f in hands-on corporate workshop mode at your office premises.

Online Instructor-led corporate training: Through live Google meet class and recordings

At Seven Boats H.O

Seven Boats Info-System Private Limited

(Corporate Office & Seven Boats Academy at Kolkata locations)

You must be wondering the price tag for attending this one day training workshop would be as much as others charge for similar Bootcamp for Digital Marketing in Kolkata, India or in any other locations in India. You guess this would be  quite higher as per the industry norm. If not you would probably frown away doubting about the quality of the Customized Digital Marketing Workshop in Kolkata we are offering!

We assure you, we neither charge you something that will drain out your hard earned money nor we do compromise on the quality of the training.

We assure you will get the best ROI for acquiring the cutting-edge knowledge.

We charge you nominal fees for the one day Digital Marketing Boot Camp in Kolkata (at Seven Boats’s Premises)For on-site corporate/institutional workshop or online corporate training on digital marketing, call us at 033-4064-7085/8017049042 or drop us an email at [email protected]. For our regular digital marketing course, you can check it out here

What are you waiting for then? Pick up the phone and call us now or let us know about your interest.

Digital marketing workshop in Kolkata

Call: +91 8017049042 / 033 -4064-7085

Email: [email protected]

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Seven Boats Academy (A Unit of Seven Boats Info-System Private Limited) is an award-winning digital marketing institute located in Kolkata India, offering digital marketing courses for job seekers, working professionals, and entrepreneurs. This digital marketing institute has set a new benchmark for digital marketing education in India by training over 100K+ students in digital marketing through their online, classroom, corporate training and workshops. Seven Boats provides digital marketing solutions tailored to each student’s requirements while ensuring they acquire the latest industry skills that are required to kickstart their digital career. With their committed team of experienced digital professionals by their side and interactive teaching pedagogy, it’s no wonder Seven Boats has become one of the premier digital marketing institutes in India.

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