Google Revamps Google Travel Search Options

Google travel search options

What is Google Travel search Options?

What are the two most important searches conducted by those who are making travel plans? The answer is hotels and flight tickets. The rest of the research comes later. And when you search for hotels and flights, the price points are most crucial. Everyone likes a good deal and will be appreciative if the searches are tailor-made for such intentions.

You wish it and Google does it for you!

Get the best deals in new Google Travel Search Options

The revamped travel search options offered by Google make use of machine learning to give the best deals on your device screens. Moreover, if you want to specify a particular price point as the base and then conduct the search, you can do that as well. Let’s look at the revamped options with regards to flights first and hotels later.

With the new feature, and with the help of machine learning, Google will give you insights about flight prices. So, you can now check if the prices are higher, lower or typical of the particular flight. In fact, there is the added advantage of letting you know if the prices are likely to drop or shoot up anytime soon! This feature was around earlier, but it was applicable for holiday dates only. Now this feature opens up across the calendar, helping millions of travellers across the globe, especially budget travellers.

Good news for budget travellers using Google Travel Search

There is better news for budget travellers when it comes to booking through Google. Now on, you will get an idea of which hotels are offering price tags much lower than the usual. After all, it never hurts to grab a better deal when it comes to booking hotels for a trip. You will also get to see reviews and photos that are put together for your screen by machine learning. Since the process is automated, you can expect greater precision in giving you exactly the kind of information you need.

Hopefully travel will be easier on the pocket now on, thanks to Google!

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