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Google Isn’t Counting Your Content Typos!

content typos

A user recently asked the Google Webmaster Trends analyst John Mueller how the search engine giant perceived content which had errors in grammar or spelling mistakes. The user, just like a million others across the globe, was under the impression that such errors resulted in Google downgrading the content in its pecking order on SERPs.

As the response from John Mueller suggests, it is not the case.

Mueller responded to this query with the view that Google was not interested in counting the typos you commit on your page of content. Additionally, the errors were not a factor in how Google was ranking your content. Of course, he was categorical in stating that such errors put the page in a poor light in view of the readers and general users of Google.

So, while it is always advisable that you proof-read your content before publishing it online, the mistakes along the way won’t reflect poorly on the SERP rank. However, the readability of your content isn’t entirely dependent on Google. Google simply helps people find your content. Whether they will read it or not is something that depends on how you handle the subject and the material.

When compared to other websites which offer clean, error-free content, your page full of typos or grammatical mistakes reflect poorly on your authority as a publisher, and the seriousness of the writer. If you don’t value your work, and publish the best possible version online, how can you expect your readers to value or cherish what you write? It’s brings down the repeat viewers of content and cuts out the possibility of sharing online.

Make sure you are honest to what you publish. Your brand value depends on it.

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