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DEI Policy (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion)

At Seven Boats Info-System Private Limited and Seven Boats Academy, we are committed to fostering an inclusive and equitable work and learning environment for our employees, students, partners, and stakeholders so that they are treated with respect, dignity, and fairness. We believe that diversity enhances creativity, drives innovation, and enriches our overall organizational culture. We believe that embracing diversity and promoting equity and inclusion not only enriches our workplace and educational experiences but also enhances our ability to innovate and succeed in a global and interconnected world.

DEI policy & Implementation

This Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Policy outlines our commitment to promoting diversity, ensuring equity, and cultivating an inclusive atmosphere within our company and educational institution.

  1. Diversity Statement: We value and respect the diverse backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and identities of our employees, students, clients, and partners. We are committed to creating a welcoming environment that embraces individuals from all races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, religions, abilities, ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, and other dimensions of diversity.
  2. Non-Discrimination: We prohibit any form of discrimination, prejudice, harassment, or bias-based actions or decisions against individuals on the basis of their race, color, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, age, veteran status, or any other protected characteristic as outlined by applicable law.
  3. Equity: We are dedicated to providing equal opportunities for professional growth, advancement, and success to all employees, students, and stakeholders. We strive to ensure fair and unbiased treatment in all aspects of employment and education, including hiring, promotions, compensation, benefits, and access to resources.
  4. Inclusive Culture: We seek to cultivate an inclusive culture where every individual feels valued, respected, and included. We encourage open communication, active listening, and constructive dialogue in order to foster understanding, empathy, and collaboration across diverse perspectives. We provide training and resources to promote cultural competence, allyship, and awareness of unconscious biases.
  5. Accessibility: We are committed to providing equal access to our physical and digital spaces, materials, and technologies for all individuals, including those with disabilities. We strive to continuously improve accessibility by adhering to applicable accessibility standards and guidelines.
  6. Recruitment and Retention: We actively promote diversity and inclusivity in our recruitment and retention efforts. We seek to attract a diverse pool of talent through inclusive job postings and outreach activities that target underrepresented groups. We evaluate candidates based on their qualifications, skills, and potential, ensuring an unbiased and equitable selection process.
  7. Supplier and Partner Diversity: We aim to work with suppliers, vendors, and partners who share our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We encourage the engagement of businesses owned by minorities, women, LGBTQ+ individuals, veterans, and individuals with disabilities.
  8. Training and Education: We will provide ongoing training and educational opportunities to promote awareness and understanding of diversity and inclusion issues. This includes workshops, seminars, and resources designed to address bias, discrimination, and microaggressions.
  9. Women empowerment & Youth Empowerment: At Seven Boats Info-System Private Limited and Seven Boats Academy, we strongly believe in empowering women and the youth. We have robust initiatives in place to promote inclusivity and create opportunities for women to thrive and excel in the tech industry. Additionally, we actively support youth empowerment programs, providing mentorship, training, and resources to help young individuals unlock their full potential and achieve success in their chosen paths.
  10. Reporting and Accountability: We maintain a zero-tolerance policy regarding any form of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation. We provide multiple channels for reporting incidents of misconduct or concerns related to DEI issues. Reports will be promptly and impartially investigated, and appropriate action will be taken to address any violations of this policy.
  11. Ongoing Evaluation and Improvement: We regularly assess and review our DEI practices, policies, and initiatives to ensure their effectiveness and alignment with evolving best practices. We encourage feedback from our employees, students, and stakeholders to continually improve our efforts in fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment.

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to creating an environment that values and respects the unique perspectives, backgrounds, and identities of all individuals, regardless of race, color, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, socioeconomic status, or any other characteristic protected by law.


Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy aims to:

1. Foster a culture of respect and appreciation for diversity, where everyone is treated fairly and has equal access to opportunities for professional growth and education.

2. Eliminate discrimination, harassment, and bias from our workplace and educational settings, ensuring a safe and welcoming atmosphere for all.

3. Provide resources, training, and support to employees, students, and partners to enhance their understanding of diversity and inclusion and encourage active participation in promoting these principles.

4. Continuously monitor and assess our DEI efforts to identify areas for improvement and take proactive measures to address any disparities.

Leadership and Accountability

Our leadership team is responsible for championing diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the organization and academy. We will regularly review and assess the effectiveness of our DEI initiatives and adjust our strategies as needed to ensure continuous improvement.


This Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Policy reflects our commitment to creating a workplace and educational institution that embraces and celebrates diversity, promotes equity, and fosters an inclusive culture. By upholding these principles, we strive to build a vibrant and supportive community that empowers individuals to thrive and contribute to their fullest potential.

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