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Pinterest Getting Friendlier to Digital Marketers

Pinterest Getting Friendlier to Digital Marketers 1 - pinterest

Social media networks are now exploring the option of earning more ad revenue to keep their business running. And why shouldn’t they? Businesses and internet marketers are exploiting social media platforms to promote and marker their products and services. It makes sense if the favours are paid back by the same coin!

Pinterest is now opening up doors to attract more digital marketers by offering greater opportunities. In the latest update rolling out in the next few weeks, Pinterest users can view the stats of monthly visitors to a particular board or pin. It’s not just the owners or administrators who can view this data. Any user of Pinterest can check out the stat. In a way, you, as a normal user, will be able to know how many people have viewed a particular pin or board.

This will enable digital marketers who are using Pinterest for business interests to figure out how their pins are fairing in the bid to attract viewers. They can check out the competition as well.

Pinterest will also enable the option of using dynamic cover images to Pinterest business profiles. As a result, you will be able to use marketing messages in a better way, giving your viewers something to chew on when they visit your page.

What’s more, if you are unhappy with the number of views on your pin, you can promote them actively on Pinterest to garner more views. While digital marketers could amplify their number of followers on Pinterest in any which way, it is not that easy to shore up the number of views, and that happens to be a better metric to gauge your user engagement on this platform.

So, get ready to handle Pinterest in a different manner!

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