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Managed Outsourcing Services to India

Scale up Your Business by Outsourcing Projects in India !

Are you a business owner ?

Are the things like long term cost saving, office space management, risk management, cost restructuring and increasing competition giving you sleep-less nights?

Almost every business owner negotiates the pressure of increasing revenues with his existing pool of workforce. But do they always deliver with ever increasing volume of work?

These are the reasons why big corporates, mid-sized organizations or small enterprises in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia or America think of outsourcing services in India.

But you have a few questions here before proceeding any further.

What about the quality of the human resource then?

Where is the guarantee on the reliability of the outsource service provider?

How can you be sure of the security of your files and intellectual property?

Will there be any flexibility and scalability according to your budget?

Having got the satisfactory answers for all these questions, you must be then looking for an effective solution to get rid of your obstacles and focus more on your core business. You must be looking for a service provider who can come up with a solution to tide over the swelling costs cropping up in your business and also at the same time improve the quality of your day to day business operation by taking away most of your non-core business woes.

Grow Your Business with Seven Boats Managed Outsourcing Services !

Strategically outsource your different works and satisfy rising customers expectations with better delivery. Outsource software development, mobile app development, website development, digital marketing to Seven Boats Info-System. We are a reputed Website, Software development and Digital Marketing Outsourcing company in India. Having been successfully associated with more than 300 outsourced projects across Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Sweden, USA, China, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Dubai and Nigeria, we are known for delivering top class business performance in more than 25 different industry verticals, namely Health Care/Medical, Education, Engineering, Retail, Business Services, Finance, HR, Architects & Home Remodeling firms, Manufacturing, Hotels & Travel, IT, Real Estates, Art & Entertainment, Astrology and many more. We are appreciated by our domestic and international clients because we believe in quality delivery of your outsourced services and we carefully recruit the best human resources based on our your needs.

Why Choose Seven Boats as Your Outsourcing Agency in India ?

Dedicated Experts

  • Select, shortlist and help in hiring skilled human resources matching your needs. Get your own outsourcing team

  • Experienced and dedicated project managers


  • Rated among the top Digital Marketing companies in India

  • Associated with Indian Institute of Technology

  • ISO certified

  • Adhere to “No Software Piracy” policy


  • Source files and intellectual property protection

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement

  • Transparent Terms of Service


  • Hire full time, part-time or hourly resources based on your requirement

  • Performance based replaceable human resources

  • Scalable manpower

Our Outsourcing Services

  • Website Development

  • Digital Marketing

  • Software Development

  • Mobile App Development

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