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Seven Boats is one of the top Digital Marketing companies in India offering ROI Focused 360 Degree Digital Marketing & Website Development services under one roof. As per DigitalMonster.org magazine, Seven Boats is listed in Top 100 Digital Marketing Agencies in India in 2015. Seven Boats is also recognized as one of the top SEO companies in Kolkata. We have worked on more than 500 domestic and international projects. Our specialized team of digital marketing consultants with extensive experience in the domain of Internet Marketing, has successfully handled leading clients in 25+ industry verticals. It is because of our unique tailor-made internet marketing strategy and quality web marketing and SEO services at affordable fees that big brands & ecommerce product based companies, corporates, local businesses & entrepreneurs, SMEs & startup companies from all over the world find it comfortable to engage us as their SEO and digital marketing partner.

Our clients from Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Gurgaon, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata & many other cities in India appreciate us for work ethics and for our unique cost-effective online marketing solutions and SEO service for their brand promotion. And that is not all! Our International clients from USA, Canada, UK, France, Ireland, Australia, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Singapore and United Arab Emirates (UAE) admire us as a growing internet marketing & web consultant in India, as they get performance based customized digital marketing services with effective strategy & innovative solutions from Seven Boats. If you are searching for SEO company in Kolkata or Social Media Marketing companies in Kolkata India to promote your brand or business, Seven Boats customized digital marketing solution is the answer.

Our Services at a Glance

1) 360 degree digital marketing -

As a trusted digital marketing agency in India, we offer KPI based customized digital marketing services for more visibility, more reach, more leads and a better return on investment (ROI) for your business.

2) SEO, Website Audit & Performance Analysis -

Success driven search experience optimization services (SEO) & Google keyword ranking services emphasising on expert website audit, keyword research, competition analysis & performance analysis services.

3) Content Writing & Content Marketing -

Excellent quality web content writing services & sales copywriting services. Specialist in Content writing, Blog writing, Presentation writing, Proposal writing, Ad copywriting, Email newsletter writing & more.

4) eCommerce Development & Web Development -

Affordable Ecommerce Website Development, Shopping Cart, Online Payment Integration, Website Development & web maintenance services. Complete web development services capable of delivering Modern, Responsive, Mobile friendly websites.

5) WordPress Tweaking & Development -

Expert WordPress development, consulting & tweaking services.

6) Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing & More -

Professional social media marketing services & solutions including Facebook marketing, Twitter promotion, Google+ marketing, Youtube channel & video marketing, LinkedIn promotion, Pinterest, Instagram shares & more. Seven Boats is a leading Social Media Marketing company. We have an expert team for social content strategy & viral marketing.

7) Marketing Consultancy -

Expert marketing consultancy services in Kolkata. We give fresh ideas, insights & right strategy to market your product or services online. Cutting-edge Digital marketing mix, online marketing audit, marketing report, website promotion strategies & recommendations for individuals, agencies & enterprise.

8) Domain, Hosting, Bulk Email Marketing & Email Solutions -

Reliable & affordable domain registration & web hosting services. Make your business available 24×7. Bulk email marketing services in Kolkata. List & subscriber management, Email template, Email newsletter writing, Campaign setup, Reports and more.

9) Bulk SMS Marketing -

Affordable bulk SMS marketing service. Reach maximum customer at lowest price with bulk SMS.

10) Digital Marketing Training and workshops -

Digital marketing, SEO classroom training in Kolkata & Digital Marketing Boot-camp Workshops for the Corporates, Students, Entrepreneurs & Professionals. Seven Boats Academy provides industry oriented Online marketing training on live projects by experts. Affordable course fees.

11) Web design & graphics design -

Affordable website designing, graphic design & print ready design services (Flyer design, Brochure design, Leaflet design, Flex banner design, Vinyl Banner design, Packaging design, Visiting card design, Catalog design, Infographic design & more). Get HTML web design, Custom web designing, mobile responsive web design, WordPress theme/ template design & customization services from Seven Boats, a cost-effective graphic & web design company in Kolkata.

12) Online reputation management & branding -

Online reputation management services / brand reputation management. Rely on experts from Seven Boats Info-System, a professional online reputation management company in Kolkata, to tackle negative comments effectively & manage your online reputation with positive reviews.

