New Features on Instagram to Roll Out

instagram new features

There are some interesting changes coming to your, and the world’s favourite photo sharing app, Instagram. Obviously, the purpose of these new features is to make Instagram better and more user-friendly. Let’s look at the changes.

First up, Instagram will allow you to make the hashtags in your profile bio clickable. It’s like the option to tag your friends on Facebook while you put up a status message. Previously, Instagram allowed hashtags to be used on profile bios, but these were not clickable. You could not link the hashtag to another user’s profile. Now, you can do that!

The user you are linking through the hashtag will be notified. Of course, there will be an option to unlink from your hashtag if the person you are linking wants to do so. It’s not just the # button that will act as a linking agent. The other button you can use is the Twitter-famous @.

Additionally, Instagram has decided to move away from its old practice of using algorithms to update feed. Now, it is moving to a chronologically arranged news feed. What it means is that you can find newer posts at the top, like you do on Twitter. This chronological feed isn’t fully functional as yet, but Instagram is working towards it.

There’s another change coming up! Instagram will discontinue refreshing your feed for you. You will have the app where you leave it after you come back after a hiatus. The newer posts that get uploaded while you are away will show up on a new button: New Posts.

These changes will be rolled out in the next few months. So keep updating your Instagram app! 

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