Quora Launches Promoted Answers Ad Slot

Quora's promoted answers
quora introduced promoted answers

Quora Promoted Answers

What is ‘promoted answers’ by quora? As a digital marketer, you must have used the Twitter feature ‘Promoted Tweets’ or Facebook’s ‘Promoted Posts’. These are something similar to advertorials published in newspapers. The purpose is advertising, but it is done through informative content typical of editorials. It serves twin purposes: disseminating information and at the same time, promoting a brand.

Quora is launching a new feature that does exactly that. It’s called ‘Promoted Answers’.

You know that Quora is where users come to find answers to their questions. Through this feature, brands and companies can promote their answers and in turn, their brand. The Promoted Answers feature will comprise of a question and some part of the answer to that question, with a link leading to the full and complete answer to it. This link could be leading to a page designated by you as a landing page.

If you already using the answers on Quora to promote your brand, you can take this as an extension of what you have been doing till date. There are many brands that have benefitted immensely by offering organic answers to questions posed by users of Quora. So the new feature of Promoted Answers only wraps this practice in the garb of an ad.

The upside of using Promoted Answers is that it allows you to get to the crux of the question without compromising on the answer due to paucity of space. In a regular ad copy, you are constrained due to the space factor. With Promoted Answers, that limitation is addressed. You can even engage the users of Quora, which has a monthly unique visitor count of more than 300 million (comparable to Pinterest and Twitter). The comments, votes and ‘follows’ that you get because of your answer opens up newer doors for customer acquisition, a delicious proposition for digital marketers


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