How to Write Digital Marketing Resume for freshers – A Complete Guide – Tips to Write a Winning Digital Marketing CV

Learn how to make digital marketing resume or CV. Entry level digital marketing resume, experienced digital marketing resume, digital marketing resume template, Digital marketing resume sample PDF & more. Effective tips to make a winning digital marketing CV.

To get a digital marketing job, a resume is the most important factor for a fresher. Making a job-winning resume is a different skill and you have to develop it to get hired by a company. The right format, language, and template increase the hiring chances in the digital field.   

Digital entrepreneurship is the best option for digital marketing professionals. But it takes time to make decent money for a living. Hence, taking a digital marketing job is a good choice to survive at the initial stage of the career. 

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What Is a Digital Marketing Resume? 

Digital marketing resume is all about convincing hiring companies in every possible way that you are the right person to hire and fulfill their needs with required professional skills and knowledge. 

Your resume can make your hiring company believe that you have all the skills and expertise to perform their required digital initiatives. You have to include each and every section very carefully in your resume to stand out in the thousands of applications. 

Why Digital Marketing Resume 

Digital marketing resumes showcase everything like education, skills, experiences, achievements, etc. It’s very easy for a hiring professional to have a quick look at the resume and get an overall idea about the candidate’s expertise and capability.

However, your resume shows your digital expertise and skills. I recommend you add a section that can help you stand out from the crowd such as achievements. In case you are completely fresher, you can add a section of real projects. Your own real projects can help you get higher preference in the digital marketing field. 

How to Write Digital Marketing Resume for Freshers

Writing a digital marketing resume for freshers is a hard job. You don’t have any achievement or experience at the fresher level. It’s really hard to make your hiring company believe in you. 

I highly recommend you create your own real-time projects before applying for jobs. It will help your recruiter to understand your capability and you will be hired easily. 

Also use SMART approach – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound – For example, you can write ” Awarded as best intern for positive contribution to the company’s goal – Achieved 10% revenue growth in 3 months or Saved company’s expenses by 5% by introducing automation. Give support documents or links or example.

Use power words in your CV. Give proof in support.

Build your own portfolio website (Wix or WordPress self hosted site or Blog or YouTube Channel), create an active and professional LinkedIn Profile. You should also have professional Facebook profile or page.

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Sections to include in digital marketing resume:

Companies search for experts who can perform excellent digital activities and increase ROI in a specific area. In your resume, you should include some sections that can help your recruiter understand your digital expertise easily. 

Here’s a list of sections you should consider including in your resume. Whenever you include these sections in your digital marketing resume, make sure you follow the following order. These sections are relevant for the digital marketing hiring process and help recruiters to make a positive decision for you. 

  1. Name
  2. One-line job title  
  3. Personal information
  4. Objective or summary 
  5. Key skills 
  6. Experience and achievements (own projects for freshers) 
  7. Certifications 
  8. Education 
  9. Additional sections like languages or hobbies etc. 

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Resume Header – Name, One-line Job Title, and Personal Information

A resume header is the most important part of any resume. It includes name, one-line job title, and personal information. 

  1. Name – Write your name at the top of your digital marketing resume instead of “resume” or “CV”. It makes your recruiter clear whose resume is this and creates a positive impact on the recruiter’s mind. 
  2. One-line job title – One-line job title tells who you are in a single sentence. A good strategy to write a one line job title is to include one or two certifications to improve efficiency about the job role. For example – write “Google and Hubspot certified digital marketing specialist” instead of writing only “Digital marketing specialist”. 
  3. Personal information – After writing one line job title add your contact number, email id, social media and website link, city location and country. Remember, don’t write your full address here and include your professional email id, not personal. Your social media should have the same name and relevant contents according to your job role, otherwise, you can skip the social links step.
  1. Objective or Summary 

This section is to summarize your profile in a paragraph of 3-4 lines. In this section, you should describe your key skills and how you can help companies in a short and concise form. 

Applicants with experience of more than 2 years can include their work experience along with their measurable achievement points. Freshers should focus on objective how you can help the company’s future missions and you are the right person the company is looking for. 

  1. Key Skills 

Digital marketing jobs involve many digital skills. Companies search for specific skills that are required for specific job roles. You need to highlight your specific skills that are required for this specific job. 

Here’re some important digital marketing skills companies often look for hiring – 

You can also include some technical or hard skills in your digital marketing resume like – 

  • Automation tools like Zapier 
  • Email marketing tools such as Convertkit 
  • HTML / CSS 
  • JavaScript 
  • Python 
  • MySQL 
  • Semrush 
  • Moz 
  • Hootsuite 
  • Facebook ads 
  • Google analytics 
  • Buffer 
  • And more 
  1. Experience and Achievements 

Though freshers have no previous job-related experience and achievements, they can show their own projects and achievements in this section. 

You can show your own created and managed websites and results or you can show your social media activities and engagements. You have to prove yourself and convince your recruiter that you have all the skills and expertise the company is looking for. 

  1. Certifications 

You need to include your all digital marketing certifications in your resume. You have to add one by one in reverse chronological order. The most modern format to include certifications is as follows – 

Certification Institute name Month/Year 

For example: 

Copywriting specialist – AWAI – Jan, 2020

Certified SEO Manager – Seven Boats Academy – Feb, 2021

  1. Education 

Education is a reliable feature for a fresher candidate with no prior experience. The modern format with the required information as follows – 

School/University Name – Location – Date of enrolling and passing out 

Pursued Degree 


For example: 

Nopany Institute – Kolkata – Jun’ 12 – April’ 16 


Grade – A 

  1. Additional Sections 

You can add additional sections like languages you know, your hobbies, etc. But include additional sections according to your job profile. I recommend you include additional sections only while you see any benefit in your job, don’t put anything unnecessarily. 

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Final Proofreading and Editing 

Take a relaxed time to final proofread and edit your digital marketing resume. Check out if all the sections are included. Text highlighted and bullet points are added where necessary. Make sure your resume is clutter-free and concise. 

Digital Marketing Resume Templates & PDF

Check a sample resume of Debajyoti Banerjee, Founder & CEO of Seven Boats Info-System Private Limited.

You can check out a variety of modern resume templates here

Final words:

Writing a resume is a creative skill that you should develop before applying for jobs. Digital marketing jobs are all about utility and result-oriented. If you can show any result you have achieved within a certain period of time, then the hiring authority will obviously consider you. But you will have to represent yourself efficiently.

If you want to make a career in the digital marketing industry, then you should consider choosing our digital marketing course to learn advanced digital marketing skills from industry experts.  

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