13) Business Analytics, Intelligence & Conversion Optimization -

Get insights & right decision derived from data. Affordable analytics & business intelligence services. Google analytics, website heatmap, reports, recommendations & more. Save your time & get right direction for your online marketing. Get Landing pages design consultation, Squeeze page design, placement of call to action button, sales message, Headlines optimization, Conversion rate optimization services.

14) Local Search Marketing & Online Advertising –

PPC, Adwords - Google places for business, local classified listing, Local SEO services & more. Google Adwords, PPC, CPA, Re marketing, Facebook Ads, Paid Press Releases, LinkedIn Ads & more.

15) Managed Outsourcing Services & Dedicated Hiring -

Managed outsourcing services in India. We work as trusted offshore outsourcing partner for various digital marketing companies in Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand, UAE, Nigeria & South East Asian countries. We provide dedicated hiring for SEO, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, WordPress Development and more.

Awards & Accolades

Recognized by the IITs, felicitated by Gargi Memorial Institute of Technology (GMIT) and awarded with Indian Leadership Award by IEDRA Seven Boats Info-System is committed towards building the digital marketing eco-system though their training division - Seven Boats Academy. We have been invited & appreciated for digital marketing corporate workshop in Primarc Group Kolkata (STORY, Junction Mall Durgapur, Aura Real Estate Projects & more). We have also been featured in Your Story, National Entrepreneurship Network, Social Samosa, Read Startups, Silicon India, Compete Magazine (Vol 3.) of United World School of Business, Kolkata and appreciated, invited and felicitated by the likes of IIT Kharagpur, Hope Foundation Kolkata and Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Seven Boats is listed in Top 100 Digital Marketing companies in India in 2015 as per Digital Monster Magazine

Why Seven Boats?

Get more customers

If you are targeting to bring in new visitors, grow online sales, get the customers coming back for more, Seven Boats can help with their SEO services and online marketing solutions.

Reach the targeted audience at the right time

People find your business on Google when they search for the products, services & solutions that you offer.

Advertise locally or globally

Geographically target your business to customers in your preferred countries, regions or cities – or within a set boundary from your business or shop.

If you need us, we are here

Seven Boats lets you manage your digital marketing campaign by yourself, or you can call us for free expert consultation and support on 801 7049 042 / (033) 4001-6612

Here is why you should think digital for your business

digital marketing solution by seven boats
  1. There are 200 Million internet users in India today. That is 200 Million opportunities for your business to grow.
  2. There are 70 Million smartphone users in India who spend 72 minutes on mobile internet everyday. An effective mobile strategy can help you reach customers on the go.
  3. There has been 20x growth in search queries in the last 5 years. That is a 20x more growth for your business online. Learn more here why do you need SEO
  4. There are 55 Million unique internet users in India who spend 4 billion minutes per month on youtube. That is a huge opportunity to promote your brands.
          **source-IAMAI 2013 Report, Comscore Estimate

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Introducing Digital Marketing on Demand Services (DMoD)

Digital Marketing on Demand Services by Seven BoatsYour business is driven on the path to success by the best possible marketing vehicle for reaching maximum potential customers. This is the basic Marketing mantra. Any business would want to showcase product, service or solution to the targeted audience by means of the best available media. But cost of the marketing effort always remains a concern, be it for a corporate or a startup. At the end of the day you sit down scratching your head with the balance sheet, calculating ROI, verifying KPI, so on and so forth. As more avenues are thrown open by digital marketing the cost appears more reasonable though, you are more skeptic now about strategy, tracking of leads, conversion and real money pouring in against whatever dime you spend. You become cautious, monitor your competitor activities with your limited knowledge about the process, ask all and sundry to be more sure about the effectiveness of internet marketing and finally settle down within your shell relying on age old traditional marketing methods. No worries now! We at Seven Boats understand your concern. In order to contribute to the growing digital marketing ecosystem & to make you feel more comfortable with web based marketing techniques, which is very fast becoming the obvious first choice of doing business promotion worldwide, we have for the first time come up with an unique idea of giving you the best strategic digital marketing opportunity - that too, without making a hole in your pocket!

Here we present the first ever cutting-edge DMoD Service in Kolkata(Digital Marketing on Demand) for the corporates, startups & entrepreneurs to leverage up on. So do not hold back in confusion. Take a conscious decision and talk to our experts to learn more.

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