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The Way We Do It

For an Internet marketing firm, credibility is a major factor. If you are looking for a firm that can handle your online business and make it popular through the use of online tools, you will come across several units providing the same. Many of them will make claims that are shockingly pleasant for the businessperson’s eyes. However, when it comes to delivering on their promises, most will fall behind. Many of these units do not have the knowledge or the experience to launch and tackle an online campaign. 7Boats, on the other hand, makes modest promises, those that it can deliver within a stipulated time frame and every effort we make for the web promotion of your business, yields result. It’s risk free. You’ll get results for whatever effort you have made. Internet Marketing is not a one day task, it’s a continuous evolving process – slow but steady. SEO may seem like a tedious process in the beginning, but once you cross the threshold and see the result for yourself, the experience is a very rewarding.

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We have a very systematic approach – unconventionally structured but very effective. Before launching the campaign, we spend considerable time planning the project. Research work, statistics and data shape our strategies. We firmly believe that every business is unique, with different demands and requirements. Our customized business solutions will suit the needs of your online business. We have a thorough view of the competition as well. This homework helps to save resources and mainly, time. 7Boats does not endorse or practice anything that is not legitimate. The use of best practices earns us the credibility and authenticity that clients and customers identify us with.

  • We first listen to you.
  • We then analyze your business scenario.
  • We find out the potential problem areas then.
  • Then we come up with a plan.
  • We tell you about all the cost-effective/open source alternatives available on web for your type of business.
  • We direct you to the right track to cut unnecessary marketing cost.
  • We discuss with you and choose a right digital mix.
  • We  start implementing.
  • We monitor, analyze, experiment and fine-tune new changes.
  • We come up with new insights.
  • You start getting positive results in terms of visibility, traffic and sales.

We follow a SMART AACRO® model of Digital Marketing & Branding.

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Result-oriented or Relevant
  • Time-bound

Read our AACRO® model of Digital Marketing

We help you in 4 steps by our Growth driven digital marketing

  1. Start your business – Business Naming, Logo Design, Brochure Design, Business Stationery etc
  2. Take your business online – Website Templates, Custom Site Design, WordPress Themes etc
  3. Promote your business – SEO Services, Internet Marketing services, Advertising services, Content Writing Services etc
  4. Manage your business – Custom Software Development, Reputation Management etc

Check out some of the key reasons why 7Boats is what you need:

  • Use of empirically tested data in research work. This leaves little ground for slip-ups during the marketing and promotional phase. It also ensures that you know what you are getting into and how soon the results will be coming in. An overall analysis of the situation also helps in strategizing
  • Use of the latest technology, tools and software to get your online business soaring. We make use of free and paid Internet tools for reports, data and statistics. In our execution, the online marketers in our team, the writers and the designers keep a close eye on the online trends, along with the competition. The strong point is our web consultation. We stress on international standard & cost-effective open-source solution as much as possible. That saves lots of coding and fixing problems and obviously saves time, resources & cost of yours. Also our strongest part is our research.
  • Regular reports, updates and progress charts to keep you in the loop. You can get reports on a daily or weekly basis, as per your preference.
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