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Content writing Services India Kolkata By Seven Boats

Content Writing Services 

(Creative & SEO Content Writing for Blog, Sales Page, Newsletter, Website, Marketing , Ad Copywriting and more – By Seven Boats, Kolkata, India)

Original and high quality content writing service to boost your Online Marketing Effort

You are in Good hand. Our content writing services have been highly appreciated by various national & international clients. See our content writing samples . Read our testimonials.

Our content writing specialties –

  • -> Unique content, copyscape passed.
  • -> Fresh & highly relevant content.
  • -> Well researched & informative writing.
  • -> Lucid & Crisp content flow.
  • -> Highly effective content writing to attract & engage your customers.

The Power of the Written Word

Content forms the mainstay of any online campaign. You are communicating with your targeted consumers about your business with the help of written web pages. There is no way in which you can ignore the demands for a well-written and readable website. Our content writing services understands the growing need for quality content. We have a team of experienced and skilled content writers. They are well-versed in the art of online writing, which is very different from any other medium. Online content writing has to be simple, enjoyable and informative. Relevance of the content to the web page is also very important.

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hand drawn pointerWhen consumers are looking to purchase on the Internet, they want to read informative, credible accounts about products and services. Full-throttle marketing copies repel the average online user because they know that overzealous marketers can write anything to make a sale. Our content writing services does not believe in such practices. We are also against packing the content of the website or other associated web pages with keywords. Our writers make use of relevant keywords judiciously. The stress is on communicating the idea in simple, lucid words. The writers on our SEO team know that online users glance through content speedily. We make provisions to reach out through an easy language.

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You need copy that works for your landing page, but putting it together yourself can be a frustrating and fruitless experience.

7Boats empowers you to quickly and easily build custom, graphically-enhanced landing pages without further cost, code, or hassle. 7Boats delivers copywriting advice & unique quality content for each type of landing page directly from your Blogging / WordPress interface, so you get better while getting things done.

Hand drawn markerSome of the pointers of our content writing services:

  • Stress on communicating the marketing idea and information as opposed to keywords. Keywords accentuate the writing, not dictate it. Our writers draft copies that are sufficiently readable and precise
  • Focus on the online consumers’ needs. The web page that they visit must have the content that they are looking for. The meta tags, the headlines and the main content are all synchronized in a straight alignment
  • Thorough understanding of the SEO structure and its demands on content. The writers adhere to the norms and trends of online writing by drafting search engine-friendly copies
  • Use of easy-to-read language that makes an immediate impression on the online readers. A specific, to-the-point approach is followed in writing web pages.
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Our Content Writing Services