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Digital Marketing Services Tailored for Ireland

Digital marketing services IrelandAccording to a research conducted jointly by the Marketing Institute of Ireland (MII) and Amarach Research, 60% of the marketing fraternity were planning to increase their digital marketing spend in 2014. Valued today, there is a jump to 24% of the total marketing budget that is earmarked for digital marketing channels. If you look at some more stats, 63% of the marketers rely on social media marketing, and 59% try out experimental attempts to hog more market share while 58% spend on getting their online PR on the right lane. These numbers will tell you the story: Ireland is a thriving online marketing territory and the pie is definitely going to get bigger!

Where We Come In for digital marketing services for Ireland companies

Keeping this hive of online activity and potential marketing in mind, 7boats.com has come up with a clutch of digital marketing services that will help your business grow exponentially in the online sphere of Ireland. We have a varied number of services, professionals and technological tools to help you grab your share of the online market while you pay your attention to your core business area. Take a look at some of the internet marketing services in Ireland that we offer to brands, small and large alike:

  • Search Engine Optimization: The silent king in the scheme of things! It may not be flashy like social media marketing that always hits the headlines, but SEO is definitely growing in stature. Search engines have changed their core areas of functioning, focusing more on mobile searches. We have the skills required to not just grab search results for desktop computers but also on the mobile spectrum and in local search. Your business will receive a major boost in the sales graph when customers find your brand and website easily, sometimes even generically. Our SEO team has worked with global brands and firms, establishing a reputation in a time that most cannot.

  • Social Media Marketing: The bandwagon that everyone wants to be on! But unfortunately, few know the rules of the game. 7boats.com has worked on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter since this arm of online marketing began to announce itself on the big stage. Since then, we have added to our oeuvre by working consistently on sites like Instagram and Pinterest. We provide targeted social media marketing, minimizing wastage ensuring quality service, keeping a close tab on the online branding of your products and services.

  • Online Reputation Management: The collateral of the nameless, faceless online voice! Thanks to the ability to voice your concerns over the internet, no matter how weak or feeble or untrue it is, online reputation of brands and companies can go for a toss. The smallest ripple in a teacup can blow up into a tempest online. We ensure that your online reputation in Ireland holds true, against malicious attacks by competitors or even disgruntled customers. Our brand reputation experts take the sheen off vicious comments by burying them under positive, encouraging views of your brand or company. This is a safety latch that every major company is gunning for.

  • Content Marketing: What is a website without jaw-dropping content? Search engines and generally everyone online understands the value of quality content these days. Gone are the days of content farming or duplication. Online users pay premium value for good content. Content is also not just about text anymore. There are images and infographics for social network sharing. Content for websites, blogs and articles need more than just readers: they need mentions on Facebook or Twitter. There are also multiple channels of pushing out content, with one piece of superlative work published across the board in a syndicated manner. All this comes under the umbrella of our content marketing division.

  • Website Development: This is your online identity! This is where netizens come to find you, your brand, your products and your services. This is your online address and home. We ensure that it is visit worth the time and bandwidth invested by the netizens. We have a team of world-class web designers and developers who work with an international focus and exposure. They know the latest in the industry and offer the very best that money can buy. With our website development, you will not miss another customer!

  • Internet Marketing: This is a kind of miscellaneous division that contains all the other online services in Ireland that we provide. This includes PPC and CPA campaigns, bulk SMS markeing, business analytics, intelligence & conversion optimization, managed outsourcing services & dedicated hiring, domain hosting, bulk email marketing, local search engine optimization and online advertising, marketing consultancy, SEO website audit and performance analysis, video marketing, web-based research, productivity and utility software, WordPress tweaking and ecommerce development.

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